File Title
1 Rescuers often driven by emotion
2 Genetics play strong role in determining age of menopause and overall longevity
3 Study shows more effective method for detecting prostate cancer
4 Scientists identify a novel neural circuit mediating visually evoked innate defensive responses
5 Neuroscientists trace a brain circuit that filters unwanted sensory input
6 Bullying gets worse as children with autism get older
7 HIB vaccine linked with better health, cognition, and schooling outcomes in Indian children
8 Researchers negatively correlate a neuropeptide with executive functions
9 Electrical balance in the brain
10 Researchers study ways to prevent lung disease in dentistry professionals
11 A gut feeling: Microbiome changes may mean early detection of colorectal cancer
12 A heart failure drug to treat leukemia: A promising new therapeutic approach
13 Pre-qualifying education and training helps health workers tackle gender based violence
14 Overdose, suicide among leading reasons for deaths of new moms
15 Synonymous genetic alterations: Not 'silent' at all
16 Researchers discover potential new therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease
17 Which foods are the best sources of dietary fiber?
18 WHO convenes emergency meeting after Ebola spreads to Uganda
19 Surprising ways owning a dog is good for your health
20 American Medical Association: Let minors override parents' vaccination refusal
21 Promising treatment for shoulder pain in wheelchair users with spinal cord injury
22 The 'AI turn' for digital health: A futuristic view
23 Q&A: When can cataract surgery wait?
24 Approving children's cancer drugs takes 6.5 years longer
25 High-density of alcohol outlets and advertising affect youth drinking
26 Your doctor may be playing medical video games at work. That could be good for your health
27 Using gene editing, neuroscientists develop a new model for autism
28 Hot water therapy aids patients with peripheral arterial disease
29 Study: Women's health worsened over 5 years after being denied an abortion
30 Food access near schools and homes illuminated for children in New York City
31 Body composition shown to affect energy spent standing versus sitting
32 Watchdog: Abuse and neglect in nursing facilities unreported
33 Kids with headache after stroke might be at risk for another stroke
34 Infected bats pose highest rabies risk in US: CDC
35 Low-priced alcopops pose high risk especially for youth, new study recommends regulation
36 Does pornography use affect heterosexual women's intimate experiences with a partner?
37 'Five star' hospitals often provide fewer services than other hospitals, new data suggests
38 Weighing risks and benefits of drug treatment for major depression
39 Canada urged to introduce universal drug plan
40 Researchers discover trigger for muscle-wasting condition
41 Adults with sleep apnea are more likely to experience involuntary job loss
42 Researchers influence CDC's clarification on prescribing opioids for cancer pain
43 Superfast gene sequencing helps diagnose critically ill patients
44 Radiation plus chemotherapy doesn't improve endometrial cancer recurrence-free survival
45 Epilepsy drugs linked to increased risk of suicidal behavior, particularly in young people
46 Increasing red meat intake linked with heightened risk of death
47 Early release rules for prisoners at end of life may be 'discriminatory,' say doctors
48 New assay detects patients' resistance to antimalarial drugs from a drop of blood
49 Triple-negative breast cancer among black women in the US varies by birthplace
50 Are we using biologic therapy properly?
51 The app teaching anorexics to eat again
52 Low vitamin K levels linked to mobility limitation and disability in older adults
53 Researchers conduct new diet study using MRI to map internal fat
54 Study supports bisphosphonate use prior to denosumab to prevent loss of bone mineral density in post-menopausal women
55 No link between cancer and tumor necrosis factor inhibitor (TNFi) use in psoriatic arthritis
56 War, depression, suicide: American veterans are finding help
57 Verinurad with febuxostat significantly reduces albuminuria and hyperuricaemia in patients with type 2 diabetes
58 Patients at a reduced risk of venous thromboembolism and persistent pain after partial versus total knee replacement
59 New study debunks theoretical risks of live-attenuated vaccines in children with rheumatic diseases
60 New biomarkers for cardiovascular risk in patients with juvenile-onset systemic lupus erythematosus (JSLE)
61 Using data to decide when to transfer patients by medical helicopter
62 Formation of habitual use drives cannabis addiction
63 Even in young children: Higher weight = higher blood pressure
64 Second patient dies of Ebola in Uganda, as death toll climbs in DRC
65 Study shows 'safety bubble' expands during third trimester
66 Sickle cell disease needs more attention
67 Chronic diseases monitored in primary care could lead to unnecessary testing
68 Orthodontics not correlated with future happiness in study
69 Noninvasive Cytophone device detects melanoma in earliest stages, could prevent fatal disease spread
70 Clues to building a better herpes vaccine
71 Recession-related suicide on the rise in male mental health patients
72 'Selfie mode' for heart imaging could help doctors spot heart disease earlier
73 Prostate cancer researchers find molecular switch to prolong survival
74 Food label nutrition facts matter to you, but don't tell you much about your gut microbes
75 Rapid DNA analysis helps diagnose mystery diseases
76 Lower risk of type 1 diabetes seen in children vaccinated against 'stomach flu' virus
77 Two hours a week is key dose of nature for health and wellbeing
78 First randomised trial finds no substantial difference in risk of acquiring HIV for 3 different forms of contraception
79 How an ancient fireside gathering could tackle HIV stigma in Uganda
80 If asked the right way, toddlers will choose broccoli over cake, study finds
81 Genetic inequity towards endocrine disruptors
82 Clear link between press releases and news stories on medical research
83 Researchers developing biomaterial to treat spinal disc degeneration
84 Immunotherapy drug shows potential to cure advanced lung cancer
85 Looming crisis for family carers
86 Scientists reveal DNA packaging mechanism of HSV-1, the virus that causes cold sores
87 Vegetables' health benefits increase when cooked with extra virgin olive oil
88 Researchers prove correlation between the use of mobile phones and the development of new thumb pathologies
89 Early autism screening has limited effect
90 An extra burger meal a day eats the brain away
91 Researchers find effective drug combinations for glioblastoma in mice
92 Researcher identifies adjuvant that prevents vaccine-enhanced respiratory disease in RSV, study finds
93 Financial vulnerability may discourage positive negotiation strategies
94 New poll shows rural health may be powerful issue in 2020 election
95 Neuroscience research suggests support-dependent modulation of responses to social exclusion
96 The three big studies pushing at the frontiers of HIV prevention
97 The first tomography map for diagnosing glaucoma
98 Genes and cellular processes that contribute to the pathogenesis of RVVC found
99 Expert discusses the U.S. food safety system
100 Determining risk of recurrence in triple-negative breast cancer
101 Study disproves accusations of ghost patient fraud by GPs
102 Implanted drug 'reservoir' safely reduces injections for people with macular degeneration
103 On your bike?
104 Smoking may impair body's blood pressure autocorrect system
105 Bacterial chemical 'signatures' a sign of damaged gut microbiome in critical illness
106 Study finds over a quarter of adults aged 50+ are deficient in vitamin D
107 People with HIV are growing old--and society isn't ready for it
108 Study confirms teratogenicity of valproic acid, topiramate
109 Why you should try rhubarb
110 We're not just living for longer: We're staying healthier for longer, too
111 Workouts: A prescription to ease severe chronic anxiety?