File Title
1 I, you, or we: Pronouns provide hints to romantic attachment styles
2 Large placebo-controlled trial confirms safety of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs)
3 Heartburn drugs again tied to fatal risks
4 Ultrasound method restores dopaminergic pathway in brain at Parkinson's early stages
5 Few oncologists refer patients to weight management programs
6 Survey indicates physician misconduct is underreported
7 Can racquet sports give you a fitter, longer life?
8 NIH HIV experts prioritize research to achieve sustained ART-free HIV remission
9 Global study links better education, wealth to improved heart health
10 Q&A: Why you should quit smoking even after a cancer diagnosis
11 Getting your nutrients: From the source or supplements?
12 Scientists propose a fresh look at the role of ferroptosis in the development of cancer
13 Study shows how the nervous system can transmit information across multiple generations
14 WHO alarmed at STD spread in the era of dating apps
15 'Sell by' or what? US pushes for clarity on expiration dates
16 Parkinson disease incidence lower in hep C patients who receive antivirals
17 60 years vs. 90 years: A new analysis calls Chicago's life-expectancy gap the largest in the US
18 Heart rate variation due to stress affects auditory attention
19 Are American Zika strains more virulent than Pacific and Asian strains?
20 Proteasome inhibitors show promise for drug-resistant malaria
21 Study illuminates how undifferentiated cells commit to their biological fate
22 New psoriatric arthritis mouse model developed
23 Researchers spot mutations that crop up in normal cells as we age
24 New study identifies molecular aging 'midlife crisis'
25 Scientists recreate blood-brain barrier defect outside the body
26 Video: Cancer research using mini-organs from tumors and healthy tissue
27 Scientists edge closer to root causes of multiple sclerosis
28 Researchers gain ground in the race to cure widespread parasitic infection
29 LGBT-identifying females are at increased risk of substance use in early adolescence
30 Robotic surgery for throat cancer not superior to radiation therapy, study finds
31 Do medical-alert bracelets benefit patients with chronic kidney disease?
32 New technique will help experts make heads or tails of male fertility
33 NHS-funded private sector hip operations worsening health inequality
34 High fiber during pregnancy reduces risk of celiac disease in children, research finds
35 The nicotine in e-cigarettes appears to impair mucus clearance
36 Autism linked to less empathy in general population--but that may not be a bad thing
37 Treating core Rett syndrome symptoms
38 Study sheds light on importance of comprehension when obtaining biobanking consent
39 Parents of depressed teens in treatment may also benefit from counseling
40 A revolution in regenerative medicine
41 6 months treatment with Herceptin is as good as 12 months for preventing breast cancer return
42 What the US could learn about vaccination from Nigeria
43 Study points to need for care in inappropriate use of stigmatising terms in weight management
44 Breakthrough in predicting dengue fever outbreaks
45 Women experiencing domestic abuse nearly three times as likely to develop mental illness
46 Study looks at app for parents of premature babies
47 New online tool predicts individual risks and benefits of joint replacements
48 Spiritual science: How a new perspective on consciousness could help us understand ourselves
49 Does hitting the snooze button really help you feel better?
50 Healthy babies start with healthy moms
51 Intermittent fasting: What's the best method?
52 The problem with mindfulness
53 Can a $12 test for ecstasy pills save lives? Well, it's complicated
54 Children are likely to misread fear in dogs--making a bite more likely
55 Risk factors for adolescent binge eating vary by family socioeconomic status
56 Encourage your teen to work out for better learning
57 Add a sweet surprise to your veggie juice: chocolate
58 Online intervention may cut unnecessary primary care visits
59 Receipt of breast milk increases with gestational age at birth
60 Naloxone access law in Pennsylvania falls short
61 Costs of care similar or lower at teaching hospitals compared to non-teaching hospitals
62 Rapidly removing fluid from ICU patients in kidney failure linked to increased death risk
63 Gastric bypass tied to higher fracture risk versus gastric band
64 Worm study sparks hope for slowing muscle decline
65 Teens sleep longer, are more alert for homework when school starts later
66 Algorithm provides customized caffeine strategy for alertness
67 Weight-loss patients at higher risk of death from substance use disorders
68 Scholars investigate how mirror activity works
69 Scientists remind immune cells whose side they should be on
70 Quinn on Nutrition: Online nutrition tools
71 Hundreds of young kids drown in pools each year--keep yours safe
72 Model explores how statins alter multiple sclerosis outcomes
73 Opioid safety initiative can decrease opioid prescriptions
74 VA study backs use of physician assistants, nurse practitioners in diabetes care
75 Researchers see stress and trauma in women's stories about abortion
76 High levels of rare gut bacteria may be linked to restless legs syndrome
77 Study links sleep-disordered breathing to age acceleration
78 Out-of-pocket medical expenditure up for cancer survivors
79 Job demands, burnout tied to weight gain
80 FDA targets vaping 'influencers' for online promotions
81 Disturbed sleep linked to mental health problems in natural disaster survivors
82 Trial finds vitamin D does not prevent type 2 diabetes in people at high risk
83 Long exposure to protein inhibitor may be key to more effective chemotherapy for cancer
84 Tissue engineering: The big picture on growing small intestines
85 AI tool helps radiologists detect brain aneurysms
86 FDA: 'Influencers' promoted vaping without suitable warnings
87 How the urban-rural divide shapes elections
88 The unique circumstances of people who live in their vehicles
89 In review of 100 best-selling picture books, female protagonists are largely invisible
90 No evidence that public have 'had enough of experts,' study finds
91 Problem-solving helps pupils to learn mathematics
92 Saber-toothed cat fossils provide evidence of canines able to puncture a skull
93 The forensic architects piecing together the story of war
94 How prehistoric people faced climate change revealed by video game technology
95 Godzilla, King Kong: films are actually spot on in how to defeat kaijus--mathematician
96 Research sheds light on the importance of police trust in the public
97 To tackle child labor, start with consumers
98 How a leap of faith can take science forward
99 Implementation of Oregon paid family leave to ensure equality critical, research finds
100 Oldest flaked stone tools point to the repeated invention of stone tools
101 In the aftermath of company scandals, auditors charge higher fees or leave
102 Measuring impact of product placement
103 Jamaica: a scientist in search of lost ganja
104 Angkor Wat archaeological digs yield new clues to its civilization's decline
105 Left behind: How disruptive technology may choose society's winners and losers
106 Stopping deadly infection outbreaks in the world's largest refugee camp
107 Sexual violence is a driver of women's political mobilization
108 Ancestral Puebloan pottery-making wasn't 'women's work'