File Title
1 Unsalted tomato juice may help lower heart disease risk
2 Epilepsy drugs during pregnancy linked with later childhood behavioral problems
3 Study examines potential misuse of anti-anxiety medication
4 Facial bones of black adults age differently than other races, study finds
5 Gall bladder removal may reduce stroke risk in patients with gallstones
6 US soldiers have worse heart health than civilians
7 Exposure to influential bacteria begins before we are born, new evidence confirms
8 Study: Bad diets making for bad memories
9 Poor sleep is unlikely to contribute to higher BMI in children
10 Study sheds light on blood vessel damage from high glucose concentrations
11 How early-life challenges affect how children focus, face the day
12 Stopping Parkinson's disease before it starts
13 Running in the summer? Follow these tips to avoid dehydration
14 Psychedelic drugs: Would you accept a prescription?
15 The gene therapy revolution is here
16 Physics could answer questions about breast cancer spreading to bones
17 How to know if your child is addicted to video games and what to do about it
18 Are artificial sweeteners putting kids at risk for asthma?
19 New cloud-based tool accelerates research on conditions such as dementia, sports concussion
20 When it looks like dementia but isn't--epilepsy not just a "children's disease"
21 Scientists discover how hepatitis C 'ghosts' our immune system
22 Cultivating empathy in an unjust world
23 Advance could expand vaccine's protection against respiratory disease
24 Advancing science for children with epilepsy and movement disorders
25 Investigating cardiovascular health among Asian Americans
26 Promising molecule targets protein to offer hope for people with Parkinson's
27 Narcissism--and the various ways it can lead to domestically abusive relationships
28 Sunscreen: is it safe to make your own?
29 Brighter possibilities for treating blindness
30 Midwives key to promoting vaccines, but more training is needed
31 Weak upper and lower body physical performance associated with depression and anxiety
32 Reducing opioid prescriptions after C-sections
33 Study links irregular sleep patterns to metabolic disorders
34 Walking speed predicts clinical outcomes in older adults with blood cancers
35 Predicting post-injury depression and PTSD risk
36 Telomere length unaffected by smoking: study
37 Commentary asks: What constitutes beauty and how is it perceived?
38 Individuals who attempt suicide carry an increased genetic liability for depression, regardless of their psychiatric dis
39 The lifelong health benefits of intimacy
40 Scientists develop an AI method to improve rare disease diagnosis
41 Research reveals how the Internet may be changing the brain
42 A biomarker for diagnosing celiac disease in people on a gluten-free diet
43 Salty diet reduces tumor growth by tackling immune cells
44 Majority of community supports proposed overdose prevention site in Philadelphia
45 Henry Lynch, pioneering cancer researcher, dead at 91
46 FDA approves first drug to help tame cluster headaches
47 Add pizzazz, not calories, with zucchini
48 Biomarker predicts which pancreatic cysts may become cancerous
49 Obesity worsens disability in multiple sclerosis
50 Q&A: Tanning beds raise risk for skin cancer
51 Philadelphia pitches its bonafides to biotech CEOs at confab, and some even seemed impressed
52 Postop delirium may briefly up risk for cognitive dysfunction
53 Lowering cholesterol levels may worsen nerve damage in T2DM
54 Rapamycin retards epigenetic aging of keratinocytes
55 Improved human brain organoids to boost neurological disease research
56 To fight tuberculosis infection, early protection is crucial
57 Dozens of Utah public pool swimmers sickened by chlorine gas
58 Online Rx startups offer convenience but also raise concerns
59 Study sheds light on how cells in the body can sense cancer
60 A new way to block malaria transmission by targeting young contagious parasite forms
61 Trump halts fetal tissue research by government scientists
62 Mosquito control program reduces dengue, costs in Sri Lanka
63 Study suggests new computer analytics may solve the hospital readmission puzzle
64 What if you could spot skin cancer before it got too serious?
65 Safe consumption spaces would be welcomed by high-risk opioid users
66 A pluralistic approach to thinking about the human microbiome
67 Study: New drug regimens improve outcomes for kidney transplant patients
68 ACA's medicaid expansion may have lowered heart disease deaths
69 Hacking diabetes: People break into insulin pumps as an alternative to delayed innovations
70 Brain changes may be linked to unexplained motor symptoms
71 Replicating fetal bone growth process could help heal large bone defects
72 Twins study links type 2 diabetes in midlife with stroke and brain artery narrowing in late life
73 Should measles vaccination be compulsory?
74 Childhood respiratory disorders may be diagnosed with a smartphone
75 Number of measles cases in US this year surpasses 1,000
76 Surfing brings healing for wounded US veterans
77 Breathing in black carbon from polluted air linked to alterations in lung blood vessels
78 Brain disorder leaves lasting legacy of disability, study finds
79 A home-based weight management program benefits both children and parents
80 New clinical guide helps physicians identify risk, talk with patients about firearm safety and injury
81 New preprint server for the health sciences announced today
82 For dying patients, early plans can improve quality of life
83 Opioid maker Insys agrees to pay $225 million over bribes
84 Opioid epidemic increases number of organs available for transplant
85 In Niger, mass distribution of antibiotics proves effective: study
86 Research redefines constipation
87 Treating type 2 diabetes and heart failure
88 Study illuminates serious but treatable lung autoimmunity in rare disease APECED
89 New option for treating active rheumatoid arthritis
90 Expert urges cautious approach to ketamine use
91 How a super-toxic natural product could help develop more effective anti-cancer drugs
92 New gene therapy poised to transform care for spinal muscular atrophy
93 Physician burnout has disproportionate effect on women
94 Record cocaine seized in Europe as challenges grow: EU report
95 Breaking down pathological protein aggregates
96 New gene segment discovery has potential against cancer, autoimmune disorders
97 Equity in health care improves people's health
98 Study finds up to 35 percent of female athletes are iron deficient
99 Improved worker safety linked to a good night's sleep
100 Using portrait photos in combination with genetic and patient data improves diagnoses
101 Alzheimer's disease protein links plaques to cell death in mice
102 Research sheds new light on how brain stem cells are activated
103 Higher estrogen levels linked to more severe disease in scleroderma
104 No evidence of legacy effect seen for intensive glucose lowering
105 'Early warning' tool for hard-to-heal leg wounds
106 Drug makes tumors more susceptible to chemo
107 Rhythmic control of 'brain waves' can boost memory: study
108 Neurons' 'antennae' are unexpectedly active in neural computation
109 Three-drug combination helps curb the growth of deadly type of skin cancer