File Title
1 Immunotherapy drug found safe in treating cancer patients with HIV
2 Germline gene therapy pioneer, teenage son make case for safe treatment
3 Team develops test to predict immunotherapy response in kidney cancer
4 Pressure injuries at time of ICU admission tied to longer stays
5 Higher surgical volume may improve outcomes in cervical cancer
6 Your gut bacteria could affect your response to meds
7 Significant barriers to care for patients seeking medication for opioid use
8 Beta blockers can block the effects of stress and anger in patients prone to emotion-triggered atrial fibrillation
9 Cataract treatment inventor Dr. Patricia Bath dies at 76
10 San Francisco eyes forced treatment for mentally ill addicts
11 Anonymous essay says sometimes 'choice' is a lie
12 ACP issues ethical guidance for responding to physician impairment
13 Video GP surgeries could curb need for face-to-face visits
14 Immunotherapy better than aggressive chemo as first-line treatment in head and neck cancer
15 Smartphone relaxation app helps some manage migraine
16 Choosing the right drug to fight cancer
17 For many, friends and family, not doctors, serve as a gateway to opioid misuse
18 Researchers explore augmented ACL reconstruction procedure
19 Sticking to sports can help kids adjust
20 Red and white meats are equally bad for cholesterol
21 Could boosting the gut microbiome be the secret to healthier older age?
22 Opioid analgesics increase the risk of pneumonia among persons with Alzheimer's disease
23 Race could be a determinant in physician-patient interactions and pain treatment in cancer, study finds
24 Experience matters when it comes to pilot control
25 How a common viral infection can lead to autoimmunity
26 Opioids are not sleep aids, and can actually worsen sleep, research finds
27 Studying implications of policy and law for treatment of substance use disorders
28 You survived a heart attack. Now what about the depression?
29 In the long run, funny women satisfy men more
30 A prescription for exercise
31 Physical inactivity risky for children and pre-teens
32 AI gives reliable coma outcome prediction
33 Young, pregnant urged to take blood tests for lead after Notre-Dame fire
34 Ebola cases in DR Congo break 2,000 mark
35 Researchers find synapse-boosting factors in young blood
36 Most people don't know how to get out of a sinking vehicle
37 Genetic test for breast cancer helps women decide if preventive cancer treatment is right for them
38 Lowering the risk of heart disease after pre-eclampsia in pregnancy
39 App to improve communication for aphasia diagnosis, treatment
40 Researchers find gene reduces benefit of exercise in preventing Alzheimer's
41 Research improves understanding of dementia in former football and rugby players
42 Most older adults would have to liquidate assets for home care
43 Study shows distinct appearance bias among reviewers for radiology residencies
44 Researchers develop world's first pocket guide for youth soccer coaches to prevent, treat asthma attacks
45 Vulnerability to Ebola and Lassa fever can now be properly assessed
46 Killing the unkillable cancer cells
47 Researchers study surveillance MRI in breast cancer survivors
48 Novel insights into cholesterol regulation may lead to new therapies for heart disease
49 Sweet, healthier treats from your stand mixer
50 Peripherally inserted central catheters often used in CKD
51 'Only the stressed die young': The trade-off between stress resilience and longevity
52 Exercise eases autism spectrum disorder in mouse model
53 Breakthrough as heart patches set for human trials
54 Postcode lottery for UK heart failure patients
55 New test could lead to more accurate diagnosis of heart failure
56 A 5-minute recipe for stress relief
57 Functional limitations persist one year after mild TBI
58 New device sheds light on mechanism, efficacy of arthritis treatment
59 Vitamin D could help cancer patients live longer
60 Glyphosate in tampons? No indication of residues of any health significance
61 Many kids with pneumonia get unnecessary antibiotics, chest X-rays
62 Sleepless nights linked to high blood pressure
63 Study: Cholesterol in eggs tied to cardiac disease, death
64 How chronic inflammation may drive down dopamine and motivation
65 Best practices of nucleic acid amplification tests for the diagnosis of clostridioides (clostridium)
66 Deaths from falls among older Americans are on the rise
67 Common supplement ingredient could harm fetus, FDA warns
68 Researchers and doctor collaborate on ovarian cancer screening tool
69 For LGBTQ patients, discrimination can become barrier to medical care
70 Policy changes proposed to meet projected need for palliative care
71 Costs, complications up for minorities in cleft palate repair
72 Children's brains reorganize after epilepsy surgery to retain visual perception
73 Zebrafish capture a 'window' on the cancer process
74 Would you eat genetically modified food if you understood the science behind it?
75 More states sue opioid maker alleging deceptive marketing
76 Labels of US probiotic products lacking, researchers find
77 AI model based on deep learning detects ACL tears on knee MRI
78 Researchers first to develop comprehensive models of 'seeds and soil' as a means to combat breast cancer metastasis
79 A wake-up call on data-collecting smart beds and sleep apps
80 Allo-HCT with unrelated donor tied to better outcomes in AML
81 Young male adults have lower cancer burden than women
82 Zerbaxa approved for hospital-acquired bacterial pneumonia
83 At stores and online, health care moves closer to customers
84 Nonsuicidal self-injury rate up in sexual-minority youth
85 Female cannabis users underrepresented in health research, study reveals
86 No increased risk of birth defects in children of fathers treated for testicular cancer
87 Lymphoma trial finds combination targeted therapy effective prior to chemotherapy
88 Do images of food on kids' clothes influence eating behavior?
89 For Latinos with diabetes, new study looks at ways to improve medication adherence
90 Should STEMI patients recover in the ICU?
91 Home exercise program reduces rate of falling in at-risk seniors
92 Falls a 'major epidemic' for older Americans
93 Mortality rate 'weekend effect' not a reliable measure of care quality in hospitals
94 Study finds tie between attributing hostile intent and aggression in children and youth
95 Oakland becomes 2nd US city to legalize magic mushrooms
96 Listening to music eases pain and other symptoms in patients with breast cancer
97 Widowed and divorced men more at risk of dying from serious heart conditions than women
98 High blood pressure during pregnancy increases risk of heart attacks and strokes
99 Heart disease deaths nearly halved in a decade--but condition remains UK's biggest killer
100 Dietary supplements linked with severe health events in children, young adults
101 Visible public health leadership needed to boost vaccine coverage
102 Study reveals how ACOs use home visits to improve care and reduce hospital use
103 Diabetics exposed to common household chemicals have lower heart disease rates
104 Snout dated: Slow-evolving elephant shark offers new insights into human physiology
105 Despite increase in rates of non-suicidal self-harm, few people receive medical or psychological support
106 Economic downturns may affect children's mental health
107 Maternal blood test is effective for Down syndrome screening in twin pregnancies
108 New study links childhood abuse with hot flash frequency
109 Study follows the health of older adults with prediabetes problems
110 Study compares different strategies for treating insomnia
111 Extending sleep may lower cardiometabolic risk
112 Does weight loss surgery help relieve acid reflux?
113 State alcohol policies may affect aggression- and driving-related harms from someone else's drinking
114 Imaging tests help reveal heart risks in patients with psoriatic disease
115 Alzheimer's therapy may help overcome opioid addiction