File Title
1 A new way to predict complications after larynx cancer surgery
2 Guidelines updated for radiotherapy after prostatectomy
3 Exercise, therapy may improve depression, diabetes outcomes
4 More opioids given than prescribed in emergency department
5 Excess cause-specific mortality tied to chronic proton pump inhibitor use
6 CDC: reported measles cases reach 971
7 Men who choose active surveillance for early prostate cancer often don't follow monitoring rules
8 Can cannabinoids help treat obsessive-compulsive disorder?
9 Finally, a tool to predict response to chemotherapy before bladder cancer surgery
10 Astrocytes protect neurons from toxic buildup
11 Prescription drug costs steadily soar, yet price transparency is lacking
12 Nicotine and caffeine withdrawal may lead to unnecessary suffering and testing in intensive care patients
13 Wrong side surgical errors substantially underreported and totally preventable
14 Anesthesia works in Antarctica
15 New breast cancer drug found to boost survival rates by 30%
16 7 patients at new Ohio hospital diagnosed with Legionnaires'
17 Trial suggests total neoadjuvant therapy for locally advanced rectal cancer is safe
18 Trial of metformin for non-small cell lung cancer
19 App helps improve pain control and reduce opiate use after surgery
20 Virtual reality improves tolerance of anaesthesia procedures and reduces need for intravenous sedation by at least 50%
21 Immunotherapy boosts survival outlook for lung cancer patients: study
22 Chest cavity fire during emergency cardiac surgery
23 Blood transfusion during liver cancer surgery linked with higher risk of cancer recurrence and death
24 Using facial recognition technology to continuously monitor patient safety in the ICU
25 High body fat (but not BMI itself) linked to four-fold increase in mortality risk after heart bypass surgery
26 Industry uses non-profit organisation to campaign against public health policies
27 Only one in five doctors aware of patient feedback about their care online, survey reveals
28 No increase in deaths from cardiac arrests at the weekend
29 Coffee not as bad for heart and circulatory system as previously thought
30 Countries' essential medicines lists vary greatly from one another and WHO's model list
31 Bid to beat superbugs boosted by immune defense discovery
32 New drug therapy slows spread of pancreatic cancer: study
33 Law backs doctors who prescribe opioids to the dying
34 Lower-amp ECT appears effective against suicidal thoughts
35 Despite safety standard, laundry packet exposures increase in older children, adults
36 Organ and tissue donation in patients considering MAiD: new guidance helps navigate emerging area
37 A treasure map to understanding the epigenetic causes of disease
38 Enzalutamide improves survival for men with metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer
39 Mexico says detects measles in British tourist
40 Obamacare led to better cancer outcomes: studies
41 Losing muscle to fat: misdirected fate of a multipotent stem cell drives LGMD2B
42 People living with HIV face premature heart disease and barriers to care
43 Immunotherapy improves five-year survival rate of people with advanced lung cancer
44 First-ever in-utero surgery to treat spina bifida
45 Quality--not quantity--of sleep linked to better health in teens
46 Patients who received PBI without chemotherapy experienced less fatigue, slightly poorer cosmesis
47 Trial sets new standard regimen for women with uterine carcinosarcomas
48 Suggested benefit in PCV chemoradiotherapy for both IDH-mutant WHO-defined molecular subgroups
49 The Virtual Brain simulates the brain to reveal the origins of disorders
50 Mapping brain cell geometries by considering random paths of water molecules
51 Study finds link between Medicaid expansion and equity in cancer care
52 Precision drug combo boosts survival in younger women with advanced breast cancer
53 Double success for innovative 'child-friendly' HIV treatment
54 Immunotherapy comparable to chemo for some advanced stomach cancers
55 Newly developed tool for psychological studies to be tested in investigation of laughter
56 New blood test predicts breast cancer's return at start of treatment
57 LGBTQ adolescents experiencing weight-based bullying found to have increased substance use
58 Understanding how the brain's structure and functions generate consciousness
59 Companies and governments are paying people to get healthy, and it works
60 POLO trial for advanced pancreatic cancer: a new standard of care
61 NCI-MATCH trial finds the combination of dabrafenib and trametinib effective
62 Mona Lisa's smile not genuine, researchers believe
63 Antidepressants and opioids double the risk of falls and fractures in older people
64 Health Check: what's the best way to sit?
65 Kids' diets and screen time: To set up good habits, make healthy choices the default at home
66 Lack of sleep may increase likelihood of teens engaging in risky sexual behaviors
67 International clinical trial of new drug for men with advanced prostate cancer yields strong result
68 Combination checkpoint blockade effective in pre-surgical setting for early-stage lung cancers
69 Research helps kids get their lives back after a concussion
70 Researchers test novel gene therapy for glioblastoma
71 Critical need for greater understanding into diagnosis of inherited heart disease
72 Hospital reports patient death amid Legionnaires' outbreak
73 FDA: Sampling finds toxic nonstick compounds in some food
74 US aims to help more cancer patients try experimental drugs
75 Adding targeted therapy to treatment extends lives of those with metastatic breast cancer
76 FDA takes hard look at CBD
77 Could 2 prostate cancer drugs fight disease in earlier stages?
78 2007 to 2017 saw decline in number of U.S. pathologists
79 Impaired vision tied to perceived discrimination in older adults
80 CRISPR baby mutation significantly increases mortality
81 New research addresses incidence of atrial fibrillation after aortic valve replacement
82 Stalk antibodies provide flu protection in humans
83 Personalized digital meditation training program improves attention and memory in healthy young adults
84 SYNGO Consortium releases public data resource for universal reference in synapse research
85 Study delivers insight into possible origins of immunological memory
86 Is 'clean eating' just dirty rhetoric?
87 Concussion is a leading cause of injury for children in recreational sports
88 US abortion politics: How did we get here and where are we headed?
89 Which brain hemorrhage patients have treatable underlying conditions
90 Hearing through your fingers: Device that converts speech
91 Brush your teeth--postpone Alzheimer's
92 Major stem cell discovery to boost research into development and regenerative medicine
93 Native Hawaiians at far greater risk for pancreatic cancer
94 Early contact with needle-exchange program reduces hepatitis C infection
95 New TAILORx data guides adjuvant therapy in younger breast cancer patients
96 Anti hypertensive drug use was associated with a decreased dementia risk
97 'Organs in a dish' pave the way for personalized medicine in gut and liver disease
98 Phosphorylation of Regnase-1 lets IL-17 run amok
99 Lithium boosts muscle strength in mice with rare muscular dystrophy
100 No benefit from pazopanib in advanced kidney cancer after surgery to remove metastases
101 Large national study tracks veterans' health, highlights areas of unmet needs
102 New genetic weapons challenge sickle cell disease
103 Nationwide study finds breast cancer patients unaware of surgical options
104 Six fingers per hand
105 Researchers uncovers promising cancer target for liposarcoma
106 ASCO: low-dose chemo benefits advanced gastroesophageal cancer
107 Say cheers to lighter summer drinks
108 The dangers of being a people-pleaser
109 Diabetes drug alleviates anxiety in mice
110 Younger gout patients have higher odds for blood clots
111 With summer vacation here, how much screen time is too much?
112 Decline in nontraumatic lower-extremity amputation slowing
113 Water filters, efficient cookstoves improve health in vulnerable Rwandan populations
114 Hormone produced during pregnancy repurposed to treat painful joint condition
115 A little formula in first days of life may not impact breastfeeding at six months
116 Advancing dementia and its effect on care home relationships