File Title
1 Backyard chickens and the risk of lead exposure
2 Infancy and early childhood matter so much because of attachment
3 Over-the-counter contraceptive pill could save the health system $96 million a year
4 Scientists find 'unknown link' between lung cancer and common parasite
5 A third of people in Wales use digital technology to self-diagnose
6 Gene-edited babies don't grow in test tubes--mothers' roles shouldn't be erased
7 How long can humans live?
8 This year the flu came in two waves--here's why
9 Immune cells determine how fast certain tumors grow
10 Cold-parenting linked to premature aging, increased disease risk in offspring
11 Providing a critical roadmap to bridge the gap between medicine and public health
12 Waterfall illusion: When you see still objects move--and what it tells you about your brain
13 Depression sufferers at risk of multiple chronic diseases
14 Does eating fruit and veg help your mental health?
15 Five-year outcomes for Brigham face transplant recipients
16 Unique SA dataset reveals number of HIV deaths before antiretrovirals
17 Emergency room or doctor's office?
18 Overall cancer mortality continues to decline
19 Newly discovered immune cell linked to type 1 diabetes
20 Greater emphasis is needed on joint role of condoms and vaccines to prevent HPV
21 Scientists bioengineer human liver disease in the lab to find new treatments
22 Novel protocol significantly improves outcomes in locally advanced pancreatic cancer
23 Gut bacteria influence autism-like behaviors in mice
24 Cannabis use among older adults rising rapidly
25 Fishing among worst jobs for health
26 Cancer patients vaping in growing numbers
27 How kids benefit from doing chores
28 Recent plateauing seen in prevalence of diagnosed diabetes
29 Towards a new era of small animal imaging research
30 Wildfire smoke worse for kids' health than smoke from controlled burns, study finds
31 Getting zesty with citrus fruits
32 Daratumumab cuts risk for progression in multiple myeloma
33 Don't take your smartphone to bed if you want a good night's sleep
34 Q&A: Understanding Duchenne muscular dystrophy
35 Transgender no longer classified as mental health disorder by WHO
36 Researchers finds new RX target for common STD
37 High costs associated with physician burnout in U.S.
38 Infectious Diseases A-Z: Vaccine best way to prevent hepatitis A as infections rise nearly 300%
39 Red tape limiting opioid epidemic fight: US doctors' group
40 Wild boars, hunting dogs and hunters carry tick-borne bacteria
41 New framework helps gauge impact of mosquito control programs
42 Alternative molecular mechanisms observed in cancer cells
43 Combination of three gene mutations results in deadly human heart disease
44 How the immune system keeps the Epstein-Barr virus in check
45 Understanding why virus can't replicate in human cells could improve vaccines
46 Researchers discover a new way to protect against high-dose radiation damage
47 Opioid crisis hurting Canadians' life expectancy: official
48 Human contact plays big role in spread of some hospital infections, but not others
49 Dating app users may be more likely to control their weight in unhealthy ways
50 Clinical calculator could spare breast cancer patients five years of unnecessary hormone therapy
51 Changes to immune genes link paternal smoking with childhood asthma
52 Health progress threatened by neglect of gender
53 Research deepens understanding of gut bacteria's connections to human health, disease
54 40-50% response rate for brigatinib after other next-gen ALK inhibitors
55 To curb infection, bacteria direct their defenses against themselves
56 International team identifies potential therapeutic target for sepsis
57 Child deaths in Brazil fall following comprehensive smoking ban
58 Classification system based on co-occurring conditions may provide insight into autism
59 A small electrical zap to the brain could help you retrieve a forgotten memory
60 Most biomedical research is done on male animals--that's a public health problem
61 Scientists trial 'pregnancy test' for chest infection
62 Improved diabetes in spite of obesity
63 A common skin bacterium put children with severe eczema at higher risk of food allergy
64 Amid fentanyl crackdown, Mexico risks 'balloon effect'
65 Who are the 1 in 4 American women who choose abortion?
66 US risks losing measles elimination status with record cases
67 The flu virus's ability to mutate may sometimes be its downfall
68 Early genome catastrophes can cause non-smoking lung cancer
69 A novel psychotherapeutic approach to schizophrenia based on psychological well-being
70 Companies report progress on blood tests to detect cancer
71 Why thousands are getting hit with unexpected medical bills
72 Naked mole rat genes could hold the secret to pain relief without opioids
73 The pitfalls of too much screen time
74 Study links racism to chronic inflammation and disease risk among African Americans
75 Yoga improves health in later life, study says
76 Pre-surgical immunotherapy shows promise in trial for patients with early stage lung cancer
77 Media reporting of unused opioid medication disposal
78 How the enzyme lipoxygenase drives heart failure after heart attacks
79 Novel approach to test the adverse impacts of man-made chemical mixtures
80 Examining perceptions of accessibility symbols
81 We don't have a cure for monkeypox virus, but the body can heal itself
82 How to make anti-smoking campaigns more persuasive
83 Could a Mediterranean diet and exercise reduce dementia risk?
84 A new molecular mechanism could explain the origins of the depressive symptoms in Huntington's disease
85 The hidden but preventable epidemic of lung cancer in women
86 Pancreatic cancer specialist explains treatment advances and challenges
87 Childhood adversity linked to early puberty, premature brain development, mental illness
88 3-D 'bioprinted' stem-cell tissue to be used to develop new ways to treat kidney disease
89 Seven key health measures help predict future risk of heart disease
90 How much coffee is too much?
91 FDA approves first test for Zika in human blood
92 Many immunosuppressed persons join in hurricane cleanup
93 Mammogram benefits seen as more important than harms
94 Dog owners more active than others, study finds
95 'Miracle baby': Woman gets pregnant after having fallopian tubes removed
96 Researchers avoid 'messy' hormonal female mice, and that hurts women
97 US holds CBD hearing as fans, sellers await legal clarity
98 Pediatric nurse practitioner shortage looming
99 Variations on the plank: popular exercise for your core
100 More than half of patients in pain management study took no opioids after operations
101 Radio-wave therapy proves effective against liver cancer cells
102 What's the deal with breakfast?
103 Occupational hazards account for more than one in ten people with range of lung diseases
104 Research reveals role of fat storage cells in anti-obesity intervention
105 Certain antidepressants could provide treatment for multiple infectious diseases
106 Children who nap are happier, excel academically, and have fewer behavioral problems: study
107 Violent video games, unlocked guns a dangerous combo for kids
108 Is it fatigue or a stroke? Women shouldn't ignore these warning signs