File Title
1 Children better off today than 20 years ago: report
2 E-cigs and heated tobacco products are harmful and do not help smokers to quit
3 Long-term health effects of armed conflict could last years after bombs stop falling
4 6 months later, gene-edited babies stir new interest, debate
5 Women in developing countries need radiotherapy and vaccines for cervical cancer
6 Female patients more likely to survive but experience worse side effects from cancer treatment
7 As plaque deposits increase in the aging brain, money management falters
8 Self-esteem may be key to success for Portland's homeless youth, study finds
9 Targeting inflammation to better understand dangerous blood clots
10 Study shows vaping is linked to adolescents' propensity for crime
11 Reading clinician visit notes can improve patients' adherence to medications
12 Medicare spending higher among older adults with disabilities who lack adequate support
13 New compounds could be used to treat autoimmune disorders
14 Clinical trial assesses telephone-based care program for at-risk homebound elderly
15 Ghana jabs back against malaria's devastation
16 Energy drinks may increase risk of heart function abnormalities and blood pressure changes
17 Primary care specialist discusses AI enhancing the human connection in medicine
18 Music helps to build the brains of very premature babies
19 Research explains how eyes see continuously in bright light
20 Older adults can be safely discharged from nursing homes if proper networks are in place
21 Healthy, stress-busting fat found hidden in dirt
22 Cohesive neighborhoods, less spanking result in fewer Child Protective Services visits
23 Changing the conversation about elective sterilization for women
24 Study finds link between ambient ozone exposure, carotid wall thickness
25 Scientists discover complex connections between social dynamics and diseases
26 Epigenetic study provides new approaches to combination therapies for aggressive cancers
27 Research highlights cost effectiveness of cardiac rehabilitation
28 Learning about advanced cancer from the people who donate their bodies after death
29 To treat an eating disorder, we need to know what emotion fuels it
30 Researchers identify stem cell source of key process in female reproduction
31 Shift and FIFO workers at high risk of fatigue
32 6 ways to protect your mental health from social media's dangers
33 We tested baby food sugar levels in South Africa. This is what we found
34 Researchers identify new roles for common oncogene MYC
35 Vaccination: In Canada, many teenagers don't need parental consent
36 Study finds red meat as part of a healthy diet linked to reduced risk of multiple sclerosis
37 Do identical causes have varied effects in different population groups?
38 Could you have a sensitive gut?
39 Research shows the impact of homicides in Latin America
40 Surgery rates are rising in over-85s but the decision to operate isn't always easy
41 Recovery twice as hard for survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia
42 Most older adults feel at least 20 years younger than they are
43 Study sheds new light on the harms of air pollution
44 Use of buprenorphine to treat opioid addiction proliferates in California
45 Falling is the leading cause of death for Florida's elderly
46 FDA permits marketing of test to detect periprosthetic joint infection
47 Lifting the lid on bladder cancer support
48 Researchers explore the epigenetics of daytime sleepiness
49 Women's wellness: Vaccinations important for pregnant women
50 3 exercises with a speedy payoff
51 Cycling lanes, not cyclists, reduce fatalities for all road users
52 Researchers standardise test for predicting transplant rejection
53 More isn't better when it comes to evaluating chest pain
54 Analyzing a protein from cerebrospinal fluid will help diagnose patients with prion diseases
55 Cognitive behavior therapy shown to improve multiple menopause symptoms
56 Study helps develop new treatment option for multi-drug resistant infections
57 New research suggests sugar taxes and labelling are effective
58 Extragenital tests to detect chlamydia, gonorrhea cleared for marketing
59 DIY dentistry--It's a don't
60 Seeing disfigured faces prompts negative brain and behavior responses
61 Teen team sports participation benefits adult mental health
62 Hip fracture linked to increased risk for death in T2DM patients
63 When drug treatment for social anxiety is insufficient
64 New Hampshire sues 3M, Dupont, other chemical companies
65 WHO decries Big Tobacco bid to rebrand World No Tobacco Day
66 Life with MS disease seen through a computer
67 '13 Reasons Why' linked to uptick in US adolescent suicides: study
68 Key link discovered between tissue cell type and different forms of arthritis
69 New blood test uses DNA 'packaging' patterns to detect multiple cancer types
70 New findings from Human Microbiome Project reveal how microbiome is disrupted during IBD
71 Inappropriate prescribing leads to poor outcomes in older adults
72 How to quell a cytokine storm: New ways to dampen an overactive immune system
73 Early statin treatment may help children with Fragile X
74 Breastfeeding moms' milk can transfer lifelong protection against infection to their babies
75 Toward a safer treatment for leukemia
76 Manuka honey to kill drug-resistant bacteria found in cystic fibrosis infections
77 Delays lead to late-stage diagosis of young people with colorectal cancer
78 Among older women, 10,000 steps per day not needed for lower mortality
79 Low vitamin D in pregnancy linked to potentially harmful vaginal bacteria in black women
80 Experimental drug completely effective against Nipah virus infection in monkeys
81 Polysubstance use, social factors associated with opioid overdose deaths
82 Potential novel biomarker for alcohol dependence
83 Study links microbiome composition to African American preterm birth risk
84 Patterns of chronic lymphocytic leukemia growth identified
85 Sensor-laden glove helps robotic hands 'feel' objects
86 Could repeated squeezes to the arms, legs protect the brain?
87 Ibrutinib and venetoclax combo effective as front-line therapy for select chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients
88 Endovascular aneurysm procedure as effective as open surgery, study finds
89 New evidence links ultra-processed foods with a range of health risks
90 NHS commissioners are ignoring guidelines by rationing cataract surgery
91 Prosecutors push back on enforcing new state abortion laws
92 Stressed pregnant moms may mean lower sperm counts: study
93 Being teased about weight linked to more weight gain among children, study suggests
94 Concussion symptoms reversed by magnetic therapy
95 New study evaluates transcatheter dialysis conduit procedures over 15 years
96 Immune system discovery inspires a new barometer for inflammatory diseases
97 Study could lead to 'cognitive therapy in your pocket'
98 Viral study suggests an approach that may decrease kidney damage in transplant patients
99 Scientists discover 'switch' that helps breast cancer spread around the body
100 DNA tests for patients move closer with genome analysis advance
101 Circadian clock and fat metabolism linked through newly discovered mechanism
102 Being refreshed is not the same as being hydrated
103 Mentally ill at risk of dangerous pregnancy complication
104 Inflammation-driven deterioration of structural proteins contributes to aging
105 Radiation-free stem cell transplants, gene therapy may be within reach
106 Eating blueberries every day improves heart health
107 Life isn't over: how best to communicate with people living with dementia
108 As nurse practitioners fill the gap, patients say they're more than satisfied with care
109 Sunshine may decrease risk of inflammatory bowel disease
110 Rising self-harm rates suggest financial crisis may have hit middle-aged men hardest
111 Molecule involved in immune cell migration plays a critical role in establishing immune responses