File Title
1 Drinking red wine for heart health? read this before you toast
2 New approaches to study the genetics of autism spectrum disorder may lead to new therapies
3 FDA approves $2 million medicine, most expensive ever
4 WHO praises Brazil lawsuit against tobacco giants
5 Malaria back with a vengeance in crisis-hit Venezuela
6 Don't overdo omega-6 fat consumption during pregnancy
7 In vitro fertilization linked to deadly heart disease in pregnancy
8 Biomarkers help tailor diuretic use in acute heart failure patients
9 Growing up high: Neurobiological consequences of adolescent cannabis use
10 Diuretic withdrawal is safe for stable heart failure patients
11 Lonely patients with heart failure least likely to follow treatment recommendations
12 A gut check for heart failure patients
13 In vaping response, schools mull treatment with discipline
14 Would overturning abortion rights turn back clock to 1973?
15 Over 600 people test HIV positive in Pakistan city
16 Support needed for multiple-birth families to improve outcomes
17 Reinvent Motherisk to protect mothers and babies
18 Licorice tea causes hypertensive emergency in patient
19 Many patients with pancreatic cancer miss out on treatment that may extend survival
20 Israeli drugmaker Teva to pay Oklahoma $85 million in opioid suit
21 Britain wakes up to student mental health plight
22 'Burn-out' is an 'occupational phenomenon' not disease: WHO (Update)
23 Viruses wearing 'protein coats' are more infectious, linked to Alzheimer's disease
24 Gene therapy for gamma-sarcoglycanopathy moves toward a clinical trial
25 Shedding light on the burden of dengue in Bangladesh
26 Cancer cells are quick-change artists adapting to their environment
27 New algorithm uses disease history to predict intensive care patients' chances of survival
28 Study identifies a novel oncogene for most common types of blood cancer
29 T2DM is risk factor for liver fibrosis progression in NAFLD
30 Turn up the heat with healthy hot chili peppers
31 How to burn calories during everyday tasks
32 Group A strep genome research expedites vaccine development efforts
33 Artificial intelligence detects a new class of mutations behind autism
34 Canada's Ontario province says will sue opioid makers
35 Brain stimulation enhances visual learning speed and efficiency
36 Broken brain cells repaired in dementia mouse model
37 E-cigarette use, flavorings may increase heart disease risk, study finds
38 De-TOXing exhausted T cells may bolster CAR T immunotherapy against solid tumors
39 Over 830,000 cholera vaccinations planned in DR Congo: WHO
40 Skilled health workforce in India does not meet WHO recommended threshold
41 Children from disadvantaged backgrounds do less vigorous physical activity
42 Microbes on explanted pedicle screws: Possible cause of spinal implant failure
43 What is known--and not known--about heart muscle diseases in children
44 Thousands of US kindergartners unvaccinated without waivers
45 New study reveals an unexpected survival mechanism of a subset of cancer cells
46 Drug-resistant cancer cells create own Achilles heel
47 Vaccine is a cost-effective solution for countries burdened by typhoid
48 Drones support remote village medical treatment
49 Misreporting the science of lab-made organs is unethical, even dangerous
50 Measuring brain activity associated with social behavior in mice
51 Childhood trauma tied to tooth loss later in life
52 Altered brain activity in antisocial teenagers
53 Thirty years after anorexia onset, fewer ill than healthy
54 A newly discovered mechanism reveals how Parkinson's disease can spread between brain cells
55 New evidence supports surgery for rare type of brain lymphoma
56 New method for analyzing genes activity helps predict cancer patients survival
57 NMR structure of a key anticoagulant protein may help prevent thrombosis
58 Doping soldiers so they fight better--is it ethical?
59 Robot-assisted surgery: Few advantages, high costs
60 The little patches that can make managing diabetes a whole lot easier
61 Is coffee good for you?
62 Deletion in mouse neutrophils offers clues to pathogenesis in multiple sclerosis
63 Limiting screen use is not the way to tackle teenage sleep problems
64 Texture-modified foods for people with dysphagia
65 You're having a heart attack. Why not ask for help?
66 CBD: The next weapon in the war against opioid addiction?
67 Why kids should be encouraged to play more than one sport
68 Could the Stanley Cup spread disease?
69 Stiffening arteries in teenagers with persistent obesity
70 Study: High rates of food insecurity found in southern Appalachia colleges
71 Research suggests improvements to put youngsters at heart of NHS care
72 Researchers find 28% of 35- to 50-year-old men studied are at-risk for osteoporosis
73 Health paradox: New US diabetes cases fall as obesity rises
74 Lost in translation: The medium is the message for a healthy heartbeat
75 High LDL linked to early-onset Alzheimer's
76 Coronary artery disease diagnosis improved by deep learning analysis of SPECT MPI
77 Opioid prescriptions to teens, young adults still common
78 7 tips to prevent accidents at your home
79 'Mindreading' neurons capable of having expectations about the behavior of the others
80 Secrets to picking the freshest seafood
81 Immune discovery set to boost cancer therapies, study suggests
82 Young carers' futures look bleak without flexible school support
83 Put more father friendly cues in OB/GYN offices, study suggests
84 Steroids can reduce lung cancer risk in COPD patients
85 Pollen allergies occur more frequently in anxiety sufferers
86 Bariatric surgery can be safe and effective for adolescents
87 How stress leads to Facebook addiction
88 Researchers identify novel oncogenic function for receptor linked to Alzheimer's disease
89 WHO agrees watered down resolution for clearer drug prices
90 French watchdog bans sale of common pesticide
91 Eyeing Europe, Beyond Meat announces Dutch plant
92 Aid group: Most new Ebola cases were not known contacts
93 New evidence: It's not necessary to fast before complete cholesterol test
94 Fewer than 60% of young women diagnosed with STIs in emergency departments fill scripts
95 The message that addiction is a disease makes substance users less likely to seek help
96 Genome-wide association study identifies new risk loci for harmful alcohol use
97 Does being seen really make cyclists safer on the road?
98 Does your health in middle age predict how healthy you'll be later in life?
99 How interval training affects 'belly fat' in obese 70-year-olds
100 Inconsistent choice-making a normal part of how the brain evaluates options, new study finds
101 Synthetic version of CBD treats seizures in rats
102 Landmark US opioid trial begins in Oklahoma
103 Can a business owner require staffers to get vaccinated?
104 Poverty ups risk for amputation after knee replacement
105 FDA approves first gene therapy for spinal muscular atrophy
106 First PI3K inhibitor approved for metastatic, advanced breast cancer
107 Computer-assisted diagnostic procedure enables earlier detection of brain tumor growth
108 Study finds how prostate cancer cells mimic bone when they metastasize
109 Guidance updated for sedation in pediatric dental patients
110 Cancer consultation low in noncurable pancreatic adenocarcinoma
111 Antiplatelets do not up recurrence in intracerebral hemorrhage
112 Report seeks answers about mysterious, dangerous heart disease in kids