File Title
1 Translational research led by Singapore scientists uncovers new treatment for fatty liver disease
2 New exercise guidelines for people with cancer
3 Melting small glaciers could add 10 inches to sea levels
4 SWOG spotlights high-impact research at ASCO
5 Seeing inside superfog
6 Vascularized kidney tissue engineered by WFIRM scientists
7 New report: Nearly 19,000 asylum seekers await US entry in Mexican border cities
8 Researchers gain key insight into solar material's soaring efficiency
9 Skin patch shows promise for children with milk-induced eosinophilic esophagitis
10 Robots activated by water may be the next frontier
11 Hypertension found in children exposed to flower pesticides
12 Belief in the 'prosperity gospel' does not turn people into successful entrepreneurs
13 Scientists discover novel genes responsible for regulating muscle cells
14 Data science helps engineers discover new materials for solar cells and LEDs
15 New insights about carbon and ice could clarify inner workings of Earth, other planets
16 Artificial photosynthesis transforms carbon dioxide into liquefiable fuels
17 Surgery patients are getting older every year
18 As more veterans die of opioid overdoses, study shows need to focus beyond prescriptions
19 Galaxies as 'cosmic cauldrons'
20 Quantum rebar: Quantum dots enhance stability of solar-harvesting perovskite crystals
21 Big energy savings for tiny machines
22 Strange Martian mineral deposit likely sourced from volcanic explosions
23 Defects in heart valve cilia during fetal development cause mitral valve prolapse
24 Soft, social robot brings coziness to homes--and classrooms
25 Lupus characteristics and progression differ among racial/ethnic groups
26 Detecting bacteria in space
27 Experimental noninvasive tool monitors effectiveness of stem cell transplantation
28 Life-threatening genetic cholesterol condition could be found through blood donations
29 Infants later diagnosed with autism seldom initiate joint attention
30 Scientists break record for highest-temperature superconductor
31 Study identifies dog breeds, physical traits that pose highest risk of biting children
32 Eating healthily at work matters
33 Baalbek: Were the megaliths put in place under Herod?
34 Massive Martian ice discovery opens a window into red planet's history
35 Natural environments favor 'good' bacteria
36 Neptune's moon Triton fosters rare icy union
37 Good vibrations: Using piezoelectricity to ensure hydrogen sensor sensitivity
38 Cocktails with Cleopatra?
39 Study questions European Parliament's perception as champion of gender equality
40 Residential child care project addresses emotional pain without causing it
41 New data on ultrafast electron photoemission from metallic nanostructures obtained
42 Mapping the global distribution of phytoplankton
43 Ancient toy inspires tool for state-of-the-art science
44 Charging into the future--novel rock salt for use in rechargeable magnesium batteries
45 Canadian researchers on promising path towards developing flu treatment using lipid target
46 Global temperature change attributable to external factors, confirms new study
47 Ancient proteins offer clues to the past
48 Octopus-inspired wearable sensor
49 18 Earth-sized exoplanets discovered
50 Pain management protocol sends 92% of cancer surgery patients home without opioids
51 3D-printed device detects biomarkers of preterm birth
52 Proton therapy lowers risk of side-effects compared to conventional radiation
53 New 3D-printed technology lowers cost of common medical test
54 Electric hookahs might be no safer than traditional charcoal-based ones
55 Genetic discovery may improve corn quality, yields
56 The neural mechanisms that inhibit slow muscle activity during fast swimming in fish
57 AERA releases 2019 annual meeting study snapshots
58 NUS pilot study opens new possibilities for AI to enhance cognitive performance
59 Lack of evaluation in countering violent extremism may boost terror threat
60 Need for rigorous procedures within electrochemical production of ammonia
61 Help for youth who have experienced sexual or physical abuse
62 Cell division requires a balanced level of non-coding RNA for chromosome stability
63 Plankton as a climate driver instead of the sun?
64 Chimpanzees at the crossroads: Adapt to living outside protected areas
65 Three exocomets discovered around the star Beta Pictoris
66 Doctoral dissertation: The Secret Gospel of Mark is not a fake
67 Long-lived roundworms helped identify new anti-aging compounds among FDA-approved drugs
68 New therapeutic target for depression identified
69 Social networks and suicide prevention
70 New study shows crowdsourced traffic data could save lives
71 Proton therapy for cancer lowers risk of side effects
72 How to enlarge 2D materials as single crystals?
73 New study: protecting against type 1 diabetes
74 New approach for determining conservation threat for species with little data
75 Monkey-infecting virus may provide part of future HIV vaccine
76 New Stanford research examines how augmented reality affects people's behavior
77 Long-lived roundworms helped identify new anti-aging compounds among FDA approved drugs
78 Exposing vaccine hesitant to real-life pain of diseases makes them more pro-vaccine
79 Long-lived roundworms help identify new anti-aging compounds among the FDA approved drugs
80 Study shows incidence rates of aggressive subtypes of uterine cancer rising
81 The top 25 medical lab tests around the world
82 Exercise may help teens sleep longer, more efficiently
83 Global study of urban poor links childhood adversity to adolescent violence and depression
84 USC study finds warmer temperatures improve women's performance
85 Massive sequencing study links rare DNA alterations to type 2 diabetes
86 Black men less likely than nonblack men to adopt active surveillance
87 Spatial DNA organization forms first, then the rest
88 Aspirin green light for brain bleed stroke patients, study finds
89 Civil War plant medicines blast drug-resistant bacteria in lab tests
90 School choice system is unfair to households in areas given fewer choices
91 Leaving school earlier could increase the risk of heart disease
92 A light matter: Understanding the Raman dance of solids
93 A simple, yet versatile, new design for chaotic oscillating circuitry inspired by prime numbers
94 Analysis reveals extent of drug industry funding of UK patient organizations
95 Lifestyle explains part of the protective effect of education on heart disease
96 Global burden of serious health-related suffering due to almost double by 2060
97 Stroke deaths in England halved in the first decade of the 21st century
98 A new genetic tool to modify and understand gene function
99 Tip sheet: Recent research on how DNA is read and copied
100 UTSA political scientist analyzes the UN's Twitter feed to improve diplomatic relations
101 Hispanic and black children more likely to miss school due to eczema than white children
102 More years spent in education associated with lower weight and blood pressure
103 Newly discovered hybrid molecules could serve as a novel category of anti-cancer agent
104 Risk of suicide attempt by children doubles if parent uses opioids
105 Unexpected observation of ice at low temperature, high pressure questions water theory
106 Historically redlined communities face higher asthma rates
107 Researchers identify genetic switch that controls conversion of bad to good fat
108 Prison-based college presents challenges, but can succeed, study finds
109 A road map to stem cell development
110 First states to expand Medicaid saw larger screening rate increases