File Title
1 Quantum computing boost from vapour stabilising technique
2 Researchers perform simple calculations by shining light patterns through a translucent cube
3 A novel synchrotron technique for studying diffusion in solids
4 Lithium doesn't crack under pressure, it transforms
5 Evidence found of continuous phase transition when rats move from sleep to awake
6 A collaboration between art and science explores the turbulent physics of eddies
7 Tapping the power of AI and high-performance computing to extend evolution to superconductors
8 Origami-inspired materials could soften the blow for reusable spacecraft
9 Nobel-winning physicist Murray Gell-Man dies at 89
10 Researchers break record for atoms positioned individually in a trap to create defect-free arrays
11 Colliding lasers double the energy of proton beams
12 New discovery about terahertz radiation benefits biomedicine
13 Direct measurement of the cosmic-ray proton spectrum with the CALET on the ISS
14 Ultra-cold lithium atoms shed light on pair formation in superfluids, helping identify best theories
15 Scientists revisit the cold case of cold fusion
16 Subcritical experiment captures scientific measurements to advance stockpile safety
17 Researcher discusses reopening the case of cold fusion
18 Researchers demonstrate new properties of atomically thin ferroelectrics
19 Less can be more: Semiconductor nanowires for flexible photovoltaics
20 Researchers demonstrate constraints on symmetries from holography
21 Radiation damage lowers melting point of potential fusion reactor material
22 Researchers crack an enduring physics enigma
23 Researchers break quantum limit in the precision of force and position measurements
24 Sound waves bypass visual limitations to recognize human activity
25 Inhibitory neurons have two types of impact on brain oscillations
26 Jumping drops get boost from gravity
27 Researchers introduce novel heat transport theory in quest for efficient thermoelectrics
28 Electric-field-controlled superconductor-ferromagnetic insulator transition
29 A leap into the continuum
30 Experts develop nanolasers on silicon
31 On-demand, photonic entanglement synthesizer
32 Secure metropolitan quantum networks move a step closer
33 Quantum information gets a boost from thin-film breakthrough
34 Study points to non-Newtonian force affecting particles' flight
35 More than a spring-clean for LHC magnets
36 Stabilizing the no-boundary proposal sheds light on the universe's quantum origins
37 Thermal analog black hole agrees with Hawking radiation theory
38 Physicists 'teleport' logic operation between separated ions
39 Experiments and calculations allow examination of boron's complicated dance
40 Organic laser diodes move from dream to reality
41 SLAC fires up electron gun for LCLS-II X-ray laser upgrade
42 The defect-free assembly of 2-D clusters with over 100 single-atom quantum systems
43 Three ways to travel at (nearly) the speed of light
44 Physicists create stable, strongly magnetized plasma jet in laboratory
45 Breaking the symmetry in the quantum realm
46 Researchers develop a fast, all-visible-light molecular switch with 100 nm band separation
47 Establishing the ultimate limits of quantum communication networks
48 Tuning the topological insulator Sb2Te3: Just add iron
49 Solar cell defect mystery solved after decades of global effort
50 A method for producing 3-D Bose-Einstein condensates using laser cooling
51 Accurate probing of magnetism with light
52 Physicists can predict the jumps of Schrodinger's cat (and finally save it)
53 Water nanodroplets zip across graphene faster than a cheetah
54 Hard carbon nanofiber aerogel becomes superelastic
55 How plant viruses can be used to ward off pests and keep plants healthy
56 'Spidey senses' could help autonomous machines see better
57 Ultra-thin superlattices from gold nanoparticles for nanophotonics
58 Some of our foods contain nano particles--should we be worried?
59 Fighting counterfeit with carbon nanotubes
60 Strain enables new applications of 2-D materials
61 Biobased nanocarriers to cure plant diseases for the first time
62 Egg-unboiling machine takes on fish oil
63 Octopus-inspired wearable sensor
64 Good vibrations: Using piezoelectricity to ensure hydrogen sensor sensitivity
65 How to enlarge 2-D materials as single crystals
66 Big energy savings for tiny machines
67 Light and nanotechnology combined to prevent biofilms on medical implants
68 Bending the norm on nanowires
69 New Flatland material: Physicists obtain quasi-2D gold
70 Plumbene, graphene's latest cousin, realized on the 'nano water cube'
71 Researchers create soft, flexible materials with enhanced properties
72 Cooling wood: Engineers create strong, sustainable solution for passive cooling
73 Study investigates how spin-orbit interaction protects Majorana nanowires
74 Mathematically designed graphene has improved electrocatalytic activity
75 Adding a carbon atom transforms 2-D semiconducting material
76 Rare iron oxide could be combined with 2-D materials for electronic, spintronic devices
77 Gold-coated fungi are the new gold diggers
78 New compound which kills antibiotic-resistant superbugs discovered
79 'Submarines' small enough to deliver medicine inside human body
80 How small can they get? Polymers may be the key to single-molecule electronic devices
81 Scientists find a way to increase the capacity of energy sources for portable electronics
82 Pantry ingredients can help grow carbon nanotubes
83 Self-healing DNA nanostructures
84 Researchers discover how a nanocatalyst works at the atomic level
85 Chemists build a better cancer-killing drill
86 Atomic engineering with electric irradiation
87 Chemists develop nanoscale bioabsorbable wound dressing
88 Beyond 1 and 0: Engineers boost potential for creating successor to shrinking transistors
89 Capturing real-time data as nanofibers form makes electrospinning more affordable and effective
90 Laser technique could unlock use of tough material for next-generation electronics
91 Researchers use magnetically actuated microrobots to deliver stem cells to tissue targets
92 DNA origami to scale-up molecular motors
93 Flexible generators turn movement into energy
94 Nanomaterial safety on a nano budget
95 Hospitals fall short in teaching fall prevention to departing patients
96 Blood pressure and glucose control may prevent common arrhythmia
97 US dentists out-prescribe UK dentists when it comes to opioids
98 Medicaid expansion improves health of moms and babies, study shows
99 Study suggests infants with autism risk may be less able to distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar speech patterns
100 Researchers discover how three-dimensional organization of the genome regulates cell differentiation
101 If you could learn every disease your child could possibly develop in life, would you?
102 New neurons form in the brain into the tenth decade of life, even in people with Alzheimer's
103 Study analyzes mortality risks among pro athletes
104 Mobile phone app designed to boost physical activity in women shows promise in trial
105 Researchers propose new federal rule of evidence for more accurate verdicts in court
106 Drug-resistant infections: If you can't beat 'em, starve 'em, scientists find
107 Short-term use of opioids increases subjective pleasure
108 Vision loss may up cognitive decline-related functional limitations
109 Poor glycemic control linked to sarcopenia in T2DM
110 Vertical plating offers benefit for mandibular body fractures
111 Obstructive sleep apnea linked to cancer diagnosis in women
112 U.S. incidence of pediatric thyroid cancer on the rise