File Title
1 New technique for studying rusting of steel benefits mining industry
2 We finally understand how oxygen reacts on platinum
3 New method to evaluate comfort of smart and functional textiles
4 Imperfection is OK for better MOFs
5 Plainification holds promise for improving material sustainability
6 Direct methane conversion under mild conditions by thermo-, electro- or photocatalysis reviewed
7 Scientists create bioplastic for food packaging which degrades in two years
8 Scientists develop surface acidity- and selectivity-tunable manganese oxide catalyst
9 Energy researchers break the catalytic speed limit
10 3-D printed artificial corneas similar to human ones
11 New substance can form in the oriented attachment process of crystal growth, study reveals
12 HGF-inhibitory macrocyclic peptide--mechanisms and potential cancer theranostics
13 Farmers and food companies hit the dirt to improve soil health
14 Kratom's reputed pain-relief benefits could come from one of its metabolites
15 A rose inspires smart way to collect and purify water
16 Fuels out of thin air: New path to capturing and upgrading CO2
17 Scientists offer designer 'big atoms' on demand
18 Study identifies chemical blends as possible alternative refrigerants
19 Chemists prove the mechanism of direct amination from benzene
20 Scientists design organic cathode for high performance batteries
21 Swapping water for CO2 could make fracking greener and more effective
22 Uncovering microgel mysteries
23 The most complete study of battery failure sees the light
24 Scientists engineer unique 'glowing' protein
25 New textile dyeing method drastically reduces water needed and toxic dye discharge
26 Study details regulation of a multi-drug transporter
27 Making structural changes to antibody has potential for reducing cancer tumours
28 Quick liquid packaging: Encasing water silhouettes in 3-D polymer membranes for lab-in-a-drop experiments
29 Colloidal gel properties under the microscope
30 Mission control 'saves science'
31 Sedimentary, dear Johnson: Is NASA looking at the wrong rocks for clues to Martian life?
32 Lunar South Pole Atlas--a new online reference for mission planners
33 After the Moon, people on Mars by 2033...or 2060
34 First look at NASA's completed spacecraft that will carry Mars 2020 rover
35 A massive collision in the Milky Way's past
36 Astronomers investigate peculiar outburst activity of AG Draconis
37 Is dark matter made of axions? Black holes may reveal the answer
38 Advanced civilizations could be communicating with neutrino beams
39 Giant impact caused difference between Moon's hemispheres
40 Juno finds changes in Jupiter's magnetic field
41 Rocket man: LSU Mechanical Engineering alumnus Max Faget remembered 50 years after moon landing
42 Seven things we've learned about Ultima Thule, the farthest place visited by humans
43 The first extraterrestrial mud ball in 50 years
44 Brown dwarfs are formed in the same way as sun-like stars
45 Water formation on the moon
46 Astrobee's first robot completes initial hardware checks in space
47 Stellar waltz with dramatic ending
48 Novespace microgravity experiment to make Zero-G Spider-Man
49 Formation of the moon brought water to Earth
50 Space travel and your joints
51 Ultra-luminous X-ray pulsar NGC 300 ULX1 experienced unprecedented spin evolution, study finds
52 New research sheds light on the possibility of past life on Venus
53 How plans to live on Mars could reshape our homes on Earth
54 Image: ESA's Large Diameter Centrifuge at full speed
55 Three exocomets discovered around the star Beta Pictoris
56 Massive Martian ice discovery opens a window into red planet's history
57 Eighteen Earth-sized exoplanets discovered
58 Neptune's moon Triton fosters rare icy union
59 Strange Martian mineral deposit likely sourced from volcanic explosions
60 Galaxies as 'cosmic cauldrons'
61 Processes not observed on Earth play major roles in the movement of sand on Mars
62 New ultra diffuse galaxy found in the NGC 5846 group
63 Study investigates potential risk of Taurid meteor swarm
64 Help NASA asteroid mission choose sample site using PSI's CosmoQuest
65 A unique experiment to explore black holes
66 Chemistry of stars sheds new light on the Gaia Sausage
67 Lunar gold rush is about to start--and we could exhaust the solar system in less than 500 years
68 Scientists discover one of the mechanisms of water formation on the moon
69 A family of comets reopens the debate about the origin of Earth's water
70 NASA unveils schedule for 'Artemis' 2024 Moon mission
71 Of strawberry jelly and earthquakes: Space station investigation studies colloids
72 SpaceX launches first 60 satellites of its internet network
73 New catalogue of 12,000 X-ray spectral lines
74 What caused the fireballs that lit up the sky over Australia?
75 Scientists uncover exotic matter in the sun's atmosphere
76 Hubble spies curious galaxy moving a little closer
77 Meteor magnets in outer space--study finds elusive giant planets
78 World celebrates centenary of confirmation of relativity
79 NASA's Mars 2020 mission drops in on Death Valley
80 'A long ride': 50 years ago, a dress rehearsal for the Moon landing
81 Close encounters? SpaceX satellites spark Dutch UFO frenzy
82 NASA's Mars 2020 gets a dose of space here on Earth
83 Astronomers investigate pulsar wind nebula DA 495
84 Russian space sector plagued by astronomical corruption
85 ExoMars PanCam filters
86 Getting ready for Mars on the Space Station
87 Getting to Mars, whatever it takes
88 Lights in the sky from Elon Musk's new satellite network have stargazers worried
89 Giant planets and comets battling in the circumstellar disk around HD 163296
90 Study corroborates the influence of planetary tidal forces on solar activity
91 Evidence of new magnetic transitions in late-type dwarfs from Gaia DR2
92 Stolen comets and free-floating objects
93 Pushing stargazing to the limits with the world's largest gamma-ray observatory
94 Ultra-small microbes exhibit extreme survival skills in Ethiopia's Mars-like wonderland
95 Centuries-old drawings lead to better understanding of fan-shaped auroras
96 Chandra finds stellar duos banished from galaxies
97 The 'Forbidden' planet has been found in the 'Neptunian Desert'
98 SpaceX satellites pose new headache for astronomers
99 Mars Organic Molecule Analyser: A look at the ExoMars rover's tiny ovens
100 Are Elon Musk and SpaceX about to ruin our view of the night sky?
101 Photometric observations detect 28 new variable stars in NGC 4147
102 A wind tunnel designed to simulate the dusty surface of Mars
103 Ocean and space exploration blend at URI's Graduate School of Oceanography
104 'Fettuccine' may be most obvious sign of life on Mars, researchers report
105 2 Russians venture into open space from Space Station
106 LED device could increase memory retention among astronauts
107 Ammonia detected on the surface of Pluto, hints at subterranean water
108 A new view of exoplanets with NASA's upcoming Webb Telescope
109 NASA's Curiosity Mars rover finds a clay cache
110 Subaru Telescope captures 1800 new supernovae
111 James Webb Space Telescope emerges successfully from final thermal vacuum test
112 NICER's night moves trace the X-ray sky
113 First ever solar eclipse film brought back to life
114 A European mission control for the Mars rover
115 ExoMars orbiter prepares for Rosalind Franklin
116 Spitzer captures stellar family portrait
117 Study provides new insights into stellar population and gas outflow in the central region of NGC 1068
118 Flashes on the moon
119 Image: Hubble sees a galaxy bucking the trend
120 SpaceX says 60 Starlink satellites will grow harder to see
121 NASA plans to send equipment to Moon from 2020