File Title
1 New blood test on horizon for the 1 in 10 children who suffer common liver disease
2 Researchers warn: junk food could be responsible for the food allergy epidemic
3 Insufficient sleep linked to mental health in college students and athletes
4 Nurses have an increased risk of sleep disorders and sleep deprivation
5 Only 1% of social service policies for children include information about healthy sleep
6 New radiotracer can identify nearly 30 types of cancer
8 What is the world drinking? Study reveals global intake of major beverages
9 Preliminary study finds health coaches and incentives help youth with type 1 diabetes
10 Long-term islet transplant recipients show near-normal glucose control
11 Scientists feel chill of crackdown on fetal tissue research
12 Study links poor sleep with poor nutrition
13 Sun-exposed oyster mushrooms help patients fight tuberculosis
14 Using microRNA to detect early signs of type 2 diabetes in teens
15 Crest Whitestrips and the myth of big company innovation
16 Why critical media literacy should be taught in schools
17 Neolithic pottery sherds from China reveal alcoholic beverage production techniques
18 Rise and grind: The growing gig economy and its impact on the American workforce
19 The search for an alternative to GDP to measure a nation's progress--the New Zealand experience
20 Civility still matters to some in cyberspace
21 Professor explores the historical effects of 'fat' stereotyping
22 An effective, affordable early childhood education sector for Australia
23 Busting the myth that Canadians are polarized on climate and immigration
24 Lowest level of fatalities in organised violence in seven years
25 Outdoor learning has huge benefits for children and teachers--so why isn't it used in more schools?
26 What's your attitude about body hair removal?
27 Mathematicians work out how to predict success in show business
28 The war on women coaches
29 The racist roots of American policing: From slave patrols to traffic stops
30 Geoscience data group urges all scientific disciplines to make data open and accessible
31 Companies battling shareholder complaints have a potent weapon: Advertising
32 Rare fossils provide more detailed picture of biodiversity during Middle Ordovician
33 Scientists call on funders to make research freely available immediately
34 Not all teens turn to social media when they're lonely
35 Electronic monitoring bracelets are only crime deterrence tools, they can't 'fix' offenders
36 What I've learned from teaching prisoners to think like scientists
37 Populist Eurosceptics don't gain from terrorist attacks
38 DNA from 31,000-year-old milk teeth leads to discovery of new group of ancient Siberians
39 Ancient DNA sheds light on Arctic hunter-gatherer migration to North America 5,000 years ago
40 Study offers comprehensive roadmap for regulating political activity by nonprofits
41 Change agents: Education specialists a growing force at CSU campuses
42 Hoard of the rings: Unusual rings are a novel type of Bronze Age cereal-based product
43 Consumers want food labelling details spoon-fed
44 Smaller city effort to aid chronically homeless can be successful
45 It pays to be free: No-cost products garner strong word-of-mouth recommendations
46 'Herd' of dinosaurs found underground at Lightning Ridge
47 Number of young people facing poverty has increased over last decade
48 How to do the right thing in the workplace: Stop thinking it's hard
49 How a simple psychological intervention could help boost school grades for low-income students
50 Empowering electoral officials is crucial to building better elections
51 Video Games can improve your mental maths
52 More needs to be done to address the gender gap in academia, researchers say
53 What happened to Helike?
54 How toxic economic trends have impacted millennials
55 Intercultural communication crucial for engineering education
56 The universal beauty of the mountains can be seen in graphs
57 Do we judge chocolate by its wrapper?
58 Decoding Beethoven's music style using data science
59 Argentine fossils take oak and beech family history far into Southern Hemisphere
60 Schools reckon with social stress: 'I'm on my phone so much'
61 Only 2% of black Chicagoan' allegations of police misconduct were sustained
62 The hidden secrets of creating a viral YouTube ad
63 World's best sommelier used to think wine 'stank'
64 Hidden cost of alcohol to workplaces estimated at $1.65 billion
65 80 percent of Australia's disadvantaged families are not adequately nourished
66 Historian shows millions of relocated gravesites in China in new, interactive website
67 Study to improve data driven decision-making for Shetland's aquaculture industry
68 How streaming media could change our minds on cultural differences
69 What will be the motivation for terrorism by 2040?
70 Posture impacts how you perceive your food
71 How the 'good guy with a gun' became a deadly American fantasy
72 Teachers are more depressed and anxious than the average Australian
73 Jack of all trades or master of none? Impact of specialization on returns
74 How much would you pay to eliminate child labor from your cocoa?
75 Alternative meat seen as potentially juicy business
76 An effective sweeper closes DNA replication cycling
77 Study identifies dominant fungi and their attributes on the planet's soils
78 Animals' cultural lifestyles can influence evolution
79 Tracking technology gives new insights into the behavior of migrating birds
80 Research overcomes key obstacles to scaling up DNA data storage
81 Innovative drone conservation research shared internationally
82 Ocean acidification makes some marine snails less able to resist predators
83 Nordic microalgae cleans wastewater and produces biodiesel
84 Explaining the shape of a leaf with the help of systems biology
85 New sub-species of pilot whale identified in Pacific Ocean
86 An island haven for frogs in a sea of extinctions
87 Scientists stack algorithms to improve predictions of yield-boosting crop traits
88 Sweet! How C. difficile toxin A enters intestinal cells
89 Study: Underrepresented faculty play an uneven role in advancing diversity and inclusion
90 Sponges collect penguin, seal, and fish DNA from the water they filter
91 Sleep, wake, repeat: How do plants work on different time zones?
92 Ecosystem service mapping and assessment: Research collection on methods and applications
93 Exotic pets can become pests with risk of invasion
94 Pop-up parks deliver big benefits in small spaces
95 Feathers came first, then birds
96 Despite culls, import bans, swine fever to hit pork market for years
97 Researchers discover cells that change their identity during normal development
98 Gene-edited chicken cells resist bird flu virus in the lab
99 Plant lineage points to different evolutionary playbook for temperate species
100 Fear of 'killer shrimps' could pose major threat to European rivers
101 Gene mutation evolved to cope with modern high-sugar diets
102 How genes interact to build tissues and organisms
103 Snapshots of the flu virus replication machine in action
104 Bad teeth revealed as biggest problem for pet greyhounds
105 New research explores the mechanics of how birds flock
106 Ancient human polymorphisms linked to modern-day health concerns for Native Americans
107 Tolerance to stress is a 'trade-off' as fruit flies age
108 Painstaking veterinary forensics to combat animal abuse
109 New genes out of nothing
110 Salmon get a major athletic boost via a single enzyme
111 Using population genetics, scientists confirm origins of root rot in Michigan ornamentals
112 A combination of insecticides and mites weakens honeybees
113 'Citizen scientists' help track foxes, coyotes in urban areas
114 Frogs find refuge in elephant tracks
115 Ant reactions to habitat disruptions inform a result of evolution
116 Marine life is disappearing, imperiling San Diego's future
117 Sea turtles start nesting season with 'unheard-of' numbers on one NC island, town says
118 Feds declare emergency as gray whale deaths reach highest level in nearly 20 years