File Title
1 New plan would fight invasive Asian carp with air bubbles, electric shocks, noise
2 Exploring the history of the apple from its wild origins
3 Monkey experiments offer clues on origin of language
4 Scientists uncover a trove of genes that could hold key to how humans evolved
5 Scientists throw new light on photosynthetic supercomplex structure
6 Light at night is harmful for amphibians, new research shows
7 Two rare white tiger cubs find new home in Nicaragua
8 Fruit bat hunting also harms humans
9 Climate change puts commercial viability of citrus, vineyards and olive trees at risk
10 Rapid water quality tests better protect beachgoers
11 Threatened beetles benefit from forest thinning
12 How climate change could affect some of West Africa's iconic bird species
13 New tool for understanding cells in health and disease
14 Cranberries join forces with antibiotics to fight bacteria
15 High-tech fishing gear could help save critically endangered right whales
16 Researchers study the warming effect of consumed ginger
17 The mysterious case of the disappearing pencil cedar
18 Iconic Australian working dog may not be part dingo after all
19 Save the bees (and time and money) by creating a bee lawn
20 Africa's elephant poaching rates in decline, but iconic animal still under threat
21 Finding a cell's true identity
22 Domino effect of species extinctions also damages biodiversity
23 New mutations for herbicide resistance rarer than expected, study finds
24 Stem cell identity unmasked by single cell sequencing technology
25 New snake species in Europe named after a long-forgotten Iron Age kingdom
26 Study reveals structure of a 'master switch' controlling cell division
27 Researchers advance search for laboratory test to predict spread of breast cancer
28 New genetic engineering strategy makes human-made DNA invisible
29 AccessLab: New workshops to broaden access to scientific research
30 'Loser effect' evolves separate from fighting ability
31 All ears: Genetic bases of mammalian inner ear evolution
32 Climate driving new right whale movement
33 Striped maple trees often change sexes, with females more likely to die
34 Could some chimpanzees' crustacean crave yield clues about human evolution?
35 Every bat travels differently
36 More safe havens for native plants and animals needed in NSW's west
37 Microaerobic Fe(II) oxidation could drive microbial carbon assimilation in paddy soil
38 Rare crops crucial to protect Europe's food supply, boost health
39 Evidence found of fish swimming in unison 50 million years ago
40 To save the African elephant, focus must turn to poverty and corruption
41 Better social skills in pigs found to result in reduced length of rank fights
42 Team guides plants towards obtaining iron
43 Antibiotic alternative scores well in second round of swine trials
44 Artificial intelligence boosts proteome research
45 Research reveals the link between primate knuckles and hand use
46 Link to stress, health of whales might be in giant mouths
47 Unveiling how the genome has condensed itself inside the virus
48 Intelligent algorithms for genome research
49 Climate change killing off Bering Sea puffins, say scientists
50 Genomics of Isle Royale wolves reveal impacts of inbreeding
51 Snowflakes inform scientists how tooth enamel is formed
52 Some songbird nests are especially vulnerable to magpie predation
53 Using nature to adapt to climate change
54 Researchers tease out genetic differences between cannabis strains
55 Birds perceive 'warm' colors differently from 'cool' ones
56 Sound barrier to chase seals, prevent shark attacks debated
57 Brain size and fertility in mammals may depend on who cares for offspring
58 Model identifies high-risk areas for lumpy skin disease in cattle
59 CRISPR enzyme protects bacteria by turning infected cells on themselves
60 Call to consider raising minimum legal length of bluefish in New South Wales
61 Researchers trace the genetic history and diversity of wheat
62 Climate change is causing mass 'die-offs' in seabirds such as puffins
63 For the first time, scientists recreate cell division--outside a cell
64 Habitat loss doesn't just affect species, it impacts networks of ecological relationships
65 Resistance to Fusarium head blight holding in Illinois, study says
66 A new mechanism for accessing damaged DNA
67 Bacteria's protein quality control agent offers insight into origins of life
68 Sharks popping up all around Florida for summer beach season
69 Research proves Midwestern fish species lives beyond 100 years
70 Freshwater find: Genetic advantage allows some marine fish to colonize freshwater habitats
71 Mole rats are pain-free, thanks to evolution
72 Transgenic fungus rapidly killed malaria mosquitoes in West African study
73 Scientists identify a novel strategy to fight viral infections and cancer in animal model
74 Scientists demonstrate plant stress memory and adaptation capabilities
75 A combination of agrochemicals shortens the life of bees, study shows
76 Seoul: North Korea confirms African swine fever outbreak
77 Billions of fungi belong to just a few types (and some are carnivorous)
78 New records show spread of parasitic deer flies across the U.S.
79 Tree of life brought to scale by Yale scientists
80 In hot pursuit of dinosaurs: Tracking extinct species on ancient Earth via biogeography
81 Fighting malaria with fungi: Biologists engineer a fungus to be deadlier to mosquitoes
82 Bird personalities influenced by age and experience, study shows
83 Birds prefer to live in luxury than in poor areas, study finds
84 Nature's first aid kit: A fungus growing on the sides of birch trees
85 New tool reveals how the different shapes of organisms grow
86 Native plant species may be at greater risk from climate change than non-natives
87 Feds to investigate spike in gray whale deaths on West Coast
88 30 dead deer found at Utah landfill starved, died of disease
89 Scientists find flaws in plan to lift US wolf protections
90 Endangered condor may have hatched in Zion National Park
91 North Korea swine flu outbreak puts South on edge
92 Building a better salt trap: Scientists synthesize a molecular 'cage' to trap chloride
93 Progress in hunt for unknown compounds in drinking water
94 Chemical juggling with three particles
95 A 'silver bullet' for the chemical conversion of carbon dioxide
96 Researchers use 3-D printing to push knowledge of microbial communities
97 Finding the cause of capacity loss in a metal-oxide battery material
98 Engineers create a simple test that can measure stress hormones in sweat, blood, urine or saliva
99 Comet inspires chemistry for making breathable oxygen on Mars
100 Scientists create new aluminum alloy with flexibility, strength, lightness
101 Synthetic molecules deliver drugs directly to neuroblastoma cells
102 Computational method increases design efficiency of protein-based drugs
103 Chemical synthesis demonstrates that antibiotic from the human nose works by proton translocation
104 Major step forward in the production of 'green' hydrogen
105 Could gold be the key to making gene therapy for HIV, blood disorders more accessible?
106 Signaling protein discovery may lead to drug-based therapies to treat hyperparathyroidism
107 New model predicts changes in wood