File Title
1 Premature birth linked to increased risk of chronic kidney disease into later life
2 Vaccine shows lasting effects against fentanyl addiction in rats
3 Teaching happiness to dementia caregivers reduces their depression, anxiety
4 Snoring causes injuries and prevention of healing in the upper airways
5 Primary findings from first-in-human immunotherapy trial show promise in treating neuroblastoma
6 Eek--a tick! What now? This online tool will help
7 Researchers study connection of adolescent caffeine consumption and substance abuse
8 How the brain learns new skills
9 A better way to classify young women's heart attacks
10 Brain imaging lie detector can be beaten with simple techniques, research shows
11 Tumor cells' drug addiction may be their downfall
12 Teen bonfires can cause serious injuries, burn surgeon warns
13 Novel nanoparticle enhances radiation tumor killing
14 Pregnant women and babies can be vegans but careful nutrition planning is essential
15 Furtive looks, nervousness, hesitation: How nonverbal communication influences the justice system
16 Researchers discover how to prevent kidney damage in patients with multiple myeloma
17 Children and teens who drink low-calorie sweetened beverages do not save calories
18 Researchers ready B cells for novel cell therapy
19 Suicidal thoughts? Therapy-oriented website can help
20 Yes, a box encourages a child's imagination, research confirms
21 Want to become a better person? Travelling more might be the answer
22 Boosting nutrients in crops to beat 'hidden hunger' of poor diet
23 An expert's guide to healthier grocery shopping
24 Gene therapy may help fight tough-to-treat blood cancer
25 Three moral reasons why parents need to get their children vaccinated against measles and other diseases
26 Could you be short on vitamin B12?
27 University of North Carolina at Charlotte shooting has these things in common with other campus shootings
28 'Vampire facials' at new mexico spa linked to HIV infections
29 Study shows skin microbiome imbalance likely behind eczema flareups
30 Newly discovered gene mutation reduces fear and anxiety, increases social interaction
31 Semenya case: A clash over ensuring an even playing field
32 Tackling side effects in head and neck cancer treatment--the end of the road for hyperbaric oxygen?
33 New chemical probe for visualising brain immune cells
34 Genetics suggest beverage preferences hinge on psychoactive effects
35 New study finds high rates of formula use with low-income infants, recommends changes
36 Perseverance toward life goals can fend off depression, anxiety, panic disorders
37 Sexuality continues to change and develop well into adulthood, finds study
38 Computer program reveals what neurons in the visual cortex prefer to look at
39 These trippy images were designed by AI to super-stimulate monkey neurons
40 Mayo Clinic Q&A: Vitamin D--too much or too little can lead to health problems
41 Nanofiber-hydrogel composite allows soft tissue to regenerate
42 Mayo Clinic Q&A: Effectively treating a separated shoulder can get you back to your active life
43 New prognostic test could enable personalised treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
44 AIDS in America--Back in the headlines at long last
45 Researchers investigate differences in coatings of drug-coated balloon catheters
46 Open heart surgery outperforms stents in patients with multivessel disease
47 News attorneys: Opioid distribution data should be public
48 Seeking better detection for chronic malaria
49 The foods that schools wanted exempt from whole-grain rule
50 Patients satisfied with oral sedation for cataract surgery
51 Few U.S. adults use USB-shaped electronic vapor products
52 Aging baby boomers push sky high incidence of shingles of the eye
53 US approves dengue vaccine Dengvaxia
54 Biomarker may predict if immunotherapy is right choice for colorectal cancer patients
55 Two die from measles in Switzerland as cases rise
56 Less-invasive mastectomy safe for more breast cancer patients, study finds
57 New study targets breast cancer 'double jeopardy'
58 Cocaine deaths up in US, and opioids are a big part of it
59 Opportunistic cancer cells 'slip through the gaps' to spread through blood vessels
60 Study shows that artificial neural networks can be used to drive brain activity
61 Study shows why stomach pathogen is so tough to eradicate
62 Scientists discover how superbugs hide from their host
63 Bioengineers clear major hurdle on path to 3-D printing replacement organs
64 Synthetic biology used to target cancer cells while sparing healthy tissue, study reports
65 Study identifies viral peptides critical to natural HIV control
66 Topical cream found as less-toxic therapy to treat cutaneous leishmaniasis
67 New cancer therapy target found in mitochondria for potential treatment of blood cancers
68 Pathogens find safe harbor deep in the gastric glands
69 Researchers putting the brakes on lethal childhood cancer
70 Fifteen years of mosquito data implicate species most likely to transmit West Nile virus in Iowa
71 Scientology cruise ship quarantined in Caribbean after measles case
72 Breast implants tied to rare cancer to remain on US market
73 Research on Reddit identifies opioid addiction self-treatment risks
74 Hearing loss weakens skills that young cancer survivors need to master reading
75 Blood pressure drug shows no benefit in Parkinson's disease
76 Fingerprint of sleep habits as warning sign for heart disease
77 Vital signs can now be monitored using radar
78 Drug combination could be effective for treatment-resistant gonorrhea
79 Treatment prevents sexual HIV transmission among gay men
80 Connecting neurons in the brain
81 Stressed parents rely on junk food for kids
82 Between health and faith--managing type 2 diabetes during Ramadan
83 New method developed to target cause of Parkinson's
84 A new method to select the right treatment for advanced prostate cancer
85 Researchers find new brain mechanisms regulating body weight
86 Harvard undergrad's AI model helps to predict TB resistance
87 New research suggests no mental health benefits to eating your placenta
88 Antiretroviral treatment prevents HIV transmission in gay men
89 Marijuana use among Illinois teens unchanged but 'cool factor' increasing, survey finds
90 Pretreatment with TNF inhibitors may improve outcomes of combination cancer immunotherapy
91 Prolonged exposure to low-dose radiation may increase the risk of hypertension
92 Antibacterial nanoparticles: On a mission to save your teeth
93 The mechanism behind the pluripotency-differentiation transition
94 Mental well-being predicts leisure time physical activity in midlife
95 Elderly survivors of three common cancers face persistent risk of brain metastasis
96 Negative experiences at dentist much more common for low-income, nonwhite children
97 Researchers gain insights into cellular processes associated with diabetes
98 Avoid smoky environments to protect your heart
99 Training for first-time marathon "reverses" aging of blood vessels
100 Genetic conditions lead to range of overlapping needs in children
101 The surprising benefits of weekend workouts
102 Screen time for children: the WHO's extreme new approach may do little to curb obesity
103 Do massages really work?
104 Hand movements help us understand language in a noisy environment
105 Needleless vaccine will protect children from dangerous viruses
106 Platelets: The chameleons of cancer biology
107 New UK study finds E-cigarette use on the rise in undergraduates
108 Study busts myths about gossip
109 Mental prep for better performance
110 For people with autism, encounters with police can turn dangerous
111 Making the invisible visible: New method opens unexplored realms for liquid biopsies
112 Study shows drug reduces risk of relapse with neuromyelitis optica
113 Hotspot in the genome may drive psychosis in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
114 Ebola death toll to pass 1,000: UN
115 Diabetic amputations a 'shameful metric' of inadequate care
116 Study reveals reasons for different responses to anti-PD-1 checkpoint blockade immunotherapy
117 With head injuries mounting, will cities put their feet down over electric scooters?
118 Study shows sense of touch arises in the brain before birth