File Title
1 Sonar Anomaly Leads to Discovery of 500-Year-Old Shipwreck in North Sea
2 This Quantum Computer Can See the Future--All 16 of Them
3 This Tiny Knee Bone Had Nearly Vanished as Humans Evolved. It's Coming Back
4 What Is Passover?
5 The Hubble Just Took a Gorgeous New Image of the Southern Crab Nebula's Wonky Gas Bubbles
6 Lethal Listeria Outbreak: Why Is this Bug So Dangerous?
7 How Did a Neck Crack Leave a Woman Partially Paralyzed?
8 Jesus Wasn't the Only Man to Be Crucified. Here's the History Behind this Brutal Practice.
9 Why Do Our Fingernails Keep Growing Until the Day We Die?
10 How Is Decaf Coffee Made?
11 If the Animals from 'Game of Thrones' Houses Battled, Which One Would Win?
12 A Dart in a Boy's Eye May Have Unleashed this Legendary Massacre 350 Years Ago
13 How Old Are Saturn's Rings? The Debate Rages On.
14 Watch Forests in Peru Disappear Over 5 Years, in Startling NASA Satellite Views
15 A SpaceX Crew Dragon Safety Test Went Very Wrong. Here's Why that Matters
16 Turbulent Blobs in Earth's Core May Explain Sudden Jerks in the Magnetic Field
17 What Makes the Strong Force So Special?
18 Men's Beards Contain More Harmful Bacteria than Dogs' Fur, Small Study Suggests
19 There Are Toxic Fungi in Space and No One Knows if They're Dangerous
20 What's the Controversy Over the Baby T. Rex Listed on eBay?
21 High Body Fat Linked to Possible 'Brain Shrinkage'
22 The Moon's Surface Is Totally Cracked
23 An Incredibly Powerful White-Light Superflare Erupted from a Small, Faint Star
24 Greenland's Ice Sheet Was Growing. Now It's in a Terrifying Decline
25 NASA Just Detected the First Marsquake on the Red Planet
26 Reference: Smallpox: The World's First Eradicated Disease
27 Asteroid Bennu Goes Technicolor in 3-D NASA View
28 The World's Largest Atom Smasher Could Be Tweaked to Hunt 'Dark World' Particles
29 Ancient Greek Murder Victim Died with Weirdly Perfect Circle in Chest
30 Vast Expanses of Rock on Earth's Surface May Act like a Natural Solar Panel
31 Coral Reefs Have 'Halos,' and They Can Be Seen from the Heavens
32 Researchers Just Measured an Atom with a Half-Life of 18 Sextillion Years
33 China Plans to Build a Base near the Moon's South Pole
34 Reference: Mumps: A Highly Contagious, Easily Preventable Disease
35 Up to 1 Million Species Are at Risk of Extinction, and It's All Our Fault
36 'Beautiful Nightmare' Crab Sported Lobster Shell, Shrimp Mouth and Soccer Ball Eyes
37 A Common Food Additive Is Linked to Insulin Resistance. Here's What that Means
38 Great White Shark Chomps Down on Sea Turtle, Chokes to Death
39 Inside Giant Atom Smasher, Physicists See the Impossible: Light Interacting with Light
40 One of Stephen Hawking's Most Famous Theories About Black Holes Just Suffered a Huge Blow
41 What's on the Far Side of the Moon?
42 Why Is this Viral Image of Unrecognizable Objects So Creepy?
43 There's Basically 'No Chance' for Earth-Like Planets to Form an Atmosphere Around Hot Young Stars
44 Ancient Tomb of Mysterious Man Named Tjt Discovered in Egypt
45 Scientists on a Sailboat Just Found Nearly 200,000 Viruses Hiding in Earth's Oceans
46 High-Altitude Auroras Create 'Speed Bumps' for Satellites
47 Eating While Stressed Could Mean Extra Weight Gain, Mice Study Finds
48 In Diamonds' Flaws, Finding the Secret History of Continents
49 Reference: What Are Bacteria?
50 Here's Why a Woman Had a 'Bull's-Eye' Pattern in Her Eye
51 The Universe Is Moving Too Fast and Nobody Knows Why
52 Human Composting May Soon Be Legal in Washington State
53 Giant Bird that Killed Its Owner Heads to Auction
54 Scientists Think They've Finally Figured Out Why DEET Is So Effective
55 What Will Happen if an Asteroid Hits Earth? A Practice Drill on Social Media May Find Out.
56 Mystery of Weird Sky-Glow Named 'STEVE' Finally Solved
57 Washington Nurse Likely Infected at Least a Dozen People with Hepatitis
58 Can Chronic Stress Cause or Worsen Cancer? Here's What the Evidence Shows.
59 The Ocean's Biggest Waves Are Getting Even Bigger
60 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
61 That Viral Image of Flower-Shaped 'Breasts' Is Wildly Inaccurate--Here's Why
62 Get Stuffed: Which Animals Challenge Taxidermists the Most?
63 Life May Have Evolved Before Earth Finished Forming
64 Why Do All the Babies in this Massive Penguin Colony Keep Drowning?
65 RIP Pikachu: Ashes of Beloved Cat Will Launch to Space in Cosmic Burial
66 The Most Distant Object Ever Explored Is Lumpy. And Astronomers Don't Know Why.
67 Long-Lost Baptistery for Emperors Possibly Discovered at the Largest Cathedral in the Ancient World
68 Facebook Will Be Littered with More 'Zombie' Profiles than Living Ones by 2070
69 This Blood Vessel Disease Can Cause Nipple Pain, Interfere with Breast-Feeding
70 Feral Cats in Australia Sentenced to Death by Sausage
71 'Hippie Chimps' Had Sex with Mysterious 'Ghost Ape' Hundreds of Thousands of Years Ago
72 Distant Black Hole Gobbles Star, Belches Plasma Plumes in All Directions
73 Faster-Than-Light Particles Emit Superbright Gamma Rays that Circle Pulsars
74 Alaska's Excelsior Glacier Is Being Replaced by a Lake 5 Times the Size of Central Park
75 Declining Sense of Smell May Foretell Death
76 Russians Likely Used this Beluga Whale as a Spy. Here's Why.
77 Black Hole Spits Out High-Energy Jets at Near Light-Speed
78 Mystery Sea Opened Up During the Antarctic Winter. Now, Scientists Know Why.
79 A Newly Recognized Brain Disorder Can Mimic Alzheimer's. Here's How It's Different.
80 Reference: Hay Fever & Seasonal Allergies: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment
81 Why Is the Indian Army Tweeting About Yetis?
82 Reference: What Are PFAS?
83 Hubble Spots Giant 'Buckyballs' Jiggling like Jell-O in Space
84 BMW, Daimler, VW broke antitrust rules: EU 'preliminary view'
85 Italian company wins big Australian hydroelectric contract
86 India weighs ban on popular online game after deaths
87 EU investigates video game companies over antitrust concerns
88 Robots reading feelings
89 Artificial intelligence in Australia needs to get ethical, so we have a plan
90 Social media gets thumbs-down in new US poll
91 UK to hold social media bosses liable for harmful content: report
92 Artificial intelligence can now emulate human behaviors--soon it will be dangerously good
93 Female astronauts: How performance gear is designed to pave the way for women's accomplishments
94 Don't break up digital giants, force them to give users data access, says report
95 EU says BMW, Daimler, VW colluded to limit emissions tech
96 VW seals 10-year lithium deal for electric cars
97 UC professor's startup promotes literacy through design
98 Public gets to take free ride in self-driving car in Detroit
99 Boeing dealing with second software problem on troubled jet
100 Boeing cutting production rate of troubled 737 Max jet
101 China's virtual reality arcades aim for real-world success
102 Singapore's 'fake news' laws upset tech giants
103 Dutchman ends 'world's longest electric car trip' in Australia
104 UK unveils plans to hold social media bosses liable for harmful content
105 How to convert wheat straw waste into green chemicals
106 EU unveils ethics guidelines for artificial intelligence
107 New Zealand official calls Facebook 'morally bankrupt'
108 NZealand privacy tsar accuses Facebook of failing to cooperate
109 Another scandal: Facebook user data reportedly at risk again