File Title
1 Climate change: Electric car target 'needs to be sooner'
2 Glimpsing a world beyond human extinction
3 Climate change being fuelled by soil damage--report
4 Nature loss: Major report to highlight 'natural and human emergency'
5 Fracking tsar resigns after six months over 'ridiculous' rules
6 Hundreds of thousands of viruses in oceans
7 Hayabusa-2: Spacecraft's 'bomb' crater found
8 Confused about climate change? Talk to our chat bot
9 Climate change: Is Greta Thunberg right about UK carbon emissions?
10 Extinction Rebellion: What do they want and is it realistic?
11 NASA's InSight lander 'detects first Marsquake'
12 Mozambique cyclone: Humanitarian situation is 'life-threatening' intlink_from_url=&link_location-live-reporting-story
13 Amazon rainforest deforestation 'worst in 10 years,' says Brazil
14 Scientists making 'aviation fuel of the future' in Scotland intlink_from_url=&link_location-live-reporting-story
15 Samsung unveils TV that can switch to vertical mode
16 TalkTalk service at bottom of Ofcom poll for third year running
17 When will you next buy a mobile phone?
18 Minecraft player loses five-year-long game
19 Vodafone denies Huawei Italy security risk
20 Apple defends removing parental control apps
21 Huawei: US official warns 'no safe level' of involvement with tech giant
22 An algorithm wipes clean the criminal pasts of thousands
23 Google owner Alphabet misses sales forecasts
24 Rape victims among those to be asked to hand phones to police
25 Fraudster poses as Jason Statham to steal victim's money
26 Music royalties reach record high but songwriters 'on minimum wage'
27 Elon Musk swaps shots with Museum of English Rural Life
28 How tech is bringing Israelis and Palestinians together
29 Could a computer ever create better art than a human?
30 'Why I write fake online reviews'
31 What do drones and GPS owe to a 1744 shipwreck?
32 How can you stop your kids viewing harmful web content?
33 Tech Tent--Sri Lanka's social media ban
34 An algorithm wipes clean the criminal pasts of thousands
35 Cambridge investigates its slavery links
36 State of the Nation report: Social mobility in UK 'virtually stagnant'
37 Education: Draft school curriculum for Wales published
38 Stress-busting dogs on university staff
39 Lonely young adults 'in every kind of neighbourhood'
40 University of Liverpool 'discriminating' over deadline extensions
41 'No decision' on post-Brexit EU student fees, says minister
42 Incontinence: 'Lack of support' for older children
43 'I changed my gender after my wife got dementia'
44 Inside the school for bullied children
45 ENA: The elite French school that trains presidents
46 Graffiti punished by reading--'It worked!' says prosecutor
47 Child mental health services waiting times 'not good enough' in Grampian
48 NI schoolchildren 'should receive free fruit or veg'
49 'Completely avoidable' measles outbreak hits 25-year high in US
50 Urine test to end 'smear fear'
51 Obesity: Study of 2.8 million shows increased disease and death risks
52 Sugar 'not necessary' for a good cuppa
53 Opioid painkillers 'must carry prominent warnings'
54 Syndrome without a name: The boy who baffles doctors
55 Measles: 'My baby's eyes were swollen shut'
56 Yaba: The cheap synthetic drug convulsing a nation
57 The profoundly deaf girl who found her voice after brain surgery
58 The breast cancer surgeon who got breast cancer
59 Avicii: Is mental health in music still at risk?
60 Sore knee? Maybe you have a fabella
61 Maternity review of Cwm Taf hospitals in special measures
62 Cwm Taf maternity: Mothers ignored and made to feel worthless
63 Face and genitals 'not for presumed donation'
64 Child mental health services waiting times 'not good enough' in Grampian
65 Contaminated blood scandal: Inquiry hearings to begin
66 Blood cancer sufferer from Walsall has 'lifesaving op'
67 Reference: Social Anxiety Disorder: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
68 The Source of that Mysterious E. Coli Outbreak Has Likely Been Found
69 Is Climate Change Really Causing Walruses to Jump Off Cliffs?
70 Can Any Animal Breathe Fire like the Mythical Dragon?
71 Stratolaunch, the World's Biggest Aircraft, Makes Historic 1st Flight
72 How Did Nearsighted People Manage Before Glasses Were Invented?
73 The World's Glaciers Are Sponging Up Loads of Nuclear Fallout, but You Shouldn't Worry--Yet
74 Leonardo Da Vinci Was Ambidextrous, Handwriting Analysis Shows
75 Orange Lush: California's 'Superbloom' Wows from the Air
76 No, 'Negative-Calorie' Foods Aren't a Real Thing, Study Says
77 Comet Ingredients Swallowed by an Asteroid, Found Sealed Inside a Meteorite
78 What Angry Dreams Look like in Your Brain
79 World's Rarest Giant Turtle Loses Last Known Female, All but Guaranteeing Extinction
80 Rocket Stage Launched 10 Years Ago Disintegrates into Trail of Space Junk [Video]
81 The Historic Notre Dame Cathedral Is on Fire
82 Physicists Think You Could Be Rescued from a Black Hole--But Don't Risk It
83 Reference: Kenya's Maasai Mara: Facts About the Wildlife, Climate and Culture
84 Revolution, Napoleon and Now Fire: What Paris' Iconic Notre Dame Cathedral Has Endured
85 Reference: Was King David Truly a Powerful King?
86 Can You Still Get the Measles if You've Been Vaccinated?
87 'Holy Stairs' Opened for 1st Time in Nearly 300 Years. But Did Jesus Really Climb Them?
88 Engineers Just Uncovered 26 'Ritually Buried' Skeletons While Digging a Pipeline in England
89 We Could Soon Watch a Black Hole in Action, Gobbling Up Matter in Real Time
90 These Wisps Around Black Holes Could Reveal How the Cosmic Beasts Eat
91 The First Known Interstellar Meteor May Have Hit Earth in 2014
92 College Students Hatch Nuclear-Powered Magnetic Plan to Protect Marsonauts from Solar Radiation
93 In Notre Dame Fire, Echoes of the 1837 Blaze that Destroyed Russia's Winter Palace
94 The Quest to Find One of the Most Elusive Particle Decays in the Universe
95 Saturn's Moon Titan May Have 'Phantom Lakes' and Caves
96 Flight Attendant from Israel in Coma After Getting Measles Virus
97 What Happened Before the Big Bang?
98 Universe's First Molecule Detected in Space for the First Time Ever
99 Hours After Pigs' Death, Scientists Restore Brain Cell Activity
100 How Scientists 3D Printed a Tiny Heart from Human Cells
101 This Slave in Ancient Rome Became the Empire's Chariot-Racing Superstar
102 There's a Tiny, Bright Magnetar Photobombing Our Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole
103 Why Are So Many Gray Whales Washing Up Dead on California's Coast?
104 Here's What Scotland's Dogs Looked like 4,500 Years Ago
105 Texas Baby Born Without Skin: What Can Cause this Condition?
106 A Living 'Balloon on a String' Discovered in the Deepest Part of the Indian Ocean
107 This Ancient 'Warg' Was Scarier than a Tolkien Beast, Terrorized Kenya 22 Million Years Ago
108 Physicists Closer to Solving Mystery of Weird Glowing Ring Around Milky Way's Black Hole
109 Millipede Genitals Glow Different Colors (But Scientists Can't Explain Why)
110 42,000-Year-Old Foal Entombed in Ice Still Had Liquid Blood in Its Veins
111 Tiny Earthquakes Shake Southern California Every 3 Minutes
112 Reference: What Are Stem Cells?
113 Rare 'Bubble Boy Disease' Likely Cured with New Gene Therapy
114 Why Good Friday, Was Dangerous for Jews in the Middle Ages