File Title
1 Chemists take a closer look at the spot where water meets air
2 An exotic microbe and an unusual extraction process may add up to an economical way to make a promising biofuel
3 From nata de coco to computer screens: Cellulose gets a chance to shine
4 On-chip drug screening for identifying antibiotic interactions in eight hours
5 Researchers find adding rare-earth element to piezoelectric crystals dramatically improves performance
6 Through thick and thin: Neutrons track lithium ions in battery electrodes
7 Salt takes a quick step before falling out of water
8 Researchers report high performance solid-state sodium-ion battery
9 Driving chemical reactions by remote control
10 Slow charge generation plays big role in model material for solar cells
11 Artificial receptor distinguishes between male and female hormones
12 Researchers make synthetic polymers inside of living cells
13 Catalyst renders nerve agents harmless
14 Reducing energy required to convert CO2 waste into valuable resources
15 New technique produces longer-lasting lithium batteries
16 Working out makes hydrogels perform more like muscle
17 How slippery surfaces allow sticky pastes and gels to slide
18 Welding with stem cells for next-generation surgical glues
19 Scientists create first billion-atom biomolecular simulation
20 Watching molecules split in real time
21 Advances in cryo-EM materials may aid cancer and biomedical research
22 Biochemists discover an enzyme to stop cell death
23 Heterogeneous catalyst goes enzymatic
24 Researchers create artificial mother-of-pearl using bacteria
25 New sensor detects rare metals used in smartphones
26 Polymer reversibly glows white when stretched
27 Researchers develop safer electrochromic inks
28 Capturing the behavior of single-atom catalysts on the move
29 Study unravels mystery of antimicrobial frog secretions
30 Scientists develop a new method for improving the efficiency of air purifiers
31 Developing a dual-gradient ultrafast biomimetic snapping hydrogel material
32 Scientists develop low-cost energy-efficient materials
33 Understanding the periodic table through the lens of the volatile Group I metals
34 Scientists are world's firsts to reproduce complete copy of 'anti-tumour antibiotic'
35 Chemists invent new Lewis acidity test using fluorescence
36 Perfume makers seek natural, sustainable scents
37 Fluorescence probe shows the distribution of active lithium species on lithium metal anodes
38 New synthesis strategy speeds identification of simpler versions of a natural product
39 Researchers dramatically clean up ammonia production and cut costs
40 Researchers create the first maps of two melatonin receptors essential for sleep
41 Treating addiction: Cryo-EM technology enables the 'impossible'
42 A new energy-saving LED phosphor
43 Researchers study radioactive material behavior--without the radioactivity
44 Characterisation of the structure of a member of the L-Amino acid Transporter (LAT) family
45 Using DNA templates to harness the sun's energy
46 Engineers make injectable tissues a reality
47 Chemical engineers replicate feed, fight and flight responses in catalytic chemical reactions
48 Discovery could be game-changer for pharmaceuticals
49 How to take the 'petro' out of the petrochemicals industry
50 Ice-proof coating for big structures relies on a 'beautiful demonstration of mechanics'
51 Bridge over coupled waters: Scientists 3-D-print all-liquid 'lab on a chip'
52 Chemical probes pave the way for a better understanding of disease development
53 Fitting a right hand in a left-handed mitten
54 Battery research: new breakthroughs in research on super-batteries
55 Tracking charge carriers in the molecular crystal at organic pn junction
56 Researchers find H-C bonds form when hydrogen atoms collide at high speed with graphene
57 Forest and sea residues strengthen the stomach
58 Crack propagation is asymmetric in polar materials
59 Biochemists untangle mysteries of cellular form, function
60 Squid skin inspires creation of next-generation space blanket
61 Improving the lifetime of bioelectrodes for solar energy conversion
62 Tailor-made enzymatic solutions reduce time and cost of biorefinery processes
63 Chemists make thermoset polymer using amine and triketone that is recyclable
64 Highly resorptive metal-organic frameworks
65 Engineering ECM-like fibers with bioactive silk for 3-D cell culture
66 Water creates traps in organic electronics
67 Researchers produces filaments and fibres three times finer than a human hair
68 Novel method could help produce purer, safer drugs
69 Ethiopian 737 pilots followed Boeing guidelines before crash: WSJ
70 Pentagon refuses Boeing tanker deliveries over quality issues
71 Google to require benefits, minimum wage for contractors
72 Edmunds examines costly side effect of safety tech: repairs
73 Why we shouldn't ban 'tiny vehicles'
74 Two-armed 3-D printing
75 Defects enable RoHS-compliant, high-performance infrared photodetectors
76 Tapping into 100-year supply of natural gas
77 Solving the decision-making problem with information described in natural language
78 Electrical engineers look to the human immune system for clues on how to best protect digital networks
79 Car-sharing offers ways to profit from or ditch personal car
80 Austria proposes taxing internet giants 5 percent of ad revenue
81 Highly economical LED street lights tested in practice
82 Amazon awards 100 computer science scholarships
83 Verizon's new 'Just Kids' plan aims to become your child's first smartphone plan
84 Walmart, Google make grocery shopping easier with new voice ordering, which launches today
85 Amazon slashes prices at Whole Foods Market, offers $10 off
86 Tesla to show self-driving car progress to investors
87 Face recognition researcher fights Amazon over biased AI
88 Epic Games breaks venture capital records in a banner year for North Carolina companies
89 Bill introduced to help publishers bargain with tech giants
90 New scam aims to trick you into giving up your cell phone account information
91 Australia could jail social media execs for showing violence
92 S. Korea launches 5G smartphone networks ahead of schedule
93 Bayer victim of a cyber-attack: German media
94 US court to hear contempt case against Tesla's Musk
95 Researchers have invented a quieter airplane toilet
96 Bayer confirms cyber attack but says no data stolen
97 Preliminary report: Ethiopia crew followed Boeing procedures
98 Researchers quantify the impact of autonomous vehicles on traffic
99 McDonald's faces significant challenges in bid to serve AI with fries
100 Streaming to subscriptions: Video games enter new frontiers
101 No plans to delay livestreams despite NZ massacre: Facebook's Zuckerberg
102 Doomed EgyptAir Airbus 'should not have taken off,' French report says
103 Unraveling the tangled web of online television
104 IPWhoa: What to know before joining this year's IPO parade
105 After taking on Fox studio, Disney looks to next chapter
106 Boeing defends 'fundamental safety' of 737 MAX after crash report
107 Amazon's Bezos, wife reach biggest divorce deal in history (Update)
108 Ethiopian report says faulty sensor data led to jet crash
109 Snapchat launches own multi-player gaming platform
110 Durability vs. recyclability: Dueling goals in making electronics more sustainable
111 US remains committed to private sector-led 5G wireless: Kudlow
112 Google disbands artificial intelligence ethics board
113 Facebook to block foreign ads for Australia election
114 Samsung Electronics flags 60% slump in Q1 operating profit
115 US judge orders talks between Tesla's Musk, securities regulators
116 Gone in 6 minutes: an Ethiopian Airlines jet's final journey
117 France insists on digital tax despite US anger