File Title
1 'Electron shuttle' protein plays key role in plant cell-wall construction
2 World-first study shows Indigenous skills vital to conservation research outcomes
3 Study offers insight into biological changes among invasive species
4 Underwater forests a treasure trove of new drugs
5 Astro-ecology: Counting orangutans using star-spotting technology
6 Volunteer birdwatching survey shows effects of temperatures on population of Jays
7 San Diego Zoo says farewell to last 2 giant pandas
8 Study upends 'dogma' on malaria drug component
9 LDAIR, a lncRNA regulates seasonal changes in stress response
10 New wasps named after biscuits and Doctor Who aliens
11 World-first study finds Merino sheep pregnancy can be detected using wool
12 Researchers witness the emergence of a new gene in the lab
13 Squid team finds high species diversity off Kermadec Islands, part of stalled marine reserve proposal
14 Studies of fossil teeth reveal another Pleistocene ape species from Southeast Asia
15 Fearless sea urchins stripping underwater forests
16 Mechanism to form influenza A virus discovered
17 New pathways for sustainable agriculture
18 Gut microbiota and phytoestrogen-associated infertility in southern white rhinoceros
19 Biomass analysis: The key to success for your biorefinery process
20 Mapping cellular diversity by looking for common topics of gene control
21 Single cell transcriptomics: A new sequencing approach
22 A detailed eucalypt family tree helps us see how they came to dominate Australia
23 Plant diversity increases insect diversity
24 Study sheds light on major disease in roses
25 Bionics: Electric view in murky waters
26 Researchers reveal more than dozen wild bee species declining in Northeast
27 Specialist enzymes make E. coli antibiotic resistant at low pH
28 New research about biodiversity reveals the importance of climate on today's abundance of life
29 Genetic breakthrough on tropical grass could help develop climate-friendly cattle farms
30 Cell death may be triggered by 'hit-and-run' interaction
31 These 'eggs' are spying on whooping cranes to boost survival
32 Disposable parts of plants mutate more quickly
33 Can flipping coins replace animal experiments?
34 Bacteria flip an electric switch to worsen food poisoning
35 Everyday enzymes, now grown in plants
36 Genetic code of WWI soldier's cholera mapped
37 CRISPR-based 'allelic drive' allows genetic editing with selective precision and broad implications
38 Cuba's worker bees boost thriving honey business
39 Scant amounts of DNA reveal conservation clues
40 Record Singapore bust puts scrutiny on overlooked pangolin (Update)
41 Showy male primates have smaller testicles
42 Scientists identify a key gene in the transmission of deadly African sleeping sickness
43 Scientists invent time-saving technique to show how cells differentiate
44 Dolphins who help fishermen found to also hang out together between meals
45 Researchers explain signals of CpG 'traffic lights' in DNA
46 New electron microscopy technique limits membrane destruction
47 Ultrasound aligns living cells in bioprinted tissues
48 Tiny traces of neonicotinoid pesticides impair insects' ability to spot predators
49 New dimension to coral research
50 Evolution from water to land led to better parenting
51 Empathy is the secret ingredient that makes cooperation--and civilization--possible
52 Long-lived bats could hold secrets to mammal longevity
53 New imaging reveals previously unseen vulnerabilities of HIV
54 Pesticide cocktail can harm honey bees
55 Giant Antarctic sea spiders weather warming by getting holey
56 The best place for a bird's voice box is low in the airway, researchers find
57 Too many pets are packing on too many pounds
58 Microbes in the human body swap genes, even across tissue boundaries: study
59 Attention skills in a nonhuman cooperative breeding species
60 The emergence of male and female traits in the development of beetle horns
61 U.S. forests changes are double-edged sword for environment
62 A sex-determining gene might help guarantee better papaya production
63 Pre-crop values from satellite images to support diversification of agriculture
64 How much nature is lost due to higher yields?
65 New species of deep-sea corals discovered in Atlantic marine monument
66 Killer tadpoles threaten Andaman archipelago's native frog species
67 Broken mitochondria use 'eat me' proteins to summon their executioners
68 Team uncovers new rules for cellular decision-making in genetics
69 Protein complex may help prevent neurodegenerative diseases
70 Conservationists discover hidden diversity in ancient frog family
71 Study: How will tropical mammals react to rising temperatures?
72 The truth about a true frog: Unknown Costa Rican frog hidden amongst a widespread species
73 Time for a new global protected area target
74 New imaging technique reveals 'burst' of activity before cell death
75 In mice, eliminating damaged mitochondria alleviates chronic inflammatory disease
76 Scientists capture a 'snapshot' of bacterial stress-response regulator's 'recycling truck'
77 New dynamic model better portrays how plant roots forage and adapt to resource fluctuation
78 Evolutionary biologists demonstrate that male fruit flies manipulate their female partners
79 Interplay of pollinators and pests influences plant evolution
80 Clear sight in the data fog with PAGA
81 A study on zebrafish reveals how sexual rivalry can affect sperm function and quality
82 Genome research platform expands use of lab technique to visualise DNA in cells
83 Plant immune system detects bacteria through small fatty acid molecules
84 Climate change will redistribute tuna
85 Knowing how cells grow and divide can lead to more robust and productive plants
86 New microscopy technique peers deep into the brain
87 Turtle-friendly plastic? A crafty solution to pollution, poaching and poverty
88 Genetic variant linked to cucumber fruit length
89 NOAA: Bryde's whales in Gulf of Mexico are endangered
90 The Hong Kong beekeeper harvesting hives barehanded
91 Do songbirds pay a price for winter wandering?
92 Shark bite research reveals politicians' fishy behaviour
93 Death of rare turtle leaves 3 remaining in the world
94 The arrestin-GPCR connection
95 How bugs overcome host defenses
96 Lead ammunition polluting Argentina
97 Men sometimes act less interested in sex--in order to get it
98 Of bunyips and other beasts: Living memories of long-extinct creatures in art and stories
99 Turning silenced cancer genes back into fighters
100 Sharks more vulnerable than originally thought
101 How birders helped pinpoint hotspots for migratory bird conservation
102 Diet in development affects insect mating habits
103 RNA transport in neurons--Staufen2 detects its target transcripts in a complex manner
104 A novel protein that plays a crucial role in the formation of the mitotic spindle
105 Hold the mustard: What makes spiders fussy eaters
106 A new bacteria-killing weapon in the fight against antibiotic resistance
107 CRISPRed wheat helps farmers control weeds
108 Novel approach promises ready access to hard-to-study proteins
109 To protect stem cells, plants have diverse genetic backup plans
110 Engineering 'hairpins' increases CRISPR accuracy
111 What makes a jellyfish?
112 Scientists use eBird data to propose optimal bird conservation plan
113 Entomologists uncover Florida fire ant matriarchy