File Title
1 Could climate change cause infertility?
2 Neurobiologists annotate critical neuronal proteins in lamprey genome
3 Study: Phenols in purple corn fight diabetes, obesity, inflammation in mouse cells
4 Computer games for fish uncover why some prey lead and others follow
5 Gene-based factor VIIa prevents bleeding episodes in animals with hemophilia
6 Pollen genes mutate naturally in only some strains of corn
7 Google searches reveal popular bird species
8 Lead kills 1st Yellowstone golden eagle fitted with tracker
9 Honey, I ate the kids: The sweet side of filial cannibalism
10 Climate change threatens endangered sparrows
11 Linkage is a drag: First wheat gene to rapidly convert defective traits for new
12 Papa roach: Chinese farmer breeds bugs for the table
13 China seizes nearly 2,750 elephant tusks in huge bust
14 A biosynthetic dual-core cell computer
15 How jackdaws remember what they did where and when
16 Cute jumping spider named for children's author
17 Aphid soldiers found to sacrifice themselves to protect their colony from predators
18 Sequencing of snailfish from Mariana Trench reveals clues on how it adapted to live in such deep water
19 The new plan for destroying invasive pythons
20 Malaysia arrests Vietnam poachers, seizes tiger, bear parts
21 The high price endangered animals pay for charisma
22 Can multiple carnivores coexist in cities?
23 Tree dens play a critical role in panda lifestyle
24 Study finds white sharks flee feeding areas when orcas present
25 In mice, feeding time influences the liver's biological clock
26 Bacteria harness viruses to distinguish friend from foe
27 New study proves for the first time that intestinal bacteria grow in pregnant women
28 Researchers measure puncture performance of viper fangs
29 Catfish use complex coordination to suck in prey
30 New software tool could provide answers to some of life's most intriguing questions
31 For its health and yours, keep the cat indoors
32 Scientists crack the code to regenerate plant tissues
33 Bacterial mix helps predict future change
34 Researchers look to extend shelf life of nutritious vegetables
35 Mild equine asthma can distinguish winners from losers on the racetrack
36 Invasive plant found in California threatens to spread across Southwest
37 How the social lives of animals should form part of our conservation culture
38 Features that make lizards sexy are resilient to stress
39 Is one toe really better than three? How horse' legs evolved for travel rather than speed
40 Fish that outlived dinosaurs reveals secrets of ancient skull evolution
41 CRISPR base editors can induce wide-ranging off-target RNA edits
42 Plants and microbes shape global biomes through local underground alliances
43 Life-threatening foot disease found in endangered huemul deer in Chile
44 These beetles have successfully freeloaded for 100 million years
45 Glowing millipede genitalia help scientists tell species apart
46 Kakapow! Rare world's fattest parrot has record breeding season
47 Wild bee species critical to pollination on the decline
48 Genome analysis shows common origin of Pskov, Novgorod and Yakutia populations
49 Amazonian soils mapped using indicator species
50 The Cerrado once connected the Andes with the Atlantic Rainforest
51 Going to the beach this Easter? Here are four ways we're not being properly protected from jellyfish
52 Turning an old enemy into a helpful friend
53 Living room conservation: Gaming and virtual reality for insect and ecosystem conservation
54 The quest to save the banana from extinction
55 Flies smell through a Gore-Tex system
56 Studies identify mechanism key to removal of protein aggregates from cells
57 Ginkgo seed extracts show antibacterial activity on skin pathogens
58 Antimicrobial paints have a blind spot
59 Study: Infamous 'death roll' almost universal among crocodile species
60 Weak honey bee colonies may fail from cold exposure during shipping
61 Disappearing bumblebee species under threat of extinction
62 Cell-killing proteins suppress listeria without killing cells
63 Bee-wildering! Hives of Notre-Dame in miraculous survival
64 Giant tortoises migrate unpredictably in the face of climate change
65 Bioengineers add cooperative molecules to their toolkit for programming signal processing
66 Preliminary study suggests mercury not a risk in dog foods
67 Fish under threat release chemicals to warn others of danger
68 New variety of zebra chip disease threatens potato production in southwestern Oregon
69 Next frontier in study of gut bacteria: mining microbial molecules
70 Mysterious river dolphin helps crack the code of marine mammal communication
71 Multiple modes for selectivity of transmembrane transport
72 BRB-seq: The quick and cheaper future of RNA sequencing
73 Taming the genome's 'jumping' sequences
74 MicroRNA-like RNAs contribute to the lifestyle transition of Arthrobotrys oligospora
75 Fuel cells in bacteria
76 Scientists discover sustainable way to increase seed oil yield in crops
77 Scientists uncover a link between RNA editing and chloroplast-to-nucleus communication
78 New method to detect off-target effects of CRISPR
79 A universal framework combining genome annotation and undergraduate education
80 Australia orders urgent review after spate of dingo attacks
81 Group decisions: When more information isn't necessarily better
82 Ecologist dissects the science of de-extinction
83 'Longevity gene' responsible for more efficient DNA repair
84 DNA managed like climbing rope to avoid knots
85 Scientists identify a novel target for corn straw utilization
86 Slime mold absorbs substances to memorize them
87 How does wildlife fare after fires?
88 Mixing grass varieties may reduce insect infestations in lawns
89 Island lizards are expert sunbathers, and researchers find it's slowing their evolution
90 Sand tiger sharks return to shipwrecks off N.C. coast
91 Neonics hinder bees' ability to fend off deadly mites, study reveals
92 New genomics tool ECCITE-seq expands multimodal single cell analysis
93 Family quarrels in seeds reveal the ways parents and offspring sometimes evolve in conflicting directions
94 Study shows zoos and aquariums dramatically increase information needed to help save species
95 SeaWorld publishes decades of orca data to help wild whales
96 Good mousekeeping: En suite bathroom makes for happier mice
97 Oldest southern sea otter in captivity dies in California
98 Danish dogs to receive virus-inspired cancer vaccine treatment
99 Proofreading the book of life: Gene editing made safer
100 Scientists discover how 'superbug' E. coli clones take over human gut
101 Scientists find an underground bacterium that could live on Mars
102 Researchers work to genetically modify flatworms and unlock their regenerative powers
103 Will ocean seafood farming sink or swim? Study evaluates its potential
104 Wet and dry tropical forests show opposite pathways in forest recovery
105 Researchers describe the mechanism of a protein upon infection of the 'Fasciola hepatica'
106 Students develop acoustic device to detect whales near offshore wind farm
107 Fortune favours the bold: Can behaviour explain why some animal species become invasive?