File Title
1 New robust device may scale up quantum tech, researchers say
2 Chemotherapy or not?
3 Elemental old-timer makes the universe look like a toddler
4 A breakthrough in the study of laser/plasma interactions
5 New nanomaterial to replace mercury
6 Salish seafloor mapping identifies earthquake and tsunami risks
7 Reinforced concrete wall damage may be larger than expected in major Seattle quake
8 Despite increase in insurance coverage for depression, growth in spending remains modest
9 Study shows the potential of carbon nanotubes to cool electronic circuits
10 New synthesis strategy speeds identification of simpler versions of a natural product
11 Geography study finds hot days lead to wildfires
12 Researchers observe slowest atom decay ever measured
13 Preparing for a changing population--what it means to age successfully
14 Study merges big data and zebrafish biology to reveal mechanisms of human disease
15 Study reveals vast diversity of ocean microbes
16 Doctors turning to antibiotic alternatives to treat acne, Rutgers researchers find
17 Study finds differences in storefront tobacco advertising by product type
18 Changes in rainfall and temperatures have already impacted water quality
19 Scholars: Estimates of food insecurity among college students problematic
20 Hypersociability in Williams syndrome result of myelination deficits
21 York University chemists invent new Lewis acidity test using fluorescence
22 Characterization of the structure of a member of the L-amino acid transporter (LAT) family
23 Perfume makers seek natural, sustainable scents
24 Moffitt Researchers find BRAF protein modification could slow tumor growth
25 Reggaeton can also contribute to feminist claims
26 Corruption contagion: How legal and finance firms are at greater risk of corruption
27 Photoacoustic endoscopy could improve Crohn's disease treatment
28 Imaging system helps surgeons remove tiny ovarian tumors
29 New perennial brome-grass from Iberian Peninsula named after Picos de Europa National Park
30 A close look at lithium batteries
31 High-efficiency thermoelectric materials: New insights into tin selenide
32 Scientists translate brain signals into speech sounds
33 Study of tagraxofusp reports 90% response rate for deadly blood cancer with no prior available therapies
34 Early melting of winter snowfall advances the Arctic springtime
35 Major deep carbon sink linked to microbes found near volcano chains
36 Liquid crystals in nanopores produce a surprisingly large negative pressure
37 'Catastrophic' breeding failure at one of world's largest emperor penguin colonies
38 Frustrated materials under high pressure
39 Astronomers find quasars are not nailed to the sky
40 The mobile game that can detect Alzheimer's risk
41 Reindeer adapt to climate change by eating seaweed
42 International law should be clearer in regulating the use of armed force base
43 Rapid destruction of Earth-like atmospheres by young stars
44 Newly discovered Ebolavirus may not cause severe disease in humans
45 Brain scans on movie watchers reveal how we judge people
46 A video game aids in research on Alzheimer's disease
47 Risk and unnaturalness cannot justify EU's strict policy on GMO
48 Scientists are world's firsts to reproduce complete copy of 'anti-tumor antibiotic'
49 Schadenfreude: Your pain is my gain
50 New discovery in how mammals sense the cold could lead to new pain relief drugs
51 Antarctica: the final frontier for marine biological invasions?
52 Particulate matter takes away 125,000 years of healthy life from Europe's child population
53 Internal waves induced by sequential typhoons transmitted with different frequency
54 A new way to 'freeze' cells promises to transform the common cell-freezing practice
55 Targeting how fungi 'taste' wheat could be key to developing control
56 Singapore scientists develop swallowable self-inflating capsule to help tackle obesity
57 New application of principal component analysis in seismology
58 Energy-saving new LED phosphor
59 Seminal approach to recycle platelet concentrates for stem cell culture
60 Parents reassured febrile seizures following vaccination not dangerous
61 Proteins stand up to nerve cell regression
62 Studying cell lineage in tumors reveals targetable vulnerabilities
63 Growing up in poverty increases diagnoses of psychosis-spectrum mental illnesses
64 Policies valuing cultural diversity improve minority students' sense of belonging
65 Hopkins researchers ID neurotransmitter that helps cancers progress
66 Dark matter detector observes rarest event ever recorded
67 Scientists unearth 'utterly bizarre' chimera crab fossil
68 No assembly required: University of Toronto Engineering researchers automate microrobotic designs
69 A good night's sleep may be in sight
70 Treating addiction: Cryo-EM technology enables the 'impossible'
71 Research sheds light on genomic features that make plants good candidates for domestication
72 Chinese-UK project reveals ancient secrets of medicinal mint
73 Antibiotic use linked to greater risk of heart attack and stroke in women
74 Targeted therapy proves effective against aggressive rare blood cancer
75 Microbes may act as gatekeepers of Earth's deep carbon
76 New nanomedicine slips through the cracks
77 Nanosized container with photoswitches: release of cargo upon irradiation in water
78 Researchers create the first maps of two melatonin receptors essential for sleep
79 Can we solve the riddle of the coral reef halos?
80 Study confirms value of exposure therapy for vets with PTSD, alcohol problems
81 Could a popular food ingredient raise the risk for diabetes and obesity?
82 Microbial contaminants found in popular e-cigarettes
83 Exposing cancer's metabolic addictions
85 Reducing care needs of teens with substance-abuse disorders
86 Disorders of sexual development may be more common in newborns than previously thought
87 Uncovering Polynya: Research by NYU Abu Dhabi unravels 43-year-old mystery in Antarctica
88 Smelling with your tongue
89 A first in medical robotics: Autonomous navigation inside the body
90 Meet Callichimaera perplexa, the platypus of crabs
91 Human settlements in Amazonia much older than previously thought
92 Spinal muscular atrophy drug may help kids with later-onset disease
93 Who really hit the basketball out of bounds?
94 Global warming hits sea creatures hardest
95 Genetic testing in women diagnosed with breast cancer decreases cost of care nationwide
96 Tomato, tomat-oh!--understanding evolution to reduce pesticide use
97 In France, people living by protected areas are more environmentally conscious
98 Polymer reversibly glows white when stretched
99 Polymers to give early warning signs
100 Researchers use machine-learning system to diagnose genetic diseases
101 The neurobiology of noshing: Why is it so easy to overeat calorie-rich tasty foods?
102 Classroom crowdscience: UC students challenged to detect schizophrenia genes
103 Veritable powerhouses--even without DNA
104 Stem cells from hair follicles have potential to repair damaged neurons in mice
105 With flower preferences, bees have a big gap between the sexes
106 Modern analysis of ancient hearths reveals Neanderthal settlement patterns
107 Immense Pacific coral reef survey shows green sea turtle populations increasing
108 Sub-optimal food allergy knowledge and attitudes among restaurant staff
109 Cleaner, cheaper ammonia
110 Getting fertilizer in the right place at the right rate