File Title
1 Rural innovation policies need to exploit differences within communities
2 Aztec allies ritually disfigured captured Spaniards' remains
3 Abrupt climate change drove early South American population decline
4 How music and movement can help kids understand maths
5 New Jurassic non-avian theropod dinosaur sheds light on origin of flight in Dinosauria
6 When the machines come for government jobs, will efficiency crush equity?
7 EU sustainable development policy defines entrepreneurship in three distinct ways
8 Demographic dissimilarity and absenteeism in blue-collar teams
9 Women entrepreneurs thrive managing talented teams and balancing many investors
10 Research reveals surprisingly powerful bite of tiny early tetrapod
11 Ancient DNA suggests that some Northern Europeans got their languages from Siberia
12 Britain's answer to 'King Tut's tomb' found on roadside
13 Student 'geek squads' maintain school devices, help teachers
14 Modern economic theory explains prehistoric Mediterranean societies
15 Leonardo da Vinci designed an ideal city that was centuries ahead of its time
16 Setting a precedent in the use of artificial intelligence
17 Transmission of divine knowledge in the sapiential Thanksgiving Psalms from Qumran
18 Huge growth in use of quartz for tools shows sophistication of ancient communities
19 How global cities are changing international trade
20 White people struggle to perceive emotion on black people's faces
21 Scientists prove gold purifying process used in medieval West Africa works
22 Peer-to-peer bonuses may have unintended negative consequences, expert warns
23 75 years later, French 'HistoPad' offers new view of D-Day
24 Can recreational sports really make you a better student?
25 New study shows scientists who selfie garner more public trust
26 Receiving weekend food improves school attendance among children living with hunger
27 Fake meat: don't go bacon my heart, say butchers
28 More than a scent: Cyprus promoting its perfume past
29 Teachers predict pupil success just as well as exam scores
30 How financial initiatives that tackle global warming can make a real impact
31 Street food vendors resist and adapt to changing society
32 Worried about sexual harassment--or false allegations? Our team asked Americans about their experiences and beliefs
33 'Doing science,' rather than 'being scientists,' more encouraging to those underrepresented in the field
34 Speech recognition technology is not a solution for poor readers
35 New data platform illuminates history of humans' environmental impact
36 Perceived union support buoys 'meaningfulness of work' measures
37 From counseling to the commissary, how the private sector shapes 'offender-funded justice'
38 Domestic policy driven by intergovernmental bodies not citizens, research finds
39 Coastal organisms trapped in 99-million-year-old amber
40 Echo chambers may not be as dangerous as you think, new study finds
41 US journalism has become more subjective: study
42 Colonial policies can result in economic growth
43 Scientists use historical data to create first assessment of human impacts on biodiversity
44 No 'quick fix' available for effective risk management in organisations
45 Virtual reality project gauges citizens' faith in law enforcement in the face of gang violence
46 Walk inside a plant cell or glide over a coral reef: Three ways virtual reality is revolutionising teaching
47 Are we teaching children to be afraid of exams?
48 Study finds income affects bus ridership in bad weather
49 Study suggests imprisonment does not deter future crime
50 Stable housing in infancy nets lifelong benefits
51 Racism alleged as Indigenous children taken from families--even though state care often fails them
52 Work experience poor predictor of future job performance
53 Archaeopteryx gets company
54 The redistribution of resources by unspoken policy and other means
55 New study finds people are using Twitter to bridge political divides
56 Arts education can provide creative counter narratives against hate speech
57 Traces of crawling in Italian cave give clues to ancient humans' social behavior
58 When Americans go to the polls, they look to the past--not the future
59 Perpetuating privilege on Mexico City's golf courses
60 Women's leadership potential for top jobs overlooked in favor of men
61 Python patrols stalk Florida swamps to staunch marauding serpents
62 Crowdfunding brings life-saving water to Myanmar's deer
63 Rare Asian black bear spotted in Korean DMZ
64 Genomics uncovers the mystery of the magic drumstick tree--Moringa oleifera
65 Wild red deer contribute to the preservation of open landscapes
66 A plant hormone that speeds root growth could be a new agricultural tool
67 Discovery of the photosensor for yellow-green light-driven photosynthesis in cyanobacteria
68 How cytoplasm separates from yolk
69 AgriLife Extension releases new publication on mowing warm-season turfgrass
70 Invasive species are Australia's number-one extinction threat
71 Ambient plant illumination could light the way for greener buildings
72 Tunisia seizes illegal red coral worth two million euros
73 New professor brings precision data to the dairy barn
74 We must rip up our environmental laws to address the extinction crisis
75 The grandmother effect suggests that proximity is a factor in family size
76 How I stumbled on a lost plant just north of Antarctica
77 Many cats and dogs carrying fleas with high levels of bacteria, finds Big Flea Project
78 New progress in developing an animal model of hepatitis C
79 Research spotlights the role of cover crops in slowing herbicide resistance
80 Study shows native plants regenerate on their own after invasive shrubs are removed
81 A case of the chimp sniffles or major outbreak? Syndromic surveillance may hold the key
82 37 spotted seal pups rescued from China traffickers released
83 Hong Kong to cull 6,000 pigs as first swine fever case found
84 Give 'em shell: turtles stick neck out for Japan rice forecast
85 Mosquito protein controls blood feeding
86 Wild pigs invade Canadian provinces--an emerging crisis for agriculture and the environment
87 Understanding relationship break-ups to protect the reef
88 A late-night disco in the forest reveals tree performance
89 Scientists create new genomic resource for improving tomatoes
90 Human gut microbiome physiology can now be studied in vitro using Organ Chip technology
91 Scientists bioengineer a cellular speedometer
92 Study uncovers key mechanism that allows some of the world's deadliest viruses to replicate
93 Researchers find evolutionary backing in analysis of mammalian vertebrae
94 Bayer admits Monsanto may have other 'watch lists'
95 Study expands understanding of bacterial communities for global next-generation wastewater treatment and reuse systems
96 Catapulting spider winds up web to launch itself at prey: study
97 Highly endangered Florida grasshopper sparrows reared in captivity are released
98 15-foot great white shark is being tracked off the Carolinas. It weighs 2,137 pounds
99 They call it a 'bat apocalypse.' the fungus causing it is spreading across Texas
100 It's not just fish, plastic pollution harms the bacteria that help us breathe
101 3-D printing to save dogs' day
102 The superheroes of nutrient detection living in our oceans
103 Imported spices and frozen vegetables tested for 'superbugs'
104 Nuclear membrane Lem2 necessary for nuclear scaling
105 How a declining environment affects populations
106 Researchers find bone resorption and body reorganization result in transfer of toxic metals in anguillid eels
107 How the snail's shell got its coil
108 Having an STI could benefit male animals
109 Underwater Arctic forests are expanding with rapid warming
110 Parents unknown--Mysterious larvae found in Panama's two oceans
111 Majestic wild horses are being chased, bitten by unleashed dogs roaming Outer Banks
112 Expert explains how breathing problems can quash a racehorse's chance at gold
113 Turning off growth to make flowers grow
114 How is climate change affecting fishes? There are clues inside their ears
115 Study: Treats might mask animal intelligence
116 You are what you eat: How the pursuit of carbs changed mammals' genes and saliva
117 Study unlocks secrets of an elusive genome compartment