File Title
1 'Zap' ear clip may ease A-fib
2 How to soothe baby's teething pain safely
3 Drinking and your health: A reality check
4 Higher risk for mental disorders seen in patients with psoriasis
5 Fooling nerve cells into acting normal
6 How genomics profiling can help identify the best treatment for bladder cancer
7 Routine sickle cell disease screening among migrants may help save lives
8 CDC: Uninsurance levels did not change significantly in 2018
9 Weight-loss procedure works long-term, without surgery
10 Private health plans pay hospitals 2.4 times what Medicare would pay
11 She asked Google for story about coast guard stroke survivor and found her soulmate
12 Longer duration of statin use linked to lower risk for glaucoma
13 Team finds tight pants and pubic-hair removal increase risk of vulvodynia
14 Coca-Cola spent 8 million euros to influence research in France: report
15 Alteplase seems beneficial at 4.5 to 9.0 hours after stroke
16 Biomarker test predicts mild, serious IBD in newly diagnosed
17 How the dengue virus replicates in infected cells
18 Meditation needs more research: Study finds 25 percent suffer unpleasant experiences
19 New model of measles-elimination progress may help target vaccination efforts
20 How to generate a brain of correct size and composition
21 A deep-dive into the impact of arthritis drugs on gene expression
22 Radio-frequency heating of hip arthroplasty implants during metal artifact reduction
23 MR imaging evaluation of hepatocellular carcinoma treated with SBRT
24 Nurse care coordinators are key to success of patient-centered medical home programs
25 Study finds high levels of abnormally fast brain waves in mild brain injury
26 Will MSC micropellets outperform single cells for cartilage regeneration?
27 A link between mitochondrial damage and osteoporosis
28 New brain tumor imaging technique uses protein found in scorpion venom
29 For teens, online bullying worsens sleep and depression
30 Study shows one third of statin patients don't reach healthy levels of 'bad' cholesterol
31 Researchers create standardized measurement for pediatric facial palsy
32 Juul's 'switch' campaign for smokers draws new scrutiny
33 Milk expression within eight hours associated with lactation success for VLBW infants in NICU
34 Hope on the horizon for treating stroke
35 Deep kissing may be important and neglected route for passing on throat gonorrhea
36 One in five people in England harmed by others' drinking over past year
37 Is the county you call home a potential measles hotspot?
38 To cheat or not to cheat? Researchers uncover the moral dilemmas of doping
39 Whole body MRI may help to detect spread of cancers more quickly
40 Unpacking the links: Chronic stress, fertility and the 'hunger hormone'
41 Scrap 'Obamacare'? Maybe not all, Trump administration says
42 First case of monkeypox virus detected in Singapore
43 Hepatitis A infections soaring: CDC
44 Summer is tough for asthma sufferers
45 Take steps to prevent a stroke
46 2018 saw more employed physicians than self-employed
47 ACS sets goal to cut cancer mortality 40 percent by 2035
48 Nut intake in first trimester may benefit child neurodevelopment
49 Generic version of Truvada available in U.S. by September 2020
50 CDC: HIV racial disparity measure decreased from 2010 to 2016
51 Hospital ship plies turbulent waters of Colombia's Pacific coast
52 New legal data provide details on 22 years of federal and state income security laws for children with disabilities
53 Inflamed monkey guts produce Parkinson's-related proteins
54 Serotonin boosts neuronal powerplants protecting against stress
55 New research reveals link between mental health and pediatric suicide by firearm
56 Opioid addiction: Michigan counties struggle to meet the need for treatment
57 NIH trial evaluates long-acting HIV medication unable to adhere to strict daily regimens
58 Many young women find pleasure in sexually explicit material but it still reinforces gender inequality
59 Managers crucial to stamping out bullying in nursing
60 Study shows gardening had therapeutic effects for psychiatric patients
61 How anti-fat bias in health care endangers lives
62 Researchers report non-intrusive way to generate large quantities of stem cells from small amount of blood
63 Promising treatment for periodontitis gum regeneration
64 Dietary fats entering the brain may explain link between obesity and depression
65 Treatment to restore natural heartbeat could be on the horizon for heart failure
66 Cognitive enhancers to boost abilities at work considered acceptable by the public
67 Newly generated nerve cells in dentate gyrus found to impact older nerve cells in two ways
68 Stem cells provide information about neuron resilience in ALS
69 Heart arrhythmia can be acquired by people who are stressed, even with no genetic predisposition
70 Medical emergency trial shows value of live video streaming
71 Statins' potential to treat multiple sclerosis unrelated to lowering cholesterol
72 A cup of Joe and you're good to go (Under six a day and you're A-OK)
73 Scientists identify how the exosomes of the parasite responsible for Chagas disease affect heart cells
74 Researchers discover the Achilles' heel of an aggressive brain cancer
75 Working to the beat: How music can make us more productive
76 Post-bypass survival linked to civil status and class
77 Limiting oxygen could control symptoms of Friedreich's ataxia
78 The poorest pupils spurn school meals, study finds
79 Cancer screening rates decline when patients see doctors later in day
80 Opioid doctor and pharmacy 'shoppers' may also shop at home, study finds
81 HIV prevention drug can curb the epidemic for high-risk groups in India
82 Measuring quality of life after pediatric kidney transplant
83 Norwegian woman dies of rabies after rescuing Filipino puppy
84 Following DASH diet can reduce heart failure risk in people under 75
85 WHO warns Ebola could spread elsewhere if attacks don't stop
86 How much protein do you need for weight loss and muscle growth?
87 Can medical marijuana help kids with autism?
88 Homemade mayonnaise made easy
89 Cover up! Don't soak up those sun rays
90 Video games are a 'great equalizer' for people with disabilities
91 Doctors aware of patient difficulties affording medical care
92 Prehospital Tx guidelines may improve outcomes in severe TBI
93 Sharing data with surgeons can reduce overuse of Mohs surgery
94 New recommendations developed for breast cancer screening
95 Effects of surgery on a warming planet: Can anesthesia go green?
96 Anal cancer is on the rise, especially in women. Should they be screened?
97 Q&A: What to know about superfungus Candida auris
98 Nanotubes enable travel of Huntington's protein
99 Good sleep quality and good mood lead to good working memory with age
100 Trial remedies racial disparities in treatment for early-stage lung and breast cancer patients
101 Study sheds new light on urinary tract infections in postmenopausal women
102 Study: Some biologic treatments for psoriasis may be safer for patients
103 Washington state limits exemptions for measles vaccine
104 Israel drugmaker Teva vows to fight US price-fixing lawsuit
105 Penis extensions don't work, can be risky, study says
106 Machine learning overtakes humans in predicting death or heart attack
107 Older fathers put health of partners, unborn children at risk, study finds
108 Doctor plans to withdraw life support in French right-to-die case
109 Artificial intelligence could prevent unneeded tests in patients with stable chest pain
110 States seek explicit patient consent for pelvic exams