File Title
1 Health claim rejected? Some steps to appeal a denial
2 STDs: A serious health threat at every age
3 Oral aspirin does not up FIT test sensitivity for ID'ing CRC
4 TV pitches for prescription drugs will have to include price
5 Statewide initiative doubles survival rates after severe TBI
6 Stark racial, financial divides found in opioid addiction treatment
7 Weight-loss surgery boosts success of procedure to fix A-fib
8 Burden of heart failure-related CVD mortality higher in blacks
9 Americans' prescription med use is declining
10 China, India boost global booze binge: study
11 U.S. improves emergency readiness, but gaps persist
12 FDA grapples with 'living' medical devices
13 FDA approves ruzurgi for children with rare autoimmune disorder
14 More than a third of all cancers affecting Canadians can be prevented by combination of policymaking, health education
15 Stress in early life could make people more likely to develop depression
16 Airport scanners OK for people with implanted heart devices: study
17 Advanced alcohol-related liver disease on rise in US, study finds
18 A new culprit for multiple sclerosis relapses
19 Stroke almost took gospel star's life--then taught her about living
20 CDC: Prevalence of arthritis 22.8 percent in U.S. adults in 2017
21 Patent foramen ovale ups ischemic stroke in those with PE
22 Avocados, as a substitution for carbohydrates, can suppress hunger without adding calories
23 'Good enough' parenting is good enough, new research says
24 Research could lead to more precise diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer
25 Caution: Grapefruit juice may impose risk on patients with long QT syndrome
26 Study: Some skin cancer doctors cut more
27 Intelligence can link to health and aging
28 Identifying therapeutic targets in sepsis' cellular videogame
29 Obesity rising faster in rural areas than cities
30 Study shows how big data can be used for personal health
31 Phage therapy treats patient with drug-resistant bacterial infection
32 Research boosts the yield of insulin-producing cells for diabetes therapy
33 Genetic therapy heals damage caused by heart attack
34 New approach to drug discovery could lead to personalized treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders
35 Study shows new drug effective in overcoming ibrutinib resistance in mantle cell lymphona
36 What makes athletes report or hide concussion symptoms?
37 Fibro-adipose vascular anomaly: Old wine or new cocktail?
38 Management of radial scars diagnosed on core biopsy during transition to tomosynthesis
39 Researchers develop biomarkers, blood test that shows MS patients in relapse
40 Why creative experts may be better at imagining the future
41 Physical and mental health of seniors linked to optimism, wisdom and loneliness
42 A step toward better understanding brain anatomy of autism spectrum disorder
43 HIV epidemic stubbornly persists despite proven tool to prevent spread
44 UN shifts response as Ebola outbreak in DR Congo drags on
45 Significant unmet mental health care needs exist in current and former smokers with COPD
47 Chronic kidney disease epidemic may be result of high heat, toxins
48 Progesterone could increase births in women with early pregnancy bleeding and previous miscarriage
49 Nipah virus: Age and breathing difficulties increase the risk of disease spread
50 Biomarker may help identify men with prostate cancer at greater risk of tumor metastasis
51 Statins linked to lower risk of early death in patients with colorectal cancer
52 'Robopets' can benefit health and wellbeing of older care home residents
53 First randomized controlled trial of FMT for obesity shows potential progress
54 Minimally invasive procedure shows promise in combatting obesity
55 Does removing your appendix put you at risk for Parkinson's?
56 Diabetes linked to numerous cancers in large Chinese study
57 Bullying linked to student's pain medication use
58 Migraines may increase risk of pregnancy complications
59 Adverse childhood experiences negatively impact adults with lupus
60 Inflammatory bowel disease during childhood linked to higher cancer rates and early death
61 Fracture risk tool useful in women with breast cancer initiating aromatase inhibitor therapy
62 E-cigarette use by young adults linked to childhood maltreatment
63 Obesity in early pregnancy linked to pregnancy complications
64 Global study predicts more than 50 percent rise in chemotherapy demand by 2040
65 Opposites attract and, together, they can make surprisingly gratifying decisions
66 The enduring effects of mother-child interactions as children become adults
67 Denver first US city to decriminalize 'magic mushrooms'
68 Opioids: Leading cause of pregnancy-related death in new Utah moms
69 New treatment could become first targeted therapy designed for 'untreatable' childhood brain cancer
70 VR can improve quality of life for people with dementia
71 U.K. police--almost one in five suffer with a form of PTSD
72 Researchers advance understandings of the cellular mechanisms driving rheumatoid arthritis
73 'Number sense' arises from the recognition of visible objects
74 'Bad guy' fibrocytes could help rebuild damaged tissue
75 Asthma answer may not be steroids for women
76 Mind mom's mental health after child's diagnosis
77 Expert Reaction: Meghan Markle and pregnancy body image
78 Women perceive the potential benefits of mammograms to be more important than the potential harms
79 Specific identification of chronic lung disease in premature babies
80 Scientists find link between digital media use and depression in Chinese adolescents
81 The Medical Minute: Hold the added sugar
82 Too much love: helicopter parents could be raising anxious, narcissistic children
83 Gold makes invisible surfaces visible in CT
84 Why suburban parks offer an antidote to helicopter parenting
85 Researchers find genetic link to tuberculosis
86 Breaking down the anti-vaccine echo chamber
87 Days at home after surgery reveal long-term outcome
88 Older adults with obesity may have fewer years of healthy life
89 Scientists grow precursors for human pigment cells
90 Academics call for radical overhaul of UK gambling laws
91 Patient registries could help control spread of antibiotic bacteria
92 Anger more harmful to health of older adults than sadness
93 Students are increasingly turning to religious leaders for mental health support
94 Antibiotic cocktail stops cancer cells from motoring
95 Increased risk of post-traumatic stress disorder among children with immigrant fathers
96 Does sunscreen compromise vitamin D levels?
97 Detection of unusual hybrid schistosomes in Malawi
98 How humans interact with the changing environment is affecting the spread of infectious disease
99 New HIV vaccine strategy 'pumps' the immune system
100 Neurodevelopmental disorders may be rooted in genetics and mitochondrial deficits
101 Scientists locate brain area where value decisions are made
102 Stem cell scientists clear another hurdle in creating transplant arteries
103 Creative arts therapies can help people with dementia socialise and express their grief
104 Numbing a body part can boost sensory powers elsewhere--here's what that tells us about the brain
105 What do parents of children with cancer search for online?
106 The art of the circus: Cartwheeling kids to better mental health
107 Athletes with sickle cell traits are at more risk to collapse: here's why
108 North York General study shows safest method for prostate cancer biopsies
109 AMP recommends minimum set of alleles for all clinical CYP2C9 genotyping testing
110 The heart 'talks' to fat cells, scientists discover
111 Personalized 'Eye-in-a-Dish' models reveal genetic underpinnings of macular degeneration
112 In lab, researchers flip pain switch in spinal cord cells