File Title
1 Detailed brain map uncovers hidden immune cells that may be involved in neurodegenerative disorders
2 Circulating tumor DNA gives treatment options for the most common ovarian cancer type
3 Chemists study new cancer therapies
4 New molecule maps cerebrovascular system
5 Use of supportive palliative care lags for heart patients
6 Technology better than tape measure for identifying lymphedema risk
7 Bullying among adolescents hurts both the victims and the perpetrators
8 Research on repetitive worm behavior may have implications for understanding human disease
9 Teenage pregnancy doesn't have to mean catastrophe--research shows it can be an opportunity
10 Empathy in healthcare is finally making a comeback
11 The hazards of living on the right side of a time zone border
12 Robotic health care is coming to a hospital near you
13 Drug-resistant tuberculosis reversed in lab
14 New guidelines outline methods to manage Tourette syndrome and other tic disorders
15 How Rwanda could be the first country to wipe out cervical cancer
16 We're developing the world's first vaccine suitable for humans and livestock
17 Tumor mutations may predict response to immunotherapy
18 Three ways to improve focus and concentration
19 Newer diabetes drugs linked to 'flesh-eating' genital infection
20 Can social media lead to eating disorders?
21 CDC: Number of measles cases in the united states reaches 764
22 FDA: French soft ripened cheese possibly contaminated
23 Congo ebola outbreak death toll surpasses 1,000
24 FDA approves treatments for heart failure caused by rare disease
25 Novel artificial intelligence method predicts future risk of breast cancer
26 Apalutamide in prostate cancer: indication of considerable added benefit
27 Obesity reprograms immune cells in breasts to promote tumor formation
28 Health professionals wary of medicinal cannabis misuse and adverse effects
29 Alternative treatment for epileptic seizures in children identified
30 Stem cells make more 'cargo' packets to carry cellular aging therapies
31 Neurons that encode sweetness identified in mice
32 Damaged lungs regenerated in study
33 Why visual stimulation may work against Alzheimer's
34 Key step in transformation of B cells to antibody-secreting cells described
35 Scientists pinpoint potential new target for regulating inflammation
36 Researchers uncover mechanism blocking retina regeneration
37 Patients of medicare providers committing fraud, abuse more likely to be poor, disabled
38 Eye's vulnerability to macular degeneration revealed
39 Challenging metabolism may help fight disease
40 Patients insured by marketplace health plan less likely to receive a medical appointment
41 Electroconvulsive therapy reboots certain brain networks to help depressed individuals
42 Teen girls more vulnerable to bullying than boys
43 Everyday stress may boost blood vessel dysfunction in people with depression
44 Scientists discover new antibiotic resistance gene
45 New treatment for severe dry eye disease promising in early clinical trials
46 Colorado nail salon workers face chronic air pollution, elevated cancer risk
47 3-D 'mini-gut' model reflects autoimmune response to gluten in celiac patient tissue
48 Does insulin resistance cause fibromyalgia?
49 Can a mobile phone-based behavioral intervention affect weight regain?
50 Frequency and outcomes of new suspicious lesions on breast MRI in neoadjuvant therapy
51 Rate of radiology resident recognition of non-accidental trauma
52 Utilization and cancer yield of BI-RADS 3 lesions detected on high risk screening breast MRI
53 Percutaneous ablation vs. surgery for hepatocellular carcinoma
54 Security cameras in nursing homes aim to protect the vulnerable but present ethical dilemmas
55 Lesbian, gay, and bisexual adolescents at elevated risk for engaging in polysubstance use
56 Groundbreaking study could lead to fast, simple test for Ebola virus
57 Train your brain to eat less sugar
58 WHO urges broader use of Ebola vaccine as DR Congo case numbers climb
59 Could adding minerals to drinking water fight high blood pressure?
60 Weight before pregnancy most important to risk for complications
61 Many pregnancy-related maternal deaths occur months after delivery: CDC
62 In men, low BMI tied to later inflammatory bowel disease
63 Efforts needed to ensure publication of all trials
64 Fewer than half of British men and women have sex at least once a week
65 Apgar scores 'within the normal range' linked to higher risks of illness and death
66 Experimental brain implants studied as opioid deaths rise
67 Targets to reduce harmful alcohol use are likely to be missed as global alcohol intake increases
68 Could sleep molecules lead to a blood test for Alzheimer's disease?
69 Contracts give Coca-Cola power to 'quash' health research, study suggests
70 Survey: New moms often overlook critical postpartum care during 'fourth trimester'
71 Lentils will help you run faster: Communicating food benefits gets kids to eat healthier
72 Cancer risk tools underused in general practice, research shows
73 Researchers discover new pathway for improving metabolic health
74 No developmental differences in children conceived via assisted reproductive technology
75 DnDSA and ethnicity linked with thickening of blood vessels after kidney transplant
76 Proposed tobacco ban sparks fiery debate in Beverly Hills
77 Researcher advocates for hearing screenings for infants
78 Research clarifies role of posterior parietal cortex in decision-making
79 Novel device opens new doors for Parkinson's disease diagnostics
80 Australian doctors overprescribing flu antivirals
81 New strategy for untreatable kidney disease: targeting cell energy
82 Baby talk is similar all over the world
83 Why cheese may help control your blood sugar
84 Team identifies the cause of sepsis-induced lung injury
85 Team develops palm-sized 3-D ultrasound imaging system for scoliosis mass screening
86 Genome editing helps decipher a congenital liver disease
87 Research paves the way for further understanding of traumatic brain injury
88 3-D printed baby dummy for better resuscitation training
89 Otago ethicist shines light on lack of discussion about body donation after euthanasia
90 Obesity linked to psychological distress
91 Adolescent self-harmers misjudge bodily sensations
92 Drugs for invasive breast cancer 'could treat earliest stages of the disease'
93 Study identifies factors affecting active and productive aging among older Singaporeans
94 Canada's west coast surf culture downplays concussion risk
95 When doctors and nurses can disclose and discuss errors, hospital mortality rates decline
96 Health check: Why do we get motion sickness and what's the best way to treat it?
97 Suicide rates are rising with or without 13 Reasons Why. Let's use it as a chance to talk
98 Talking the impact of stressful commutes with UMN
99 System grading doctors is inefficient, needs revisions
100 Researchers identify previously unknown bacterial strain
101 Genetic cause identified in familial sarcoidosis
102 ADHD: Could dogs be the answer?
103 Psychology behind why your mom may be the mother of all heroes
104 Inhibition of ribosome biogenesis as a novel approach for multi-stage cancer treatment
105 Food insecurity associated with increased obesity among Latino youth
106 New data shows it's tough to have lung disease
107 Tracing the history of aggrecan gene mutations
108 Diabetes complications soar in the US, but not Canada, as teenagers become young adults
109 Broccoli sprout compound may restore brain chemistry imbalance linked to schizophrenia
110 Research reveals new insights into how brain functions
111 Do adults need a measles booster shot?
112 Crunch-free work for well-defined abs