File Title
1 NTU scientists discover sustainable way to increase seed oil yield in crops
2 From 2D to 1D: Atomically quasi '1D' wires using a carbon nanotube template
3 Study exposes reasons behind poor mental health in bisexual people
4 How does wildlife fare after fires?
5 How slippery surfaces allow sticky pastes and gels to slide
6 Researchers find high-risk genes for schizophrenia
7 Study shows zoos and aquariums increase species knowledge index 800%
8 Working out makes hydrogels perform more like muscle
9 With abdominal etching, plastic surgeons help patients get 'six-pack abs'
10 One woman's cancer fight: A case study in structural racism
11 No increase in complications with 'tummy tuck' in obese patients
12 Protecting damaged hearts with microRNAs
13 Lessons from Hurricane Maria: Doctors offer tips to better prepare clinics for catastrophe
14 A deep learning tool for personalized workout recommendations from fitness tracking data
15 Wristband samplers show similar chemical exposure across three continents
16 Researchers find new novel circulating proteins involved in progression of DKD to ESRD
17 Study highlights anti-tumor activity of curcumin on stomach cancer
18 Personalizing precision medicine with combination therapies improves outcomes in cancer
19 Rurality, social identity is driving polarization in Iowa
20 Semiconductor scientists discover effect that was thought impossible
21 Wristband samplers show similar chemical exposure across three continents
22 Researchers find new novel circulating proteins involved in progression of DKD to ESRD
23 Study highlights anti-tumor activity of curcumin on stomach cancer
24 Personalizing precision medicine with combination therapies improves outcomes in cancer
25 Rurality, social identity is driving polarization in Iowa
26 Semiconductor scientists discover effect that was thought impossible
27 New genomics tool ECCITE-seq expands multimodal single cell analysis
28 Neonics hinder bees' ability to fend off deadly mites, U of G study reveals
29 Older adults starting dialysis die at higher rates than previously thought
30 Snake-inspired robot slithers even better than predecessor
31 Microglia, immune cells of the central nervous system, shown to regulate neuroinflammation
32 Asia's diabetes epidemic preferentially kills women, the middle-aged: Study
33 Promise of liquid biopsy in cancer biomarker detection and prenatal screening
34 Parents using both e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes may be more motivated to quit
35 Sand tiger sharks return to shipwrecks off N.C. coast
36 Island lizards are expert sunbathers, and researchers find it's slowing their evolution
37 Nursing, dental, and medical students train together to improve kids' oral health
38 Rutgers develops new tool to help psychiatrists encourage patients to quit smoking
39 Bacteria use their enemy--phage--for 'self-recognition'
40 Hole-forming protein may suppress tumor growth
41 Catalyst renders nerve agents harmless
42 Repelling charges prevent Cooper pairs from 'island hopping' in insulating state
43 Soft bedding poses grave danger to sleeping babies, study shows
44 DNA is managed like climbers' rope to help keep tangles at bay
45 Smart nanoparticles help improve treatment of peritoneal tumors
46 Marine Skin dives deeper for better monitoring
47 Droplet trains reveal how nature navigates blood traffic
48 Researchers describe the mechanism of a protein upon infection of the 'Fasciola hepatica'
49 Photonics: The curious case of the disappearing cylinders
50 Heterogeneous catalyst goes enzymatic
51 Pennsylvania residents shoulder health impacts of state's oil and gas waste
52 Defying the laws of physics? Columbia engineers demonstrate bubbles of sand
53 Better labor practices could improve archaeological output
54 Empathy often avoided because of mental effort
55 Was the restaurant really that bad--Or was it just the rain?
56 Researchers outline how humans reduce uncertainty in social situations
57 Survey shows half of all American workplaces offer health and wellness programs
58 FEFU scientists are developing brand-new method to heal brain cancer
59 The kids are alright
60 From coal to gas: How the shift can help stabilize climate change
61 Modified 'white graphene' for eco-friendly energy
62 Biomimetics: Artificial receptor distinguishes between male and female hormones
63 New insight into how obesity, insulin resistance can impair cognition
64 Study highlights global burden of emergency diseases and conditions
65 Wakeup call: Pervasiveness of sexual harassment and its effect on female physics students
66 A deep-learning model may help predict lung cancer survival and outcomes
67 Study suggests overdiagnosis of schizophrenia
68 Brains of blind people adapt to sharpen sense of hearing, study shows
69 Skipping breakfast associated with increased risk of cardiovascular death
70 Brain regions linked to memory and emotion help humans navigate smell
71 Neuroscientists reverse some behavioral symptoms of Williams syndrome
72 Physical activity may offset mortality risk caused by too much sitting
73 Preschool health program successful in instilling heart healthy habits
74 Slime mold absorbs substances to memorize them
75 Plant-based diets can be effective in reducing heart failure risk
76 Not drinking water may boost kids' consumption of sugary beverages
77 Blood samples to help select the right early phase clinical trials for cancer patients
78 Geomagnetic jerks finally reproduced and explained
79 Permanent daylight savings may cancel out changes to school start times
80 Human influence on climate change is traced back to the 19th century
81 Sugar entering the brain during septic shock causes memory loss
82 New technique produces longer-lasting lithium batteries
83 Study: Reducing energy required to convert CO2 waste into valuable resources
84 Study provides insights on marijuana and opioid use in people with cancer
85 Artificial intelligence can diagnose PTSD by analyzing voices
86 New pediatric blood pressure guidelines identify more kids at higher risk of premature heart disease
87 Surrey academics weigh into the debate on daylight saving time and school start time
88 Those home-delivered meal kits are greener than you thought, new study concludes
89 Overlooked molecular machine in cell nucleus may hold key to treating aggressive leukemia
90 Advance in CAR T-cell therapy eliminates severe side effects
91 Metformin may help patients maintain weight loss long-term [plus other topics]
92 Mount Sinai study: Intervention in preschool--an opportunity to promote healthy lifestyle
93 Rewriting the textbook on fossil fuels: New technologies help unravel nature's methane recipes
94 Mixing grass varieties may reduce insect infestations in lawns
95 Mauritian medical herbs possess antitumor properties
96 Holocene changes of landforms and environments in the eastern portion of Asian mid-latitude deserts
97 Quality of laser beam shaping can be enhanced at no extra cost
98 Time-restricted eating shows benefits for blood glucose
99 Otago's atom interaction discovery valuable for future quantum technologies
100 Air pollution poses risks for childhood cancer survivors
101 A new clue in the mystery of ALS, frontotemporal dementia
102 Low mobility predicts hospital readmission in older heart attack patients
103 Water walking--The new mode of rock skipping
104 Controlling instabilities gives closer look at chemistry from hypersonic vehicles
105 Fixing a broken heart: Exploring new ways to heal damage after a heart attack
106 Information technology can support antimicrobial stewardship programs
107 New way to 'see' objects accelerates the future of self-driving cars
108 Experiences of 'ultimate reality' or 'God' confer lasting benefits to mental health
109 New sensor detects rare metals used in smartphones
110 Girls and boys on autism spectrum tell stories differently, could explain 'missed diagnosis' in girls