File Title
1 Mozambique records first cholera cases after Cyclone Kenneth
2 Heart damage from preterm birth may be corrected with exercise in young adulthood
3 New review identifies four hallmarks of cancer metastasis
4 Curacao vows to stop measles spreading from Scientology ship (Update)
5 Pakistan demands Facebook remove polio vaccine misinformation
6 In 'lawless' world of service dogs, many families suffer
7 Induced labor not more expensive to health care system than spontaneous labor
8 Developmental tests might spot autism at even younger ages
9 Could common heart meds lower prostate cancer risk?
10 Serum free fatty acid level verifies fasting state in children
11 CDC: foodborne infections increased from 2015 to 2018
12 Professor develops microfluidic device to better detect Ebola virus
13 DNA test is an effective cervical cancer screening tool for women in low-income countries
14 Study asks patients' input to improve the hospital experience
15 Missing molecule hobbles cell movement
16 Study shows ovarian cancer survival increase
17 Explainer: Why this Ebola outbreak is a special challenge
18 Exercise may improve memory in heart failure patients
19 Lung cancer: Less invasive surgery for faster recovery
20 'I'm here for breast cancer. Why are you talking to me about my heart?'
21 Excessive use of skin cancer surgery curbed with awareness effort
22 Germany mulls fines to boost measles vaccination rates
23 Evaluating the impact of user interface changes on time spent searching for prior exams
24 Comparison between clinicians' and radiologists' understanding and imaging of breast pain
25 Managing architectural distortion on mammography based on MR enhancement
26 A survey of fourth-year radiology residents who took the 2018 ABR Core Exam
27 Initial clinical experience of zero TE skull MRI in patients with head trauma
28 Nearly half of public wrongly believe heart failure is normal in old age
29 Index that tracks impact of pharmaceuticals worldwide to relaunch, focus on more diseases
30 Five things to know about physician suicide
31 Program involving community volunteers shows promise for reducing health care use by seniors
32 High rates of Indigenous people in jail is a health crisis
33 Fitness may affect risk of lung, colorectal cancer and survival likelihood after diagnosis
34 Dataset bridges human vision and machine learning
35 A tasty twist on pasta and pesto
36 How to protect your child from choking
37 Opioid crisis burning out doctors, study finds
38 How grunting influences perception in tennis
39 Testosterone supplements not all they're cracked up to be
40 Does hormone therapy for prostate cancer raise dementia risk?
41 The surprising lead cause of death for pregnant women
42 Early-stage detection of Alzheimer's in the blood
43 Study reveals amyloid clumps of a truncated p53 structure related to endometrial cancer
44 Many kids with chronic illness are still happy: Study
45 A question of time
46 Personal stories of mental illness can help others on the road to recovery
47 More measles cases reported in Southern California
48 'Quality' father involvement plays big role keeping abused children away from drugs
49 Breathing new life into respiratory support
50 Cardio-oncology services growing in number and demand
51 True grit more about passion than personality, study suggests
52 Improving the well-being of heart-failure patients
53 Researchers identify a protein that protects against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
54 The taming of polio and the challenge of the flu
55 Almost half of people diagnosed with cancer find it hard to ask for help, as many fear being pitied
56 Major differences in the risk of transmission in measles outbreaks
57 For those with developmental disabilities, dental needs are great and good care is elusive
58 FDA to end program that hid millions of reports on faulty medical devices
59 New research uncovers how life-threatening fungal diseases adapt to survive in humans
60 Researchers advance understanding of atrial fibrillation-related dementia
61 New model improves staging and risk predictions for esophageal cancer patients
62 Clinical trial shows promise for increasing lung transplant patients' life expectancy
63 New technique for minimally invasive lung cancer surgery--ultrasonic device safe, effective
64 'Google Maps' for cancer: Image-based computer model reveals finer details of tumor blood flow
65 Trans-catheter aortic valve replacement can improve outcomes in low-risk surgical patients
66 Brain injury from low oxygen affects specific cells, study finds
67 A barrier that keeps cancer at bay
68 Unexpectedly big wins improve two kinds of memory
69 Untangling a cancer signaling network suggests new roadmap to tumor control
70 Form drives function in cancer proliferation
71 Feeling valued, respected appear most important for job satisfaction in academic medicine
72 Researchers identify brain region activated by Pokemon characters
73 Men taking medications for enlarged prostate face delays in prostate cancer diagnosis
74 Direct dispensing of naloxone by pharmacists can cut opioid overdose deaths, study finds
75 Rheumatoid arthritis drug diminishes Zika birth defects in mice
76 Soy protein lowers cholesterol, study suggests
77 Mongolian couple dies of plague after eating raw marmot meat
78 Caster Semenya's impossible situation: Testosterone gets special scrutiny but doesn't necessarily make her faster
79 AUA: Atenolol linked to drop in low-, intermediate-risk prostate cancer
80 Making a 'to do' list for trauma docs
81 Predicting whether surgery patients will continue to refill opioid 'scripts
82 Generalist nurse practitioners and physician assistants may prescribe disproportionate share of opioids
83 Pushing early beta-cell proliferation can halt autoimmune attack in type 1 diabetes model
84 Researchers discover new disease
85 Patients reading visit notes report striking benefit over time
86 Autism gene linked to brain and behavior deficits in mice
87 Heart failure deaths rising in younger adults
88 Social media has limited effects on teenage life satisfaction
89 Prostate cancer patients with gene mutation at three times the risk of dying
90 A new approach to targeting tumors and tracking their spread
91 Immediate HIV treatment initiation: Increased but not yet universal in NYC
92 Researchers find protein that suppresses muscle repair in mice
93 Huntington drug successfully lowers levels of disease-causing protein
94 External reference drug pricing could save medicare tens of billions
95 Clinical trial explores opening blood-brain barrier in fight against Alzheimer's
96 Study presents drug candidate for reversing mucosal barrier damage by HIV
97 Study finds lifestyle factors that could harden arteries
98 First in-vivo trial of subharmonic contrast-enhanced imaging for detection of PCa
99 Children with chronic illness can have normal life satisfaction
100 Reduction and loss of SNAP benefits tied to increased food insecurity and poor health among working
101 AUA: Marijuana tied to increased risk for LUTS medications in BPH
102 Sunscreen chemicals enter bloodstream at potentially unsafe levels: study
103 E-cigarettes used in 5 percent of U.S. homes with kids
104 Helping Asian-Americans fight their hidden heart risks
105 Prison tobacco ban significantly reduces secondhand smoke
106 Study shows adult tourniquet suitable for school-age children
107 Transplanting gut bacteria alters depression-related behavior, brain inflammation in animals
108 Side-by-side comparison on point of care tests for blood's ability to clot
109 A moody gut often accompanies depression--new study helps explain why
110 Alternative treatment for anxiety proves effective for the most difficult cases
111 Arsenic in drinking water may change heart structure
112 Denver voters to decide legalizing 'magic mushrooms'
113 Meatsplainer: How new plant-based burgers compare to beef