File Title
1 This hawk likes crab for dinner
2 Specialized plant cells regain stem-cell features to heal wounds
3 A genomic tour-de-force reveals the last 5,000 years of horse history
4 Discovery of RNA transfer through royal jelly could aid development of honey bee vaccines
5 Make room on the couch: Worms suffer from PTSD, too
6 Study explores the possible benefits of cooperative polyandry
7 Another protective zone for whales created off New England
8 For giant pandas, bamboo is vegetarian 'meat'
9 Young frogs that were stressed as tadpoles move less on land, putting their survival at risk
10 Running may have made dinosaurs' wings flap before they evolved to fly
11 How genetics, resources and a long-distant relative helped killifish adapt to extreme pollution
12 A model to decipher the complexity of gene regulation
13 Chemical modifiers tag-team to regulate essential mechanism of life
14 Study reveals link between starch digestion gene, gut bacteria
15 Rangers find three-eyed snake in Australia's Humpty Doo
16 Data with flippers? Studying the ocean from a seal's POV
17 Single molecule puts sperm on track
18 Robots to the rhino rescue
19 Researcher investigates threats to coral and other ocean life
20 A closer look at the molecular mechanism that switches control of activation of eIF2 by eIF2B
21 What the wheat genome tells us about wars
22 More than 100 years of data show Pennsylvania tick population shift
23 Research shows cattle ranching could help conserve rare African antelope, lions
24 Overfishing risks ocean deserts as stocks plummet
25 'Russian' whale leads to espionage speculations in Norway
26 Wisconsin university helps cat get new back legs
27 UV lights on power lines may help save Sandhill cranes
28 Banana disease boosted by climate change
29 Hopping bacteria--New look at behavior upends common assumptions about bacteria
30 Deer, invasive earthworms gang up to damage forested areas
31 It's time we stopped human evolution, geneticist claims
32 Engineering artificial cell membranes to drive in situ fibrin hydrogel formation
33 Sexual aggression key to spread of deadly tumours in Tasmanian devils
34 Let's mimic termite nests to keep human buildings cool
35 Sit! Seek! Fly! Scientists train dogs to sniff out endangered insects
36 Messenger cells bring good news for bone healing, study finds
37 Researchers discover new strain of canine distemper in wild animals in New Hampshire, Vermont
38 Female flies respond to sensation of sex, not just sperm
39 Study reveals how social relationships transform bird flocks
40 Ash dieback is predicted to cost 15 billion in Britain
41 New computational tool enables powerful molecular analysis of biomedical tissue samples
42 Even more amphibians are endangered than we thought
43 Gray whales starving to death in the Pacific, and scientists want to know why
44 Cryptic mutation is cautionary tale for crop gene editing
45 Rapid bacterial analysis and testing for antibiotic sensitivity demonstrated
46 Failure to account for genetic variation can result in overestimating extinction risk
47 Red-legged frogs thriving in Yosemite after long absence
48 Homemade cat food diets could be risky
49 Shipwrecks off NC coast harbor tropical migrants
50 Canada lists three whale species as threatened
51 Merging cell datasets, panorama style
52 Two flower species show that close relatives can coexist
53 New discovery could alleviate salty soil symptoms in food crops
54 Pesticide research must stay transparent and independent
55 Bacterial toxin research could improve pesticides and help treat cancer
56 Study explores genetics behind evolution of flightless birds
57 A scientist's work to protect the pork industry from virus outbreaks
58 New species of fish parasite named after Xena, the warrior princess
59 Vaccine for African swine fever may save our bacon
60 Lions vs. porcupines--Historical records show what leads lions to hunt porcupines and what happens when they do
61 Fat fruit flies: High-sugar diet deadens sweet tooth; promotes overeating, obesity in flies
62 How birdwatchers can help threatened bird populations
63 Three lions rescued in Albania sent to the Netherlands
64 Southern African leaders seek ways to manage elephant populations
65 Seed abortion and the role of RNA Pol IV in seed development
66 Surface protein editing in bacteria
67 Paper wasps capable of behavior that resembles logical reasoning
68 Jerusalem's dilemma over hordes of stray cats
69 Research team finds new ways to generate stem cells more efficiently
70 Dehesa health starts from the ground up
71 Threatened sturgeon learns for the fitness
72 Essential tool for precision farming: New method for photochemical reflectance index measurement
73 The secrets of secretion--isolating eucalyptus genes for oils, biofuel
74 Amino acid in fruit fly intestines found to regulate sleep
75 Damselflies should choose their friends wisely, in order to cope with the cold Scottish climate
76 Classical ways of conserving nature are insufficient
77 Medicinal mushroom newly reported from Thailand helps reveal optimum growth conditions
78 Basking sharks are back on West Coast, and researchers fish for answers
79 How do you find a virus that's completely unknown? Study says, look to the genome
80 Low oxygen levels could temporarily blind marine invertebrates
81 Are otters threatening amphibian populations?
82 Cyprus's emblematic wild sheep lock horns with mountain farmers
83 First brown bear sighting in Portugal in over a century
84 Opinion: Why Australia needs to kill cats
85 Genome of the endangered pygmy hog reveals interbreeding with several pig species
86 Water flea can smell fish and dive into the dark for protection
87 Location is everything for plant cell differentiation
88 A way to minimize unexpected base edits to cellular RNA
89 Revealing branching time in single-cell omics data
90 Innovative mechanobiology research expands understanding of cells
91 Birds outside their comfort zone are more vulnerable to deforestation
92 The bird that came back from the dead
93 Researchers discover a new moth family
94 Researchers break down DNA of world's largest mammals to discover how whales defy the cancer odds
95 Dexterous herring gulls learn new tricks to adapt their feeding habits
96 Peering into the past, scientists discover bacteria transformed a viral threat to survive
97 Researchers discover 'daywake,' a siesta-suppressing gene
98 Machine learning reveals metabolic pathways disrupted by the drugs, offering new targets to combat resistance
99 Influential excrement: How life in Antarctica thrives on penguin poop
100 Color vision found in fish that live in near darkness
101 Exploiting parasitic yeast to kill yeast pathogens
102 Plants and the art of microbial maintenance
103 Egg yolk precursor protein regulates mosquitoes' attraction to humans
104 How sea level rise affects birds in coastal forests
105 Mathematical framework explores how the brain keeps a beat
106 Climate change responsible for severe infectious disease in UK frogs
107 Study explores the use of robots and artificial intelligence to understand the deep-sea
108 Japanese man jailed for smuggling insects from Ecuador