File Title
1 Untangling a cancer signaling network suggests new roadmap to tumor control
2 Brain injury from low oxygen affects specific cells, Stanford-led study finds
3 Prostate cancer patients with gene mutation at three times the risk of dying
4 Smart pill bottle keeps drugs safe
5 Eddy currents affect flux of salt more than heat
6 Clinical trial concludes transcatheter aortic valve replacement can be considered for patients in all surgical risk classes
7 Trans-catheter aortic valve replacement can improve outcomes in low-risk surgical patients
8 New model improves staging and risk predictions for esophageal cancer patients
9 Many more amphibian species at risk of extinction than previously thought
10 UMN researchers advance understanding of atrial fibrillation-related dementia
11 Form drives function in cancer proliferation
12 New computational tool enables powerful molecular analysis of biomedical tissue samples
13 'Google Maps' for cancer: Image-based computer model reveals finer details of tumor blood flow
14 The perils of a leader who is too extroverted
15 Index that tracks impact of pharmaceuticals worldwide to relaunch, focus on more diseases
16 The winter weather window that is costing rapeseed growers millions
17 Filming how our immune system kills bacteria
18 Study reveals how social relationships transform bird flocks
19 A step closer to future 5G smartphones with the world's first Antenna-on-Display
20 Oxygen linked with the boom and bust of early animal evolution
21 Nearly half of public wrongly believe heart failure is normal in old age
22 Impossible research produces 400-year El Nino record, revealing startling changes
23 Men taking medications for enlarged prostate face delays in prostate cancer diagnosis
24 Female flies respond to sensation of sex, not just sperm
25 Unexpectedly big wins improve two kinds of memory
26 Rapid bacterial analysis and testing for antibiotic sensitivity demonstrated
27 A brain region for Pokemon characters?
28 Feeling valued, respected appear most important for job satisfaction in academic medicine
29 Direct dispensing of naloxone by pharmacists can cut opioid overdose deaths, study finds
30 Mechanics, chemistry and biomedical research join forces for noninvasive tissue therapy
31 Rice husks can remove microcystin toxins from water
32 Social media has limited effects on teenage life satisfaction
33 Taming defective porous materials for robust and selective heterogeneous catalysis
34 External reference drug pricing could save Medicare tens of billions
35 Climate education for kids increases climate concerns for parents
36 UNH researchers discover new strain of canine distemper in wild animals in New Hampshire, Vermont
37 Even more amphibians are endangered than we thought
38 Rethinking digital service design could reduce their environmental impact
39 Hopping bacteria
40 What does Earth's core have in common with salad dressing? Maybe this
41 New 3-foot-tall relative of Tyrannosaurus rex
42 Autism gene linked to brain and behavior deficits in mice
43 Ancient ritual bundle contained multiple psychotropic plants
44 Genetic adaptation to climate change
45 Heart failure deaths rising in younger adults
46 High rates of Indigenous people in jail is a health crisis
47 Program involving community volunteers shows promise for reducing health care use by seniors
48 Vaccine design can dramatically improve cancer immunotherapies
49 Cryptic mutation is cautionary tale for crop gene editing
50 Dataset bridges human vision and machine learning
51 Fitness may affect risk of lung, colorectal cancer and survival likelihood after diagnosis
52 Ash dieback is predicted to cost 15 billion pounds in Britain
53 Potentiall fatal infection of genitals identified as rare side effect of SGLT2 Inhibitors [plus other topics]
54 Origin of Sino-Tibetan language family revealed by new research
55 UV lights on power lines may help save sandhill cranes
56 First in-vivo trial of subharmonic contrast-enhanced imaging for detection of PCa
57 Novel and rapid device opens new doors for Parkinson's disease diagnostics
58 Complex geology contributed to Deepwater Horizon disaster, new study finds
59 Study identifies better, cheaper ways to stem arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh
60 A new culprit for multiple sclerosis relapses
61 Learning language
62 UW-Madison research team finds new ways to generate stem cells more efficiently
63 DnDSA and ethnicity linked with thickening of blood vessels after kidney transplant
64 The Sea Lab's Outreach Coordinator contributes to synthesis on Deepwater Horizon oil spill
65 Train your brain to eat less sugar
66 Brazilian scientists investigate dwarf planet's ring
67 Research brief: Surface protein editing in bacteria
68 Technology better than tape measure for identifying lymphedema risk
69 Lesbian, gay, and bisexual adolescents at elevated risk for engaging in polysubstance use
70 Could this rare supernova resolve a longstanding origin debate?
71 What's on tap? Michigan's economy
72 New report examines reproducibility and replicability in science
73 Groundbreaking study could lead to fast, simple test for Ebola virus
74 Nursing home cameras aim to protect the vulnerable but present ethical dilemmas
75 Does insulin resistance cause fibromyalgia?
76 Ocean activity is key controller of summer monsoons
77 New 'jumping' superbug gene discovered, resistant to last-resort antibiotic
78 Biophysicists resolve true structure of highly promising optogenetic protein KR2 rhodopsin
79 Montmorency tart cherries may provide benefits for adults with metabolic syndrome
80 New treatment for severe dry eye disease promising in early clinical trials
81 Colorado nail salon workers face chronic air pollution, elevated cancer risk
82 Arsenic in drinking water may change heart structure raising risk of heart disease
83 Teaching CRISPR and antibiotic resistance to high school students
84 Patients of medicare providers committing fraud, abuse more likely to be poor, disabled
85 Everyday stress may boost blood vessel dysfunction in people with depression
86 Ultra-secure form of virtual money proposed
87 Essential tool for precision farming: new method for photochemical reflectance index measurement
88 Threatened sturgeon learns for the fitness
89 When doctors and nurses can disclose and discuss errors, hospital mortality rates decline
90 3D 'mini-gut' model reflects autoimmune response to gluten in celiac patient tissue
91 Electoral regulations must tackle 'inequalities' caused by political advertising on Facebook
92 Eye's vulnerability to macular degeneration revealed
93 Patients insured by marketplace health plan less likely to receive a medical appointment
94 Teen girls more vulnerable to bullying than boys
95 Researchers discover a trigger for directed cell motion
96 Cancer risk tools underused in general practice, research shows
97 A novel method for improving imaging techniques in geophysical and material studies
98 Academics show how to create a spotlight of sound with LEGO-like bricks
99 Challenging metabolism may help fight disease
100 New material also reveals new quasiparticles
101 Dehesa health starts from the ground up
102 Arctic rivers provide fingerprint of carbon release from thawing permafrost
103 Cell architects: 'Smart cells' improve production of pharmaceutical raw materials
104 Alternative treatment for epileptic seizures in children identified
105 Mystery of texture of Guinness beer: inclination angle of a pint glass is key to solution
106 Close relatives can coexist: two flower species show us how
107 A study analyzes the academic repercussions of institutional scientific dissemination
108 New species of fish parasite named after Xena, the warrior princess
109 KAIST identifies the cause of sepsis-induced lung injury
110 Apalutamide in prostate cancer: indication of considerable added benefit