File Title
1 Sensor-based technologies are promising to support independent living for older women
2 Brain area tied to emotions is larger in vets, service members with mild TBI and PTSD
3 African-American moms are helicopter parents too, but endgame is survival
4 The ACR and the Arthritis Foundation present new guidelines offering therapeutic approaches and treatment options for juvenile idiopathic arthritis
5 House hunting is a struggle for mixed-race families
6 Parasitoid wasps may turn spiders into zombies by hacking their internal code
7 Patterns of compulsive smartphone use suggest how to kick the habit
8 Study: Mindfulness may help decrease stress in caregivers of veterans
9 Research suggests strategy for more equitable Medicare reimbursement
10 Plant cells eat their own...membranes and oil droplets
11 US 1 of 8 nations where child & adolescent health improved but maternal mortality worsened
12 FSU researcher finds hate crimes committed by groups hurt the most
13 Release of '13 Reasons Why' associated with increase in youth suicide rates
14 Responses to environmental tragedies often make matters worse, ethicists find
15 Ocean's 'seasonal memory' affects Arctic climate change
16 First Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) for type 2 diabetes in youth findings
17 Suicide rates spike nationally among youth after '13 Reasons Why' release
18 Caffeine prevents PGE1-induced disturbances in respiratory neural control
19 Keeping very low birth weight babies warm
20 For low-income countries, climate action pays off by 2050
21 How the bumble bee got its stripes
22 GRACE mission data contributes to our understanding of climate change
23 Astronomers discover 2,000-year-old remnant of a nova
24 Tel Aviv university study paves way for innovative treatment of epilepsy
25 Co-use of cannabis and tobacco linked to poorer functioning among young adults
26 Mayo Clinic doctors: Fecal transplants may be best answer to antibiotic-resistant bacteria
27 Magma is the key to the moon's makeup
28 Are buyers willing to forgo quality in locally grown produce?
29 New 3D printed microscope promising for medical diagnostics in developing countries
30 Chemical evidence shows how a dwarf galaxy contributes to growth of Milky Way
31 Drug treats Type 2 diabetes in children, team announces
32 Massachusetts General study finds women pay more for over-the-counter moisturizers
33 Consumption of caffeinated energy drinks rises in the United States
34 Cosmic dust reveals new insights on the formation of solar system
35 Study: Loan-replacement grants boost low-income students' graduation rates
36 Study suggests no direct link between drinking sugar sweetened drinks and higher energy consumption or BMI in children
37 Study links exam stress with junk food cravings, snacking, and eating less fruit and veg
38 Tumor-selective angiotensin blockers may improve response to cancer immunotherapy
39 How the olfactory brain affects memory
40 Systematic review shows risk of a child developing overweight or obesity is more than trebled by maternal obesity prior to pregnancy
41 Study reveals hip and knee replacement performance in England and Wales
42 Study scrutinizes credibility of weight management blogs by most
43 WHO study confirms breastfeeding protects against child obesity, however levels of breastfeeding across Europe are well off-target
44 New view on the mechanisms of how the brain works
45 Water creates traps in organic electronics
46 What makes memories stronger?
47 Partitioning of porous materials
48 Precision medicine for pediatric cancers: New hope for children and adolescents
49 Study highlights how little we know about women terrorists
50 Wax helps plants to survive in the desert
51 Dark matter exists: The observations which question its presence in galaxies disproved
52 New WHO research reveals wide gradient of severe child obesity across Europe, with southern Europe having the highest levels
53 Filaments and fibres three times finer than a human hair
54 Record solar hydrogen production with concentrated sunlight
55 A simple solution to a complex problem
56 Pesticide exposure causes bumblebee flight to fall short
57 Surgery shown to improve walking for children with cerebral palsy
58 Simple clinical features can help personalize type 2 diabetes treatment
59 Fleming's method in miniature
60 Decoupled graphene thanks to potassium bromide
61 How to purify water with graphene
62 An important function of non-nucleated sperm
63 Novel method developed by HKBU scholars could help produce purer, safer drugs
64 Major findings help understand bacteria's 'superglue'
65 Inorganic perovskite absorbers for use in thin-film solar cells
66 Alcohol ads in sport fuel drinking culture
67 Researchers find ice feature on Saturn's giant moon
68 Giant planets and big data: What deep learning reveals about Saturn's storms
69 Urine test could prevent cervical cancer
70 'Pedigree is not destiny' when it comes to scholarly success
71 Are Canadians kept in the dark about new risks of medicines?
72 What a dying star's ashes tell us about the birth of our solar system
73 Study links gene to sleep problems in autism
74 For certain invasive species, catching infestation early pays off
75 Squid skin inspires creation of next-generation space blanket
76 Rapid melting of the world's largest ice shelf linked to solar heat in the ocean
77 New technique could pave the way for simple color tuning of LED bulbs
78 Ohio collaborative improves care of opioid-exposed infants
79 Graphene sponge helps lithium sulphur batteries reach new potential
80 Darwin can help your doctor
81 Oral cancer detection by dentists is significantly on the rise
82 New 3D microscope visualizes fast biological processes better than ever
83 Memory could be better protected in kids with brain tumors if treated with proton therapy
84 Details of the history of inner Eurasia revealed by new study
85 Researchers identify ways to predict and avoid radiotherapy side effects
86 Continuous chemotherapy improves outcomes and quality of life in advanced breast cancer
87 Spinning black hole sprays light-speed plasma clouds into space
88 Earlier detection of diabetic retinopathy with smartphone AI
89 Climate, grasses and teeth--the evolution of South America mammals
90 Autism diagnoses prove highly stable as early as 14 months
91 Prominently posted rules boost participation, cut harassment online
92 Deep learning takes Saturn by storm
93 Demand growing for CV specialists trained to treat heart disease in cancer patients
94 The last chance for Madagascar's biodiversity
95 Why a smell test should become part of a regular doctor visit
96 Your present self is your best future self, according to new research
97 ESMO Breast Cancer Congress: Making the case for integrated care ahead of innovation
98 Breast cancer in young women: Good outcomes with advised therapy
99 Global HER2 testing survey raises questions about priorities for breast cancer resources
100 Morning exercise can improve decision-making across the day in older adults
101 Biomarker for chronic fatigue syndrome identified by Stanford researchers
102 As oceans warm, microbes could pump more CO2 back into air, study warns
103 Inhaled hydrogen could protect the brain during heart-lung bypass
104 Are coffee farms for the birds? Yes and no
105 H3N2 viruses mutate during vaccine production but new tech could fix it
106 More intensive blood pressure therapy helps patients with type 2 diabetes regardless of cardiovascular risk
107 Food system improvements could make it easier to eat healthier
108 Five things to know about loneliness in older adults
109 New approach to managing surgery will speed patient recovery but challenges current practices
110 Poor sense of smell associated with nearly 50% higher risk for death in 10 years [plus other topics]
111 Widespread brain connections enable face recognition
112 Same brain cells active during sleep and exploration in mice
113 Study: Millennials arrested more often than predecessors--even when fewer crimes are committed