File Title
1 Australian blue tongue lizard ancestor was round-in-the-tooth
2 Changing climate may affect animal-to-human disease transfer
3 Flowering plants, new teeth and no dinosaurs: New study sheds light on the rise of mammals
4 Poor, crowded cities lack access to opioid reversal drug, Rutgers study finds
5 Brain mapping: New technique reveals how information is processed
6 Do you smell what I smell?
7 Mayo Clinic, other experts call for urgent focus on brain disease that mimics Alzheimer's
8 Making glass more clear
9 Cryptographic breakthrough helps spies to shake hands
10 Pest-killing fungi could protect NYS grapes, apples from invasive insect
11 Television programming for children reveals systematic gender inequality
12 Genetic testing has a data problem; new software can help
13 Reef engineers
14 NC study: Warmer water linked to higher proportion of male flounder
15 Novel software to balance data processing load in supercomputers to be presented
16 New study identifies drug that can reverse hyperactivity induced by parasitic infection
17 Field study finds pellet-fed stoves cut air pollutant emissions 90%
18 Analysis of old people's civic participation
19 Consumers prefer pork cooked to 145 degrees, study says
20 Scientists develop new model to describe how bacteria spread in different forms
21 Researchers define Alzheimer's-like brain disorder
22 How the brain integrates sensory input
23 Evolving alongside viruses impacts susceptibility to future infections
24 New 3D imaging and visualization technique provides detailed views of muscle architecture
25 Disease-causing nibbling amoeba hides by displaying proteins from host cells
26 SwRI develops system to legally test GPS spoofing vulnerabilities in automated vehicles
27 Can stress in the womb lead to mental resilience later in life?
28 Isle Royale winter study: 13 new wolves, 20 radio-collared moose
29 Bots exploiting blockchains for profit
30 Study: Health care providers split on who should prescribe HIV prevention drug
31 Rapid permafrost thaw unrecognized threat to landscape, global warming researcher warns
32 Right combination of diet and bacteria limits cancer progression
33 Regenstrief, IU Health study helps chaplains provide proactive care to families in crises
34 Advanced detection tool to limit the spread of devastating tree pathogens
35 Research decodes one way cancer survives treatment, proposes a way to prevent it
36 Brain signaling proteins hit the road running
37 Pregnancy shifts the daily schedule forward
38 Excessive rainfall as damaging to corn yield as extreme heat, drought
39 What predicts college students' drinking habits? How much they think others are drinking
40 Low income is a risk factor for 'catastrophic' amputation after knee joint replacement
41 Responding to extremist attacks: For Muslim leaders, 'It's damned if you do, damned if you don't'
42 Hospital study shows in just a decade, proportion of pregnant women with obesity has doubled
43 Gender impacts brain activity in alcoholics
44 MUSC psychologists release results of survey of 'Maria generation' kids
45 Chatterbox parents may boost tots' intelligence
46 Sleep and exercise affect new moms differently than new dads
47 Breaking open the gates of antibiotic resistance
48 Study shows high phenolic acid intake--associated with a healthy diet--is associated with reduced breast cancer risk
49 A third of type one diabetes is misdiagnosed in the over 30s
50 Too much smiling in a sales pitch could kill the deal
51 Chronic disruptions to circadian rhythms promote tumor growth, reduce efficacy of therapy
52 Almost half of World Heritage sites could lose their glaciers by 2100
53 Twelve-year follow-up after peptide receptor radionuclide therapy
54 Children with high BMI who don't become obese adults do not appear to be at increased risk of type 2 diabetes
55 Chloride-channel in muscle cells provides new insights for muscle diseases
56 Do 'microglia' hold the key to stop Alzheimer's disease?
57 Human ancestors were 'grounded,' new analysis shows
58 How scratching may prime children with eczema for food allergy and anaphylaxis
59 New research to explore technology needed for peer-to-peer 'free trade' in excess energy
60 When a 'she' becomes an 'it'
61 New research offers insight into the proteins in the brain that detect cannabis
62 Keeping fit is more than physical: It's a state of mind
63 Obese children over a third more likely to require a hospital emergency department visit
64 International study suggests that eating more rice could be protective against obesity
65 Samara scientists discovered a new path for the synthesis of helical molecules--helicenes
66 Study shows that controlling or 'wiping out' obesity and excess weight could avoid substantial numbers of premature deaths
67 Innovative treatment restores sight in patient
68 Middle Pleistocene human skull reveals variation and continuity in early Asian humans
69 Relationship between root microbiome and nitrogen use efficiency revealed in rice
70 New study finds river wildlife contain cocaine, pharmaceuticals and pesticides
71 Scientists develop stereodefined N and S atom-codoped graphdiyne for oxygen evolution
72 Tracking small things in cells
73 Anti-stress brain chemical is related to PTSD resilience after trauma
74 New giant virus may help scientists better understand the emergence of complex life
75 Researchers design a strategy to make graphene luminescent
76 Deadly box jellyfish antidote discovered using CRISPR genome editing
77 Put down the protein shake: Variety of protein better for health
78 Nanomaterials mimicking natural enzymes with superior catalytic activity and selectivity
79 Out-of-pocket costs for neurologic medications rise sharply over 12 years
80 Changes in the metabolism of normal cells promotes the metastasis of ovarian cancer cells
81 Mouse studies show minimally invasive route can accurately administer drugs to brain
82 The mystery behind cleft palate and lips: Study shines a light on genetic factors
83 New research: Airbnb's impact on peak-season hotel pricing
84 Environmental pollutants could impact cellular signs of aging
85 Searching for lost WWII-era uranium cubes from Germany
86 Nuclear 'magic numbers' collapse beyond the doubly magic nickel 78
87 ASU researchers find water in samples from asteroid Itokawa
88 Narwhals have endured a million years with low genetic diversity, and they're thriving
89 New reading of Mesha Stele could have far-reaching consequences for biblical history
90 HER2 positive breast cancer: Treatment de-escalation needs to be personalized
91 Mental disorders more common in people who live alone
92 First examples of Iberian prehistoric 'imitation amber' beads at gravesites
93 Wolves more prosocial than pack dogs in touchscreen experiment
94 'Exotic' genes may improve cotton yield and quality
95 Study reveals link between starch digestion gene, gut bacteria
96 Scientists discover evolutionary link to modern-day sea echinoderms
97 Research on Reddit identifies opioid addiction self-treatment risks
98 Obstacles to overcome before operating fleets of drones becomes reality
99 Sculpting super-fast light pulses
100 What happens when schools go solar?
101 Researchers putting the brakes on lethal childhood cancer
102 Fifteen years of mosquito data implicate species most likely to transmit West Nile virus in Iowa
103 New study tracks perils of water polo head injuries
104 More than 100 years of data show Pennsylvania tick population shift
105 Localized efforts to save coral reefs won't be enough, study suggests
106 Emergency room patients' acuity levels not always considered when within wait time target
107 Forest fires accelerating snowmelt across western US, study finds
108 Chemical modifiers tag-team to regulate essential mechanism of life
109 Researchers find gene for urethral obstruction
110 Design flaws create security vulnerabilities for 'smart home' internet-of-things devices
111 Aging baby boomers push sky high incidence of shingles of the eye
112 Researchers crack the peanut genome