File Title
1 Fetal heart rate monitoring during labour in low-resource countries
2 New research offers insight into the proteins in the brain that detect cannabis
3 Study reveals how glial cells may play key epilepsy role
4 Keep pets away from gardens to prevent food-borne illness
5 Breast cancer diagnosis by AI now as good as human experts
6 Put down the protein shake: Variety of protein better for health
7 Merck 1Q net quadruples as cancer drug, vaccine sales soar
8 Watchful waiting reasonable for patients with diabetic macular edema and good vision
9 The new 'runner's high'? MJ users often mix weed, workouts
10 Anti-stress brain chemical is related to PTSD resilience after trauma
11 Four strategies to cope with a food craving
12 How to tame morning chaos
13 A third of type 1 diabetes is misdiagnosed in the over 30s
14 Innovative treatment restores sight in patient
15 Food packaging claims mislead consumers with ideas of health
16 What predicts college students' drinking habits? How much they think others are drinking.
17 Oral contraceptives may protect against serious knee injuries in women
18 Antibiotics may treat endometriosis
19 Ghana becomes second country to launch vital malaria vaccine
20 Alzheimer's in minibrains
21 'Seeing the light' behind radiation therapy
22 Nuclear medicine therapy shows long-term effectiveness for malignant neuroendocrine tumors
23 Just 16 minutes of sleep loss can harm work concentration the next day
24 New screening approach helps identify sources of rare genetic diseases in children
25 Fat cell discovery could help combat obesity-related health issues
26 Sleep and exercise affect new moms differently than new dads
27 Lines blurring between human herpes simplex viruses
28 Study: Health care providers split on who should prescribe HIV prevention drug
29 Can the effects of the ketogenic diet help prevent epilepsy after traumatic brain injury?
30 When is Alzheimer's not Alzheimer's? Researchers characterize a different form of dementia
31 Gender impacts brain activity in alcoholics
32 Chatterbox parents may boost tots' intelligence
33 New York City bans alcohol ads on city property
34 First human germline gene editing was deeply flawed science, Chinese experts argue
35 Designer drugs to inhibit hepatitis A virus
36 Circadian rhythm disruption tips the cell-cycle balance toward tumor growth
37 What can be done to prevent another CRISPR crisis?
38 Pregnancy shifts the daily schedule forward
39 Brain signaling proteins hit the road running
40 Diabetes drug could help smokers kick the habit
41 Keto diet has potential in military, researchers say
42 French cheese recalled in Germany over E.coli scare
43 Patients find video primary care visits convenient
44 FDA puts tough warning label on ambien, lunesta, other sleep aids
45 Number of UK adults on low incomes who face hunger has likely almost doubled since 2004
46 Fear of 'being seen' may be hindering teen online access to accurate sexual health info
47 New urine tests for bladder cancer may improve patient outcomes; reduce procedures, costs
48 Quitting smoking is associated with reduced risk of bladder cancer in postmenopausal women
49 Suicide attempts by self-poisoning have more than doubled in teens, young adults
50 Study shows that controlling or 'wiping out' obesity, excess weight could avoid substantial numbers of premature deaths
51 Children with high BMI who don't become obese adults do not appear to be at increased risk of type 2 diabetes
52 Hospital study shows in just a decade, proportion of pregnant women with obesity has doubled
53 Study shows high phenolic acid intake--associated with a healthy diet--is associated with reduced breast cancer risk
54 Obese children over a third more likely to require a hospital emergency department visit
55 Rheumatoid arthritis patients affected by disabilities well in advance of diagnosis
56 International study suggests that eating more rice could be protective against obesity
57 Sex drug 'effective' as heart failure treatment
58 Chloride channel in muscle cells provides new insights for muscle diseases
59 Right combination of diet and bacteria limits cancer progression
60 A newly identified mechanism can be targeted to boost angiogenesis
61 Changing climate may affect animal-to-human disease transfer
62 Daily folic acid supplement may reduce risk of gestational diabetes
63 Injectable 'chemo gel' is possible alternative to abdominal rinses in abdominal cancer
64 Here's how cancer hijacks wound healing to create its own blood supply
65 The impact of exercise and sleep on depression varies by gender
66 The body according to Leonardo da Vinci
67 Researchers publish study on the flexibility of sensory perception
68 Have you gone vegan? Keep an eye on these 4 nutrients
69 The answer to opioid crisis? Researcher will soon test his non-addictive pain drug
70 A celebration salad fit for a queen or king
71 Clowning around is good for brain health
72 Can you wake up after decades in a coma? The story behind the headlines
73 Why some doctors are prescribing a day in the park or a walk on the beach for good health
74 Brain over body: Hacking the stress system to let your psychology influence your physiology
75 Lure of the 'loot box' looks a lot like gambling
76 Brain mapping: New technique reveals how information is processed
77 Patients with diabetes are 40 percent more likely to be readmitted to the hospital
78 Poor, crowded cities lack access to opioid reversal drug, study finds
79 Restoring brain function in mice with symptoms of Alzheimer's disease
80 US $244 billion lost annually because people don't have spectacles to correct myopia
81 Risk of metastatic cancer increases in those who have diabetes
82 Researchers identify 20 novel gene associations with bipolar disorder
83 How both mother and baby genes affect birth weight
84 The GPS of neurons now better understood
85 Adverse events during first years of life may have greatest effect on future mental health
86 ASTRO and AUA update joint clinical guidance for radiation therapy after prostatectomy
87 Researchers discover genetic defect causing intellectual disability
88 Dogs reduce distress of patients waiting for emergency hospital care
89 Study of teens with eating disorders compares substance users and non-users
90 Researchers discover novel cancer pathway, opening new treatment options
91 Scientists identify genes tied to increased risk of ovarian cancer
92 A stroke slowed Olympic legend Michael Johnson, but F.A.S.T. response sped his recovery
93 FDA approves mavyret for children, adolescents with hep C
94 Researchers find new target to improve response to cancer immunotherapy
95 A comprehensive map of how Alzheimer's affects the brain
96 How live recordings of neural electricity could revolutionize how we see the brain
97 Mouse studies show minimally invasive route can accurately administer drugs to brain
98 Team describes the 'energy engine' of a protein that mediates key processes in cancer cells
99 The mystery behind cleft palate and lips: Study shines a light on genetic factors
100 Mental disorders more common in people who live alone
101 Alzheimer's disease is a 'double-prion disorder,' study shows
102 California growth rate slows as 2020 census looms
103 Experimental drug shows promise for genetic form of ALS
104 Walnuts may help lower blood pressure for those at risk of heart disease
105 Researchers examine how our brain generates consciousness--and loses it
106 What couples considering IVF need to know
107 Treatments targeting social behavior hormone show promise with autism
108 'Buzzing' in ear alerted boy to very unwelcome visitor
109 Access to medical cannabis must be improved, argue top doctor and mother of Alfie Dingley
110 Medical costs create hardships for more than half of Americans
111 Removal of gene prevents development of pancreatic cancer in mice