File Title
1 Blood cancer's Achilles' heel opens door for new treatments
2 Researchers discover how eating feeds into the body clock
3 Fishing for cures: New zebrafish model identifies drugs that kill pediatric cancer cells
4 '13 Reasons Why' and young adults' risk of suicide
5 Vascular surgery after firearm injury associated with increased morbidity and mortality
6 New genetic test detects hundreds of harmful mutations among high-risk groups
7 Poll: Many blame drug firms for opioid crisis
8 Antibiotics: How much is too much?
9 Evidence of heart injury in 'healthy' people may lead to more effective treatment
10 Video game violence and family resilience
11 Haunted by the past: Insomniacs unable to get emotional distress off their mind
12 Think you should slow down as you get older? Think again
13 Personalities are like traditions--unique patterns of behaviour that build over a lifetime of improvisation
14 Study in mice uncovers an unknown pathway for breast cancer tumors to recur
15 Quebec siblings with rare orphan disease lead to discovery of rare genetic diseases
16 Conflicting laws may keep contaminated needles in circulation, add to hep-C cases
17 Low awareness of hypertension and diabetes in China elderly causing public health concerns
18 Ginger: A flavorful and healing root
19 Rekindling your sex life after a heart attack
20 Salmonella outbreak tied to pre-cut melons expands to more than 100 cases
21 Striving for happiness could be making you unhappy--here's how to find your own path
22 As U.S. measles cases hit new high, experts warn the disease can be deadly
23 Naproxen sodium does not slow presymptomatic Alzheimer's disease
24 Dengue research in the Philippines evolving over time
25 Injections, exercise promote muscle regrowth after atrophy in mice, study finds
26 Dentists can be the first line of defense against domestic violence
27 It's OK to indulge once in a while: The body adapts to occasional short-term overeating
28 Two birds, one stone: Drug combo may prove effective against second type of leukemia
29 Working to advance radiation therapy for children with cancer
30 The glass half-full: How optimism can bias prognosis in serious illness
31 Food poisoning remains persistent problem, US report finds
32 One in nine U.S. women drink during pregnancy, and numbers are rising
33 Researchers verify new method of HIV transmission among injection drug users and effective prevention technique
34 Researchers reveal key to targeting dormant cancer cells
35 Following a healthy plant-based diet may lower kidney disease risk
36 Over 1,000 quarantined in measles scare at LA universities (Update)
37 Lung cancer under-recognized in people who have never smoked
38 Peanut allergy oral immunotherapy increases allergic reactions, compared with avoidance or placebo
39 Early, hormone-driven breast cancer is less likely to recur if treated with radiotherapy
40 Global malaria spending $2 billion short of WHO target, stifling progress
41 Quality improvement in emergency surgery shows no difference in patient survival
42 Veterans suffer from 'culture shock' when returning to university
43 Another victim of violence: Trust in those who mean no harm
44 Brain's support network may play key role in attention deficit, hyperactivity behaviors
45 Parents learn skills to encourage healthier diet in children, without leaving the dinner table
46 Multitasking with perfection: Nerve cell works like 1400 individual cells
47 How cortisol affects exposure therapy for anxiety disorders
48 First major study of proteins in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
49 Individual nutrition shows benefits in hospital patients
50 Parents and 'smart crib' can soothe baby with sensory stimuli
51 Structure and degradation of circular RNAs regulate PKR activation in innate immunity
52 A new window into macaque brain connections
53 No safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy, suggest researchers
54 Three new classes of obesity-related adipocyte progenitor cells identified
55 Detailed map of lung immune response in TB
56 Trigger region found for absence epileptic seizures
57 A smart watch for lymphoedema management
58 Doctors face a dilemma when seeking mental health assistance for themselves
59 Team finds ketamine alleviates acute pain during ambulance rides
60 New guide to help manage anxiety in autism
61 Gonorrhoea cases on the rise across Europe
62 Artemisinins still our best weapon against malaria, say experts
63 Asthma varies with gender and age
64 Study pinpoints what causes relapse after cancer immunotherapy
65 Study: Intense exercise may reduce entrepreneurs' stress, increase job satisfaction
66 Association between high blood PCB levels and premature death
67 Common oral infections in childhood may increase the risk of atherosclerosis in adulthood
68 Researchers find significant delays in West Nile virus reporting
69 How to combine 'leg day' with running
70 Think you're allergic to penicillin? There's a good chance you're wrong
71 University of Maryland first to use unmanned aircraft to deliver kidney for transplant
72 Awakening from decades-long coma 'very rare': experts
73 Got unused meds? Saturday is national drug take back day
74 How to make a powerhouse smoothie
75 Telerehabilitation aids function, pain with advanced cancer
76 Why kids should play more than one sport
77 Pain during sex? Incontinence or constipation? You might benefit from pelvic floor physiotherapy
78 Dapagliflozin improves glucose outcomes in type 1 diabetes
79 Children with ADHD may have higher risk for poor diet
80 A spoonful of peppermint helps the meal go down
81 When premenstrual syndrome becomes debilitating
82 Researchers find tissue environment plays important role in tumor formation
83 'I got there first!' How your subjective experience of time makes you think you did--even when you didn't
84 Antibiotics: beneficial side effects are starting to come to light
85 'Lock-'n'-block' drug may prevent cancer from metastasizing
86 TET proteins regulate factors essential for normal antibody production
87 Feel like time is flying? Here's how to slow it down
88 Gene repair improves memory and seizures in adult autism model
89 Study to examine impact of therapy animals on children with cancer
90 Some children find it harder to understand what strangers are saying
91 In first for EU, anti-skin cancer drug approved
92 HPV vaccine coverage is far behind other infant vaccines in many US states
93 New research examines the evolution of the firearm epidemic in the US
94 New study examines geographic differences in fatal pediatric opioid poisonings
95 In HIE, lower heart rate variability signals stressed newborns
96 New research reviews the state of vaccine safety science
97 Pediatricians and nurse practitioners report using strategies to improve HPV vaccination
98 New study aims to improve outcomes for pregnancies impacted by opioid use disorder
99 New study aims to understand opioid fill patterns in children
100 Large genome-wide association study is first to focus on both child and adult asthma
101 Survey of pediatricians and family physicians assesses HPV vaccine delivery practices
102 New research examines barriers to vaccination in immunocompromised children
103 New research examines association between gun access and adolescent health
104 Parents of older, healthier newborns with less social support less resilient
105 Breastfeeding boosts metabolites important for brain growth
106 New study measures the impact of text message reminders on HPV vaccine series completion
107 Early lipids boost brain growth for vulnerable micro-preemies
108 Firearm injuries disproportionately affect African-American kids in DC Wards 7 and 8
109 Placental function linked to brain injuries associated with autism
110 New AAP PROS study assesses influenza vaccine hesitancy among caregivers of children
111 Eat, sleep and console tool decreases length of stay and post natal use of opiates