File Title
1 A simple nudge leads low-income immigrants to apply for citizenship
2 Need for social skills helped shape modern human face
3 Study: Aegean farmers replaced hunters of ancient Britain
4 Successful research papers cite young references
5 Research explores ways to bridge gaps in science communication
6 Megalith tombs were family graves in European Stone Age
7 Same-sex marriage legalization associated with reduced anti-gay bias in the US
8 New study finds simple way to inoculate teens against junk food marketing
9 Time is money, especially when it comes to giving
10 Commuter spouses have a lot to teach us about the 'stickiness' of traditional marriage
11 'Lovely' and 'scientific'--Medical student evaluations differ by gender and minority status
12 Shocking economics
13 No evidence 'hardened' schools are safe from gun violence
14 Homeschooled children are far more socially engaged than you might think
15 Long-term study shows gender-based abortions lead to skewed gender population numbers
16 Marijuana legalization--a rare issue where women are more conservative than men
17 How partisan politics could take a bite out of your wallet
18 What it means to 'know your audience' when communicating about science
19 Challenging the conventional wisdom about the Canadian electorate
20 Survey jointly commissioned by SPIE and OSA assesses level of harassment at scientific meetings
21 Rebuilding Notre Dame will be long, fraught and expensive
22 Lower approval rates evidence of discrimination for same-sex borrowers
23 At last, acknowledging royal women's political power
24 Want black women students to stay in STEM? Help them find role models who look like them
25 Logical reasoning: An antidote or a poison for political disagreement?
26 Breaking Bad: Japan prof 'made students produce ecstasy'
27 On American hard drives, a precise 3-D model of Notre-Dame
28 Bare-faced cheat: Women 'better at hiding infidelity'
29 How fake news gets into our minds, and what you can do to resist it
30 Men often use homophobic tweets to protect masculinity, study finds (article contains offensive language)
31 Political fake news: They might be a liar but they're my liar
32 Couples thrive in relationship quality and stability when both partners are involved in financial processes
33 Asian elephant outlives stegodon--advantage due to diverse diet
34 Funerary customs, diet, and social behavior in a pre-Roman Italian Celtic community
35 Meet Gobihadros, a new species of Mongolian hadrosaur
36 Switch from hunting to herding recorded in ancient pee
37 Entrepreneurs emerge as a force in Europe's refugee emergency
38 Study shows female managers don't mean higher pay for women
39 Fossils found in museum drawer in Kenya belong to gigantic carnivore
40 Scientists unearth 220 million-year-old dinosaur fossils in Argentina
41 The secret to a stable society? A steady supply of beer doesn't hurt
42 Not now, not ever: Working with domestic violence
43 New study shows people used natural dyes to color their clothing thousands of years ago
44 Maori loanwords in NZ English are less about meaning, more about identity
45 Lab-to-market study explores success
46 New study finds family violence is often poorly understood in faith communities
47 Researchers hunt for 17th century 'witch bottles'
48 A history of the Crusades, as told by crusaders' DNA
49 How to hack your deadline: Admit it's uncertain
50 Firms are better off revealing their environmental practices, new research shows
51 How superstitions spread
52 IPOs help communities prosper, new research shows
53 Four questions with 'Game of Thrones' expert Lisa Woolfork
54 Airbnb's explosive growth jolts hotel industry's bottom line
55 Notre Dame: the public and private lives of France's spiritual home
56 Weapons trade reveals a darker side to dark web
57 Daily grind: The biography of a stone axe
58 Why mass shootings don't lead to gun control
59 War games shed light on real-world strategies
60 Bringing the border closer to home, one immersion trip at a time
61 Mesopotamian King Sargon II envisioned ancient city Karkemish as western Assyrian capital
62 The role of digital technologies in mobilizing the alt-right
63 Will design-thinking strategies benefit students after class is dismissed?
64 What cute dogs can teach us about democracy
65 Study: Paternity leave for disadvantaged father results in strong family relationships
66 Minecraft can increase problem solving, collaboration and learning--yes, at school
67 How 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' inspired the cathedral's 19th-century revival
68 Five things to consider before you hire a tutor for your child
69 'You're unallocated!' and other BS companies use to obscure reality
70 The stone faces and human problems on Easter Island
71 Was the restaurant really that bad--or was it just the rain?
72 Better labor practices could improve archaeological output
73 Researchers outline how humans reduce uncertainty in social situations
74 Subtler forms of harassment erode women's feelings of legitimacy in physics
75 Rurality, social identity is driving polarization in Iowa
76 Colder temperatures foster greater microbial diversity on amphibian skin
77 US zoo to return beloved giant pandas to China
78 New report identifies how to supercharge agriculture science in the US
79 Jury begins deliberations in Roundup trial phase 2
80 Duckweed: The low-down on a tiny plant
81 BridgIT, a new tool for orphan and novel enzyme reactions
82 Researchers study corvid speciation in restricted zone where crow hybrids thrive
83 Male crickets use female scent to rate fertility prospects
84 Urban biodiversity to lower chronic disease
85 How nerve cells control misfolded proteins
86 Rice cultivation: Balance of phosphorus and nitrogen determines growth and yield
87 Astronaut trainees discover new crustacean species in cave training course
88 Banning exotic leather in fashion hurts snakes and crocodiles in the long run
89 Record-breaking gene edit disables 13,200 LINE-1 Transposons in a single cell
90 Why the feds should protect Midwest wolves from slaughter
91 Indonesia foils illegal Facebook sale of komodo dragons
92 Microorganisms are the main emitters of carbon in Amazonian waters
93 How light from street lamps and trees influence the activity of urban bats
94 Coffee for the birds
95 After spending winter in a fridge, Minsk bats return to the wild
96 Critically endangered birds still alive on King Island
97 The life and death of a 'city of worms'
98 Insect species that prefer crops prosper while majority decline
99 Interest in RNA editing heats up
100 Old for new, using ancient genetic variation to supercharge wheat
101 Researchers decipher and codify the universal language of honey bees
102 High-speed videos capture how kangaroo rat escapes rattlesnake attack
103 Researchers beginning to uncover the mystery of hagfish's zombie hearts
104 Laborer, doorkeeper, future queen: Neurobiology in turtle ants reflects division of labor
105 Mount Kilimanjaro: Ecosystems in global change
106 Historical trade of tortoiseshell reveals origins of modern wildlife trafficking networks
107 New bird species discovered
108 Study identifies 'master pacemaker' for biological clocks
109 Study confirms and ranks nursery value of coastal habitats
110 Offspring of older mothers are more responsive to aging interventions, study finds