File Title
1 Heart failure hospitalizations spike when flu season peaks
2 Fewer reproductive years in women linked to an increased risk of dementia
3 Fulvestrant plus anastrozole extends lives of women with advanced HR+ breast cancer
4 Gene transfer improves diabetes-linked heart ailment
5 Lurie Children's offers kids virtual escape from intensive care unit
6 Rural America needs more headache specialists, researcher says
7 Raising smoking age to 21 passes Washington Legislature
8 Increase the legal purchase age to reduce smoking rates in young people, urges expert
9 Consider non-surgical brain stimulation for severe depression, say experts
10 Stop the exploitation of migrant agricultural workers across Italy: doctors
11 Many NHS partnerships with drug companies are out of public sight
12 Abandon the term 'second victim' say families of patients who died after medical errors
13 New study calculates alcohol cancer risk in cigarette equivalents to help communicate risk
14 Legal, but...abortion access under threat in Catholic Croatia
15 Health worker mistrust worsening DR Congo Ebola outbreak: study
16 Woman with novel gene mutation lives almost pain-free
17 Virtual reality could be used to treat autism
18 Poor oral health may increase the risk of pancreatic cancer among African American women
19 Seismic safety upgrades may cost CA hospitals billions
20 Rejuvenation of aging cells helps to cure osteoarthritis through gene therapy
21 Lab-grown blood vessels could be big medical advance
22 Living near green space boosts teenagers' mental health, study finds
23 Poor nutrition can lead to sight loss in later life, according to study
24 What happens to claim-prone physicians?
25 Parents should monitor their child's weight from the age of two
26 An unexpected pathway to treating neurodegenerative diseases
27 Researchers find link between locus of control in adolescents and use of tobacco and alcohol
28 Glaucoma: Vision's silent killer
29 Facing sleep apnoea
30 A shorter reproductive window in women linked to increased dementia risk
31 New medication gives aging mice bigger muscles
32 Human protein produced in CHO-cells can save donor blood
33 Historic pay equity settlement for NZ care workers delivers mixed results
34 How challenging masculine stereotypes is good for men
35 Researchers find targeting rare form of cystic fibrosis earlier prevents organ damage in ferrets
36 Therapy adherence for inflammatory bowel disease lower in the educated
37 How to build a healthier burger with mushrooms
38 The keys to perfect lunges and squats
39 US performs first kidney transplant from living donor with HIV
40 Can short-term stress make the body and mind more resilient?
41 Tracking the flow of thoughts using ultrafast ultrasound
42 Sexual satisfaction among older people about more than just health
43 Study: Many in Ebola outbreak don't believe virus is real
44 Development of a technology to produce dorsal cortical neurons
45 Drug-resistant tuberculosis: A new study offers new hope
46 Using laser light to study how epilepsy arises in the healthy brain
47 New app helps young people with arthritis communicate
48 New therapy approach points to potential treatment of liver cancer patients with hepatitis B virus infection
49 Maternal diet during pregnancy may modulate the risk of ADHD symptoms in children
50 Digital health must be reimbursed to cope with chronic disease
51 The surprising (and long) story of the first use of ether in surgery
52 Testosterone discovery may explain low levels in men with diabetes
53 Donor muscle training before transplantation expedites rehabilitation process in patients
54 What is the best sense? Scientists are still battling it out
55 New mathematical model could be key to designing effective therapies for brain disorders
56 Study to examine how sex hormones affect teenage girls' emotions
57 Robot an effective pain management tool for premature babies
58 New York sues billionaire family behind maker of OxyContin
59 New guidelines produced to help parents ensure safe use of social media among children
60 The hygiene hypothesis is out of date and is undermining public health
61 How people manage their intake of tempting foods
62 Crime scene schizophrenia--30 genes under suspicion
63 In mice, single population of stem cells contributes to lifelong hippocampal neurogenesis
64 Researchers identify a new gene involved in the development of a rare endocrine tumor
65 Stabilizing ends of chromosomes could treat age-related disease
66 Arbitrary categories improve visual learning transfer, study finds
67 Scientists find brain mechanism that naturally combats overeating
68 Pediatric cell atlas will map single-cell changes for a deeper view of child health and disease
69 When medical workers behave badly during disease outbreaks, everyone suffers
70 Alzheimer's disease: have we got the cause all wrong?
71 Obesity and alcohol responsible for nearly 30,000 cases of breast cancers in the next decade
72 Why measles matters
73 Vitamin C can shorten the length of stay in the ICU
74 Consumers view nutrition and health claims differently than regulators
75 Scandinavia may not be the happiest place on Earth after all
76 Biologists find a way to boost intestinal stem cell populations
77 Most precise measurements of sickle cell disease building blocks could lead to new treatments
78 WHO guidelines fail to detect half of chronic hepatitis B patients in Ethiopia needing treatment
79 Surgical implications of rising heroin abuse
80 Improving equity in global physician training
81 For some people, attractive wives and high status husbands enhance marital quality
82 Promising new drugs for old pathogen Mtb [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
83 Biomedical engineers grow cardiac patches to help people recover from heart attacks
84 Novel study links fetal exposure to nicotine and sudden infant death syndrome
85 New study confirms EpCAM as promising target for cancer immunotherapy
86 Researchers discover a critical receptor involved in response to antidepressants like ketamine
87 Scientists tie walnuts to gene expressions related to breast cancer
88 Computational analysis of epigenetic patterns facilitates diagnosis of unknown hereditary disorders
89 Researchers target metastasis in fight against cancer
90 'Moving target' breast cancer cells revealed by new imaging technique
91 Cholera cases rise to 139 as Mozambique prepares mass vaccinations
92 Cellphone apps fight Africa's sexual taboos
93 Changes in onset of spring linked to more allergies across the US
94 Grid cells create 'treasure map' in rat brain
95 'Free lunch' warps inner spatial map in rat brains and, by implication, human brains
96 Harnessing T-cell 'stemness' could enhance cancer immunotherapy
97 Bacteria partners with virus to cause chronic wounds, study finds
98 Copycat fungus deceives immune system and deactivates body's response to infection
99 One billion people will be newly exposed to diseases like dengue fever as world temperatures rise
100 Just seeing reminders of coffee can stimulate the brain, study reveals
101 Liquid meal replacements contributed to greater weight loss than low-calorie diets: review
102 Mayo mindfulness: Can sharing kindness help your health?
103 'Even one cigarette' in pregnancy can raise risk of babies' death, Seattle Children's and Microsoft find
104 Cancer prevention drug also disables H. pylori bacterium
105 Running upright: The minuscule movements that keep us from falling
106 New Yorkers brace for self-cloning Asian longhorned tick
107 A bad bout of flu triggers 'taste bud cells' to grow in the lungs
108 Researchers optimize gene editing for SCD and beta thalassemia
109 Dissecting dengue: Innovative model sheds light on confounding immune response
110 Research provides framework for developing Ebola virus therapeutic under animal rule
111 Screening for colorectal cancer at 45 would avert deaths, but testing older adults would do more
112 Novel brain map tracks early brain atrophy from HIV infection
113 Jatenzo approved for men with low testosterone