File Title
1 The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Low levels of public trust during violent conflict may have thwarted attempts to control Ebola
2 Cities under pressure
3 Stop the exploitation of migrant agricultural workers across Italy
4 Abandon the term 'second victim' say families of patients who died after medical errors
5 Increase the legal purchase age to reduce smoking rates in young people, urges expert
6 Consider non-surgical brain stimulation for severe depression, say experts
7 EU consumption results in high carbon emissions from tropical deforestation, studies show
8 Many NHS partnerships with drug companies are out of public sight
9 Artificial intelligence can improve X-ray identification of pacemakers in emergencies
10 Mount Kilimanjaro: Ecosystems in global change
11 Computer program predicts risk of deadly irregular heart beats
12 Rivers raged on Mars late into its history
13 The salt-craving neurons
14 Stanford autonomous car learns to handle unknown conditions
15 Study: To keep leftover opioids out of harm's way, give surgery patients disposal bags
16 Had enough water? Brain's thirst centers make a gut check
17 Dissolving the gordian knot
18 Artificial intelligence can predict premature death, study finds
19 Pairing music with medication offers potential therapeutic strategy to manage pain
20 Fulvestrant plus anastrozole extends lives of women with advanced HR+ breast cancer
21 New muscular disease: Myoglobinopathy
22 Fewer reproductive years in women linked to an increased risk of dementia
23 Self-sustaining, bioengineered blood vessels could replace damaged vessels in patients
24 How light from street lamps and trees influence the activity of urban bats
25 New study calculates alcohol cancer risk in cigarette equivalents to help communicate risk
26 Development of a technology to produce dorsal cortical neurons
27 2019 Global Food Policy Report: Crises in rural areas threatens progress in hunger and poverty reduction
28 Southern Europeans, non-Europeans less likely to have matched stem cell donors
29 Colder temperatures foster greater microbial diversity on amphibian skin
30 Patients say lack of physician guidance and fear of side effects are why they don't take statins as prescribed
31 Using smartphones and laptops to simulate deadly heart arrhythmias
32 Wastewater reveals the levels of antibiotic resistance in a region
33 Are no-fun fungi keeping fertilizer from plants?
34 Social media has remarkably small impact on Americans' beliefs
35 What is gender equality in science? Common solutions may not be solving the problem
36 3D printer threads electronic fibers onto fabrics
37 Laborer, doorkeeper, future queen: Neurobiology in turtle ants reflects division of labor
38 Putting the science in science communication
39 Pressure makes best cooling
40 Historical trade of tortoiseshell reveals origins of modern wildlife trafficking networks
41 Cringeworthy politics: Trump sparks 'embarrassment' spikes on Twitter
42 How to free the trapped radicals from the carboxyl?
43 Fungal disease threatens hundreds of amphibian species worldwide
44 Introducing a kinder, gentler way to blow holes in cells
45 Home-based tools can help assess dementia risk and progression
46 Cornell model helps dairy farms reduce nitrogen, save money
47 University of Hawaii team records self-destructing asteroid
48 New way of designing systems against correlated disruptions uses negative probability
49 Dissecting dengue: Innovative model sheds light on confounding immune response
50 New Yorkers brace for self-cloning Asian longhorned tick
51 Running upright: The minuscule movements that keep us from falling
52 How to make self-driving cars safer on roads
53 ORNL investigates complex uranium oxides with help from CADES resources
54 Researchers at Dana-Farber/Boston Children's optimize gene editing for SCD and beta thalassemia
55 Scientists discover potential sustainable energy technology for the household refrigerator
56 Dark matter experiment finds no evidence of axions
57 3D printed tissues may keep athletes in action
58 Winds of change...Solar variability weakens the Walker cell
59 Cancer prevention drug also disables H. pylori bacterium
60 A bad bout of flu triggers 'taste bud cells' to grow in the lungs
61 Fungus has decimated the populations of 501 amphibian species worldwide
62 Decision makers need contextual interactive guidance
63 Illinois study identifies a key to soybean cyst nematode growth
64 Scientists reveal largest Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton
65 Caffeine on the mind? Just seeing reminders of coffee can stimulate our brain
66 Novel study links fetal exposure to nicotine and sudden infant death syndrome
67 Nanovaccine boosts immunity in sufferers of metabolic syndrome
68 Novel insights into soil biodiversity, Earth's global engine
69 Wood ash recycling program could help save Muskoka's forests and lakes
70 Changes in onset of spring linked to more allergies across the US
71 Sea anemones are ingesting plastic microfibers
72 Research leads to new molecular diagnostic tool
73 Researchers target metastasis in fight against cancer
74 Feather mites may help clean birds' plumage, study shows
75 Tiny optical elements could one day replace traditional refractive lenses
77 Scientists tie walnuts to gene expressions related to breast cancer
78 Five new frog species from Madagascar
79 Shrimp claw inspires new method of underwater plasma generation
80 Allergic reactions play role in sexual behavior development in unborn males/females
81 Biomedical engineers grow cardiac patches to help people recover from heart attacks
82 UAlberta leads urgent call for sample rocks from Mars
83 Hubble captures rare active asteroid
84 Most precise measurements of sickle cell disease building blocks could lead to new treatments
85 Researchers discover a critical receptor involved in response to antidepressants like ketamine
86 New approach could boost energy capacity of lithium batteries
87 Hubble watches spun-up asteroid coming apart
88 Biologists find a way to boost intestinal stem cell populations
89 Ferromagnetic nanoparticle systems show promise for ultrahigh-speed spintronics
90 Illuminating water filtration
91 A ventilation system proves effective at reducing hospital infections
92 Promising new drugs for old pathogen Mtb
93 In ancient oceans that resembled our own, oxygen loss triggered mass extinction
94 Same microbe, different effect
95 Improving equity in global physician training
96 Fur discoveries in Iron Age graves testify to respect for animals
97 What 'Big Data' reveals about the diversity of species
98 For some people, attractive wives and high status husbands enhance marital quality
99 New technique reduces time-lag between component manufacture and checking precision on CMM
100 Consumers view nutrition and health claims differently than regulators
101 A new class of branched single chain surfactant for enhanced oil recovery reported
102 KIT expert comments on current topic: Trade war imperils Amazon rainforest
103 New mathematical model could be key to designing effective therapies for brain disorders
104 Reducing water consumption in mining
105 Anions and cations in dual-ion batteries act like cowherd and weaver girl
106 Breast cancer: The promises of old recipes
107 Record efficiency for perovskite-based light-emitting diodes
108 Digital health must be reimbursed to cope with chronic disease
109 Sexual satisfaction among older people about more than just health
110 Knowledge gap closed in our understanding of degradation of ethane