File Title
1 Debt relief improves psychological and cognitive function, enabling better decision-making
2 Ultra-sharp images make old stars look absolutely marvelous!
3 Contraceptive jewelry could offer a new family planning approach
4 Wagers winter plants make to survive
5 More children could mean higher risk of heart disease
6 Discovery of life-extension pathway in worms demonstrates new way to study aging
7 New computational tool harnesses big data, deep learning to reveal dark matter of the transcriptome
8 Study suggests trees are crucial to the future of our cities
9 The largest delta plain in Earth's history
10 New virtual reality tool allows you to see the world through the eyes of a tiny primate
11 UMD-Led researchers' wood-based technology creates electricity from heat
12 Restoring this enzyme's function protects against heart disease in lupus and beyond
13 Replacing sitting time with physical activity associated with lower risk of death
14 Matter waves and quantum splinters
15 Model learns how individual amino acids determine protein function
16 Abused kids use text-based services to seek help, study shows
17 The stroke care paradox: Close-knit social networks increase delays in hospital arrival
18 The most aggressive spider societies are not always the ones that flourish
19 Crisis management: When your celebrity advertising endorser generates negative publicity
20 Tepper School research identifies new e-reader pricing strategy
21 Study suggests how, when to support military couples after homecoming
22 Spotting hacks automatically, before the hackers do
23 House hunting for hellbenders
24 The struggle for life in the Dead Sea sediments: Necrophagy as a survival mechanism
25 New cellulose-based material gives three sensors in one
26 Listening to the quantum vacuum
27 OU study finds climate warming accelerates tallgrass prairie bioiversity
28 Race at the edge of the Sun: Ions are faster than atoms
29 Peer relations linked to smoking behavior in vocational students
30 New paper on the phylogeny of the Brassicaceae
31 Traffic control of cells
32 Chinese famine and the Type 2 diabetes epidemic: Challenges of connecting the dots
33 Study: Chinese youth more hawkish than older generations
34 Study examines commercial hybrid-electric aircraft, reduced carbon emissions
35 Fossil barnacles, the original GPS, help track ancient whale migrations
36 Extremely accurate measurements of atom states for quantum computing
37 Removal of 'zombie cells' alleviates causes of diabetes in obese mice
38 Plant seed research provides basis for sustainable alternatives to chemical fertilizers
39 Study: Privacy concerns keep men from HIV testing, treatment
40 A key player in the maturation of sexual organs
41 Handshakes or contracts?
42 Scientists home in on microRNA processing for novel cancer therapies
43 Antarctic snowfall dominated by a few extreme snowstorms
44 A viable alternative to Medicare-for-all? We can and must do better!
45 Experts reveal that clouds have moderated warming triggered by climate change
46 Diabetes treatment may keep dementia, Alzheimer's at bay
47 Searching for disappeared anti-matter: A successful start to measurements with Belle II
48 MD Anderson study may explain why immunotherapy not effective for some patients with metastatic melanoma and kidney cancer
49 Hubble captures birth of giant storm on Neptune
50 Study explores why 'progressive teetotalers' may emerge from college engineering programs
51 A varied menu
52 In vivo data show effects of spaceflight microgravity on stem cells and tissue regeneration
53 Patient online consultation requests 'mirror' busiest surgery times
54 Bacterial population growth rate linked to how individual cells control their size
55 Hearing loss before 50 may mean higher risk of drug and alcohol issues
56 Study questions value of genetic risk scores
57 Surge in cannabis use among youth preceded legalization in Canada
58 Researchers reveal new molecular mechanism involved in pancreas repair
59 Women are 30 percent less likely to be considered for a hiring process than men
60 Mothers of fussy babies at higher risk of depressive symptoms
61 Measurement of thoughts during knowledge acquisition
62 Effective fear of heights treatment without a therapist using virtual reality
63 New insights into genetics of fly longevity
64 BU researchers discover therapeutic target of melanoma
65 Type 2 diabetes screening in community pharmacies could increase early diagnosis
66 LSU Health study reports continued PTSD in women exposed to deepwater horizon oil spill
67 Icy giant planets in the laboratory
68 Migrants are their country's best and brightest
69 New properties of perovskite solar cells
70 Groin and hips of hockey players examined in five-second test
71 GPs key in ensuring the new Faster Diagnosis Standard for Cancer is a success
72 The growth of a wheat weed can be predicted to reduce the use of herbicides
73 Widely used malaria treatment to prevent malaria in pregnant women
74 Scientists squeeze catalysts inside host materials like a ship into a bottle
75 SUTD researchers develop a hydrogel for enhanced cell encapsulation and delivery
76 A petrifying virus key to evolution
77 Drug diversity in bacteria
78 Cesarean deliveries in India: Too many and yet too few
79 ELSI scientist constructs artificial photosynthetic cells
80 Genetic variants may influence poststroke recovery
81 Can you 'catch' cancer?
82 Engineering cellular function without living cells
83 Inclusion of a crop model in a climate model to promote climate modeling
84 3D models reveal why bigger bumblebees see better
85 Optical toric code platform sets new record
86 The Forces behind South and Central China's Extremely Hot Summer
87 A fascinating phase transition: From one liquid state to another
88 Machine learning reveals rapid material classification
89 'Technoference': We're more tired & less productive because of our phones
90 Giving intravenous therapy to children at home is costly, lowers parents' quality of life
91 ANU scientists solve mystery shrouding oldest animal fossils
92 UBC researchers develop new heart valve aimed at high-risk patients
93 How tree diversity affects invasive forest pests
94 Elementary mathematics brings Star Trek's Holodeck closer to reality
95 Understanding gene interactions holds key to personalized medicine, scientists say
96 Deep time tracking devices: Fossil barnacles reveal prehistoric whale migrations
97 Many postmenopausal women do not receive treatment for osteoporosis
98 Brain stem cells age faster in MS patients
99 How watching TV and movies helps people with attachment issues
100 New angle of attack drives cellular HIV-reservoirs to self-destruction
101 Peptide shows promise for protecting kidneys from nephritis
102 New type of mobile tracking link shoppers' physical movements, buying choices
103 Overland migration of Arctic Terns revealed
104 Researchers unveil effects of dust particles on cloud properties
105 Aspirin to fight an expensive global killer infection
106 Attractive businesswomen viewed as less trustworthy 'femmes fatales'
107 Mount Sinai researchers identify over 400 genes associated with schizophrenia development
108 Discrimination, PTSD may lead to high preterm-birth rates among African-American women
109 New CRISPR-powered device detects genetic mutations in minutes
110 How tree diversity regulates invading forest pests