File Title
1 Cool Earth theory sheds more light on diamonds
2 'Aneurysm Number' may help surgeons make treatment decisions
3 Syracuse University physicist discovers new class of pentaquarks
4 Health risks associated with mixtures of man-made chemicals are underestimate
5 Future of elephants living in captivity hangs in the balance
6 Sometimes it's not good to be green
7 'Nightmarish' antlions' spiral digging techniques create effective and deadly traps
8 New 'pulsing' ultrasound technique improves drug delivery to brains of mice
9 Children develop PTSD when they 'overthink' their trauma
10 Mind melding: Understanding the connected, social brain
11 Scientists ID new metabolic target to prevent, treat heart failure at earliest stage
12 Study shows that patients with or without cancer use different forms of marijuana
13 Study finds people who feed birds impact conservation
14 Function decoded: Protein influences growth processes and hormonal signalling
15 Sweden leads the world in saving extremely preterm babies
16 Infertility's roots in DNA packaging
17 Protein 'spat out' by cancer cells promotes tumor growth
18 Probiotic bacteria evolve inside mice's GI tracts
19 HIV/tuberculosis co-infection: Tunneling towards better diagnosis
20 Mouse study examines the underpinnings of hallucinations
21 How to protect gymnasts from hazardous chemicals at gym facilities
22 NUP160 genetic mutation linked to steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome
23 'Scuba-diving' lizard can stay underwater for 16 minutes
24 Annovera birth control vaginal ring effectively prevents unwanted pregnancy, research finds
25 Parental support linked to how well millennials transition to college life
26 Virtual reality enables real-time, internal view of patient anatomy during treatment
27 Will cyborgs be made from melanin? Pigment breakthrough enables biocompatible electronics
28 Study finds no causal link between smoking and dementia
29 New approach for potential treatment of liver cancer patients with Hep B virus infection
30 Duke-NUS study: New technique shows promise for heart muscle regeneration
31 Simplified synthesis
32 Data flows from NASA's TESS Mission, leads to discovery of Saturn-sized planet
33 Gene transfer improves diabetes-linked heart ailment
34 Adhesive formed from bee spit and flower oil could form basis of new glues
35 Study shows arctic warming contributes to drought
36 New cryptic bird species discovered
37 Engineers craft the basic building block for electrospun nanofibers
38 Rural America needs more headache specialists, WVU researcher says
39 Offspring of older mothers are more responsive to aging interventions, study finds
40 Birds bug out over coffee
41 Study confirms and ranks nursery value of coastal habitats
42 U of T Mississauga study identifies 'master pacemaker' for biological clocks
43 Donor muscle training before transplantation expedites rehabilitation process in patients
44 Lurie Children's offers kids virtual escape from intensive care unit
45 Low-dose radiation therapy improves delivery of therapeutic nanoparticles to brain tumors
46 Kids store 1.5 megabytes of information to master their native language
47 Signs of 1906 earthquake revealed in mapping of offshore northern San Andreas Fault
48 Retinal prion disease study redefines role for brain cells
49 Traveling-wave tubes: The unsung heroes of space exploration
50 High-speed videos capture how kangaroo rat escapes rattlesnake attack
51 Autonomous weed control via smart robots
52 Implant to better track brain chemical gone rogue after neurotrauma
53 Newly discovered role for climbing fibers: Conveying a sensory snapshot to the cerebellum
54 White people's eating habits produce most greenhouse gases
55 Osteoblastic cell stimulation by pulsed electromagnetic fields
56 Biophysicists use machine learning to understand, predict dynamics of worm behavior
57 Mini microscope is the new GoPro for studies of brain disease in living mice
58 Codifying the universal language of honey bees
59 Vitamin C can shorten the length of stay in the ICU
60 Exercise helps prevent cartilage damage caused by arthritis
61 Researchers beginning to uncover the mystery of hagfish's zombie hearts
62 UTSA study quantifies injuries and combat casualty care trends during War on Terror
63 Heating up tumors could make CAR T therapy more effective, study finds
64 Lipid vesicles transmit luminous or electrical signals
65 Drexel study: Smartphone app detects diet cheat
66 Lying, sitting or standing: Resting postures determined by animals' size
67 Physicists constrain dark matter
68 Freshwater coastal erosion alters global carbon budget
69 Drug shortages: Limited warnings, followed by rationing and hoarding
70 A simple strategy to improve your mood in 12 minutes
71 Researchers advance effort to manage parasitic roundworms
72 Massive earthquakes provide new insight into deep Earth
73 Step it up: Does running cadence matter? Not as much as previously thought
74 Old for new, using ancient genetic variation to supercharge wheat
75 Solving a hairy forensic problem
76 Glowing tumors show scientists where cancer drugs are working
77 Fullerenes bridge conductive gap in organic photovoltaics
78 Let's not make big waves
79 Researchers aim to demystify complex ag water requirements for Produce Safety Rule
80 Fluorine: Toxic and aggressive, but widely used
81 Negative equity house price risk could be ended, new research confirms
82 The sword of a Hispano-Muslim warlord is digitized in 3D
83 Tumor-promoting enzymes USP25 and USP28: Substantial differences identified
84 Russian physicists obtained data on particles self-organization in ultracold dusty plasma
85 Spinning-prism microscope helps gather stem cells for regenerative medicine
86 Vapor drives a liquid-solid transition in a molecular system
87 Common medication used in pregnancy may lead to obesity in children
88 Human protein produced in CHO-cells can save donor blood
89 New medication gives mice bigger muscles
90 Two novel pancreatic cancer cell lines with highly metastatic activity were established and analyzed
91 How nerve cells control misfolded proteins
92 Transplanting adult spinal cord tissues: A new strategy of repair spinal cord injury
93 Harvesting water energy using slippery surfaces
94 Rejuvenation of aging cells helps to cure osteoarthritis through gene therapy
95 Urban biodiversity to lower chronic disease
96 A more accurate method to diagnose cancer subtypes
97 On the keto diet? Ditch the cheat day, says UBC study
98 Helping infants survive brain cancer
99 Study of female weightlifters crushes stereotype
100 People 'hear' flashes due to disinhibited flow of signals around the brain, suggests study
101 New potential therapeutic target for pancreatic cancer discovered
102 Thirst controlled by signal from the gut
103 More bang for the climate buck: study identifies hotspots for adaptation funding
104 Woman with novel gene mutation lives almost pain-free
105 Cannabis during pregnancy bumps psychosis risk in offspring
106 GRAVITY instrument breaks new ground in exoplanet imaging
107 Childhood methylphenidate treatment predicts antidepressant use during adolescence
108 Eating small amounts of red and processed meats may increase risk of death
109 Dramatic housing transformation in sub-Saharan Africa revealed for first time
110 New, more realistic simulator will improve self-driving vehicle safety before road testing