File Title
1 Climate change: Drilling in 'Iceberg Alley'
2 US aims for humans on Moon in five years
3 Bees: Many British pollinating insects in decline, study shows
4 'Mission Jurassic' dinosaur hunt to get under way
5 Weather Channel sued for $125 million over storm chase death
6 NASA's first all-female spacewalk scrapped over spacesuit sizes
7 Exoplanet tally set to pass 4,000 mark
8 Huge fossil discovery made in China's Hubei province
9 Sir David Attenborough to present climate change documentary
10 Smuggled orangutan seized at Bali airport
11 Planet Venus: Hopes rise of new mission to the hothouse world
12 Night parrot finding in Australia not backed up by evidence
13 Planet Jupiter: Spectacular picture of Jupiter's storms
14 US detects huge meteor explosion
15 Sustainable students: How easy is it to be more environmentally-friendly?
16 Climate strike: What is a climate emergency?
17 Can you convince a petrolhead to go electric?
18 Cyclone Idai: What's the role of climate change?
19 British-Canadian AI expert Geoffrey Hinton wins Turing Award
20 Twitter birth-year hoax locks users out of accounts
21 Britain's 'bullied' chatbots fight back
22 Aluminium firm cyber-attack cost at least 25.6 million pounds
23 Article 13: Memes exempt as EU backs controversial copyright law
24 Google announces AI ethics panel
25 Huawei shows off flagship camera phone
26 Three-unique-words 'map' used to rescue mother and child
27 Road safety: UK set to adopt vehicle speed limiters
28 Facebook, YouTube sued over Christchurch shootings video
29 Apple unveils TV streaming platform and credit card
30 Britons get 'bad deal' from broadband giants
31 San Francisco moves to ban e-cigarettes until health effects known
32 Tokyo 2020: Robots to feature at Olympic and Paralympic Games
33 Tech Tent: Google comes out to play
34 Google announces AI ethics panel
35 Knife crime means 'frightened generation'
36 Craft workers 'need their own titles'
37 Extremism is global education fight, says Blair
38 University of East Anglia: 'Mental health improvements needed'
39 Surgeons who want you to touch knife crime
40 Mumps outbreak at Nottingham universities
41 Sex education: Parents' right to withdraw children could go
42 Kenyan science teacher Peter Tabichi wins global prize
43 Every school 'needs dog as stress-buster'
44 'You can fly planes': The students who are inspiring younger siblings
45 Harassment: 'I felt enraged by drunken train behaviour'
46 The 'controlled chaos' of raising sextuplets
47 City air pollution 'link to teenage psychotic experiences' explored
48 New York county declares measles outbreak emergency
49 Breast ironing awareness 'needed in school'
50 Male pill--why are we still waiting?
51 New brain cells made throughout life
52 Italy home circumcision kills child
53 Brexit: Flu vaccine 'could be airlifted into UK'
54 How it feels to save a life
55 How to create a period-friendly workplace
56 Can exercise reverse the aging process?
57 Bristol bowel mesh operations 'should not have gone ahead'
58 Blackpool hospital birth error victim to receive seven-figure payout
59 Take over pharma to create new medicines, says top adviser
60 Patient's sepsis symptoms missed by Dudley hospital staff
61 Asthma sufferers at risk over poor inhaler technique
62 Why Does Time Fly When You're Having Fun?
63 Why Are There So Many Marsupials in Australia?
64 500 Million-Year-Old Worm Superhighway Revealed in Ancient Seafloor
65 A Pair of Gargantuan Space Bubbles Might Be Spitting Cosmic Rays at Earth
66 This Glass Seemed to Break the Laws of Electricity--Here's What Really Happened
67 Neutrinos Entangled in the Cosmic Web May Change the Structure of the Universe
68 Giant Newfound 'Medusa' Virus Turns Amoebas to 'Stone'
69 19th-Century American Whalers Defaced Rock Art in Australia with Their Own Carvings
70 Radar Reveals 19th-Century Military Fortifications Beneath Alcatraz
71 Confirmed: No Link Between Autism and Measles Vaccine, Even for 'At Risk' Kids
72 Physicists Used Supercomputers to Map the Bone-Crushing Pressures Hiding Inside Protons
73 Opium-Addicted Parrots Are Terrorizing Poppy Farms in India
74 We Would Never Be Able to Blow Up an Asteroid to Save the Planet, Armageddon-Style
75 Supplements Don't Prevent Depression, Study Finds
76 Broken-Heart Syndrome May Stem from the Brain
77 Scientists Pin Down Cause of Mysterious 'Icequakes' Shaking Antarctica
78 A Second Person May Be Cured of HIV
79 Lost Cave of 'Jaguar God' Rediscovered Below Mayan Ruins--and It's Full of Treasure
80 Your Dumb Party Balloons Are Killing All the Seabirds
81 The Megalodon Spent Tens of Millions of Years Honing Its Lethal, Knife-Like Teeth
82 This Miniature Boat Was Meant for King Tut's Fishing Trips in the Afterlife
83 Israeli Moon Lander Snaps Epic Space Selfie with a Full Earth
84 How a Distant Alien World Was Saved from an Interstellar Exile
85 Hubble Spots Gassy Objects Jetting Away from Newborn Star
86 Here's Your Chance to Name 5 Jupiter Moons! (No Moon McMoonfaces, Please)
87 Solar Wind Leaves 'Sunburn' Scars on Lunar Surface, NASA Missions Reveals
88 What's the Link Between Recalled Blood Pressure Meds and Cancer?
89 Reference: Earth's Magnetic Field and Wandering Poles
90 A Lost Page of Notes on Einstein's 'Theory of Everything' Has Turned Up in Jerusalem
91 Hearts Ripped from 140 Children and 200 Llamas in Largest Child Sacrifice in Ancient World
92 Reference: What Is the Ark of the Covenant?
93 Stunning 'Superbloom' of Flowers Is Set to Arrive in Southern California
94 Physicists May Have Found a Way to 'Untangle' Information Trapped in a Black Hole
95 Baby T. Rex Was an Adorable Ball of Fluff
96 There May Be a Link Between Depression and Stroke
97 Could a Third Person Be Cured of HIV?
98 What Makes the Ketamine-Based Drug for Depression So Different?
99 Alex Trebek's Pancreatic Cancer: What Does Stage 4 Mean?
100 Tons of Pressurized Oxygen Could Be Hiding Out in Earth's Molten Iron Core
101 The Melting Arctic Is Covering Itself in a Warm Layer of Clouds
102 Meet 'The Blobs': Two Continent-Size Mountains in Earth's Deep Mantle that Nobody Understands
103 Quantum Monism Could Save the Soul of Physics
104 NASA Just Captured the First-Ever Photos of Merging Supersonic Shock Waves
105 How Massive Is the Milky Way?
106 Why Are More Young People Having Heart Attacks?
107 Super-Earths Have Weird Orbits Because They're Permanently Off-Kilter
108 2,700-Year-Old Polynesian Tattoo Kit Found--and the 'Needles' Were Made of Human Bone.
109 Unvaccinated Oregon Boy Is Diagnosed with Tetanus, the State's 1st Child Case in 30 Years