File Title
1 Digital intervention ups socialization in children with autism
2 Patient CKD app ratings do correlate with those of nephrologists
3 Older people are more digitally savvy, but aged care providers need to keep up
4 Evidence found of neurogenesis in people up to age 87
5 New lockbox helping curb opioid addiction
6 Blood cells the missing link in post-exercise boost
7 New 'pulsing' ultrasound technique improves drug delivery to brains of mice
8 Sound sense: Brain 'listens' for distinctive features in sounds
9 AIDS-immunocompromised populations see more antibiotic-resistant infections
10 Mechanism of impaired wound healing in diabetes identified
11 New therapy targets painful side effect of cancer treatment
12 Symptomatic pharmacotherapy should be regularly assessed among older persons and those with Alzheimer's disease
13 Improving cancer care in Botswana
14 Salmonella could be combated by enhancing body's natural process
15 How to pick the best produce at the farmers' market
16 Tone your upper arms with these effective bicep curls
17 Do you live in one of America's 'healthiest communities'?
18 New website walks parents through early childhood development, alerts them to early signs of autism
19 Does eating two teaspoons of nuts really boost your brain function by 60%?
20 The best way to treat seasonal allergies
21 More children could mean higher risk of heart disease
22 Nation's first clinical trial for rehabilitating infant stroke victims to begin
23 This drug can stop mothers bleeding to death in childbirth--so why can't more women get it?
24 Trained musicians perform better--at paying attention
25 Violence against long-term care staff 'normalized'
26 Study finds no causal link between smoking and dementia
27 Immune-repelling protein prolongs function, survival of human stem-cell-derived beta cells
28 HIV/tuberculosis co-infection: Tunneling towards better diagnosis
29 Mouse study examines the underpinnings of hallucinations
30 Annovera birth control vaginal ring effectively prevents unwanted pregnancy, research finds
31 Colorectal cancer increase in younger adults: What could be the cause?
32 2,600 pounds of sausage products recalled; may contain metal
33 Scientists uncover novel strategy to target common type of cancer
34 Early valve replacement versus watchful waiting in patients with severe aortic stenosis
35 Tumor-associated immune cells hinder frontline chemotherapy drug in pancreatic cancer
36 Student loan forgiveness programs driving physicians to primary care
37 Utah bans abortions after 18 weeks, teeing up legal showdown
38 Advanced paternal age increases risk of early-onset schizophrenia in offspring
39 'Ugly' prosthetics get French design treatment
40 Mind melding: Understanding the connected, social brain
41 Study links nurse work environments and outcomes
42 Untangling the brain's life-support network
43 County bans unvaccinated minors in public as measles spreads
44 Gesturing related to storytelling style, not nationality, study
46 Repeat heart attack and death linked to hospitals with low care scores
47 Compared to sustained inflations for extremely premature infants, standard treatment prevails
48 Maker of OxyContin agrees to $270 million settlement in Oklahoma
49 Smartphone app may boost social skills in kids with autism
50 Does having kids make couples happier? New study says yes, but...
51 Statins cut risk for major vascular events in older patients
52 Bans on texting while behind the wheel making roads safer
53 Choose the right colon cancer screening option
54 Stressful life events tied to heart disease in older black women
55 Mild congenital heart defects tied to CVD events
56 Blindfolding leader improves pediatric resuscitation training
57 New approach performs well for measuring CKD quality of life
58 Computer program predicts risk of deadly irregular heart beats
59 People 'hear' flashes due to disinhibited flow of signals around the brain, suggests study
60 Childhood methylphenidate treatment predicts antidepressant use during adolescence
61 Eating small amounts of red and processed meats may increase risk of death
62 Patients say lack of physician guidance and fear of side effects are why they don't take statins as prescribed
63 1st cholera cases confirmed in Mozambique's cyclone-hit city
64 Artificial womb technology breaks its four minute mile
65 Debt relief improves psychological and cognitive function, enabling better decision-making
66 New gene potentially involved in metastasis identified
67 Where you live and how much you pay to live there can affect your health
68 Quick thinking? It's all down to timing
69 Does sleep deprivation promote medical malpractice lawsuits?
70 State policies might keep stroke patients from the care they need
71 Newly discovered molecule promising for pain sufferers
72 Personalized in vitro model enables drug screening for kidney cancer
73 Home-based lifestyle intervention minimizes maternal weight gain
74 Newly single? How to beat the breakup blues
75 Unresolved injury, not fibrosis, contributes to cisplatin-induced CKD
76 Why holding a grudge is bad for your health
77 New muscular disease myoglobinopathy described
78 Enjoy these sweet strawberry treats without guilt
79 Researchers examine classic versus novel psychedelic use in United States
80 Common lung conditions linked to heart disease
81 Making more drugs available 'over the counter' would be a win for the public and the health care system
82 A simple strategy to improve your mood in 12 minutes
83 A new drug promises to lower risks of asthma attack
84 No laughing matter--nitrous oxide helps to unravel rapid antidepressant mechanisms
85 Spinning-prism microscope helps gather stem cells for regenerative medicine
86 Cyclone-ravaged Mozambique reports five cholera cases
87 Smart wrist-worn device can alert about dangerous health conditions
88 Dogs helped by discovery of sight loss gene
89 Researchers estimate it takes approximately 1.5 megabytes of data to store language information in the brain
90 Metformin used during pregnancy may lead to obesity in children
91 Help may be on the way for people with muscular dystrophy
92 Special offers fuel obese shoppers
93 Many recurrent testicular tumours 'missed' by current diagnostic markers
94 Can medicinal cannabis treat the tics in Tourette syndrome?
95 A more accurate method to diagnose cancer subtypes
96 Helping infants survive brain cancer
97 Sea squirt's microbiome offers clues to frontline immune defense, gut health
98 On the keto diet? Ditch the cheat day, study says
99 Glowing tumors show scientists where cancer drugs are working
100 Cannabis during pregnancy bumps psychosis risk in offspring
101 Study: To keep leftover opioids out of harm's way, give surgery patients disposal bags
102 Step it up: Does running cadence matter? Not as much as previously thought
103 Drug shortages: Limited warnings, followed by rationing and hoarding
104 Researchers optimize aptamer with enhanced myelin-binding properties for multiple sclerosis treatment
105 Osteoblastic cell stimulation by pulsed electromagnetic fields
106 Study: Smartphone app detects diet cheat
107 Mini microscope is the new GoPro for studies of brain disease in living mice
108 German paediatricians demand compulsory vaccinations
109 Newly discovered role for climbing fibers: Conveying a sensory snapshot to the cerebellum
110 Heating up tumors could make CAR T therapy more effective, study finds