File Title
1 Strengthening family ties through online gaming
2 How watching TV and movies helps people with attachment issues
3 Stretches to strengthen your core
4 New heart failure device is approved
5 Younger female blood donors vulnerable to iron deficiency
6 Three factors predict psych events with drugs for smoking cessation
7 Mothers of children with eczema more likely to have exhaustion
8 Stricter US state gun laws linked to safer high schools
9 Unequal pain relief at home for dying patients
10 New drug combination shows promise for common pediatric brain tumor
11 Automated detection of eye surface cancer
12 Researchers get humans to think like computers
13 Blue Brain solves a century-old neuroscience problem
14 Phase III aducanumab trials for Alzheimer's disease stopped early
15 Why pregnant women with depression often slip through the cracks
16 Dental enamel can't regenerate, right? Think again
17 New brain research challenges our understanding of sleep
18 Memory like a sieve--or not
19 A billion years of evolution suggests a new approach for Alzheimer's disease treatment
20 New study finds very high rate of unnecessary antibiotic prescribing in SA
21 New technique shows promise for heart muscle regeneration
22 Burden of myeloproliferative neoplasms in Australia revealed
23 Research links development of childhood leukaemia to mistakes by the immune system
24 Further evidence of the dangers of smoking in pregnancy
25 Neuroscience proves Nietzsche right: some people are wired to be more spontaneous than others
26 Space technology can help patients walk around their neighborhood
27 Is there a safer choice than opioids after a C-section?
28 Could the bacteria in our gut help treat cancer?
29 How discrimination, PTSD may lead to high rates of preterm birth among African-American women
30 Cannabidiol products now available at hundreds of CVS stores
31 Researchers identify new mechanism to reduce inflammation
32 Researchers discover a common link among diverse cancer types
33 Parental leave, childcare and lactation policies: How schools of public health in the United States stack up
34 Raising tobacco purchase age to 21 would prevent thousands of premature deaths in Michigan
35 Working to change the future of prosthetics
36 Tyson recalls chicken strips due to metal fears
37 Easy eggs for a nutritious breakfast
38 A human-rights approach is essential to end the global TB epidemic
39 How to raise global citizens of tomorrow
40 Two studies describe disruptive and abusive behavior among clinicians in operating rooms
41 More than half of Aussie men report experiencing sexual difficulties
42 Neglected diseases continue to require attention despite progress
43 To address the opioid crisis we need to do more to support people suffering from opioid use disorder
44 DG/health NATURALS Cough Syrup + Mucus for infants recalled
45 When neurons are out of shape, antidepressants may not work
46 This is what postnatal depression really feels like
47 Sleep problems, Alzheimer's disease are linked, but which comes first?
48 'It's real to them, so adults should listen': What children want you to know to help them feel safe
50 Electronic health records cannot replace a doctor who knows you
51 Introduce peanut products as early as 4 months to prevent allergies, report says
52 Fentanyl-linked deaths: The opioid epidemic's third wave
53 Recent superbug cases linked to weight-loss surgeries in Tijuana prompt fresh warning
54 A protein's surprising role offers clues to limit graft-vs.-host disease
55 Mailing colorectal cancer screening kit found effective, regardless of financial incentive
56 New model found effective in predicting risk of opioid overdose
57 Generic weight-loss drug may be safe and effective for long-term treatment
58 Study reveals impact of plain cigarette packaging warnings
59 JAMA viewpoint: Physicians' trust in one another is a care safety and quality issue
60 Researchers find method to prioritize treatment strategies in hepatitis C in US prisons
61 Researchers identify potential new therapy for liver diseases
62 Special evaluations can help seniors cope with cancer care
63 Obese mouse mothers trigger heart problems in offspring
64 Understanding how people respond to symptoms of a brain tumor
65 Anti-TB drugs can increase risk of TB re-infection
66 Teens who seek solitude may know what's best for them, research suggests
67 Like mountaineers, nerves need expert guidance to find their way
68 Niraparib extends time without symptoms in ovarian cancer
69 Low, high levels of physical activity tied to reduced mortality
70 Many patients still employ strategies to reduce prescription drug costs
71 Critical care nurses' work environments improving
72 Is the new 'fasting' diet trend healthy?
73 Transgender men have functional ovaries after a year of testosterone injections
74 Treating diabetes in older adults requires simpler medication regimens, looser glycemic targets
75 CPAP machine improves weight loss in dieting adults with obesity, sleep apnea
76 Want to stay trim? don't eat in the evening, study finds
77 Bisphosphonates increasingly prescribed to the women most likely to benefit
78 Sperm DNA damage may contribute to repeat miscarriages
79 New hybrid closed loop insulin pump proves hard to use for some patients with diabetes
80 Obesity may play role in reproductive problems in women with type 1 diabetes
81 For migraine sufferers with obesity, losing weight can decrease headaches
82 Levothyroxine treatment in women with thyroid antibodies may not increase live birth rate
83 Improved PCOS symptoms correlate with gut bacterial composition
84 Another possible consequence of the opioid epidemic: hormone deficiencies
85 A1c test misses many cases of diabetes
86 Race, ethnicity influence fracture risk in people with diabetes
87 Older adults with type 1 diabetes often not aware of hypoglycemia
88 Breast cancer may be likelier to spread to bone with nighttime dim-light exposure
89 In healthy young women, sleep quality varies throughout the menstrual cycle
90 Fathers-to-be: smoking could harm your baby
91 Smart speaker technology harnessed for hospital medical treatments
92 New IR treatment for 'tennis elbow' reduces pain and inflammation without surgery
93 California grower recalls avocados over possible listeria
94 FDA takes up decades-long debate over breast implant safety
95 Particulate air pollution linked with reduced sperm production in mice
96 Chemicals in household dust may promote fat cell development
97 Screen time plus snacking a risk for metabolic disorder in teens
98 Exposure to HIV virus, treatment before birth linked to obesity later in life
99 Genetic rickets improves more with burosumab than standard care, study finds
100 Cost savings from growth hormone insurance strategies not passed on to patients
101 Investigational obesity drug, oxytocin, weakens brain's reward signals for food
102 BPA exposure during pregnancy can alter circadian rhythms
103 Autoimmune diseases are related to each other, some more than others
104 Obesity speeds up the start of puberty in boys, study finds
105 Adipose hormone may play role in obesity-related asthma
106 Exercise adds up to big brain boosts
107 Patients bear increased financial burden for growth hormone treatment despite FDA approval
108 Females respond poorly to ketogenic weight loss diet in an animal model
109 More aging Americans are using pot to soothe what ails them
110 Innovative model improves access to life-saving stroke care
111 Does story time with an e-book change how parents and toddlers interact?
112 Income inequalities in Indigenous groups linked to mental health issues
113 Understanding gene interactions holds key to personalized medicine, scientists say
114 Peptide shows promise for protecting kidneys from nephritis
115 Are preventive drugs overused at the end of life in older adults with cancer?
116 Minimally invasive uterine fibroid treatment safer and as effective as surgical treatment
117 Medicare for all legislation has thorny issues