File Title
1 Fishy diagnostics for food allergy testing
2 CRISPR-Cas3 innovation holds promise for disease cures, advancing science
3 Molecules that prevent protein misfolding point to new type of therapy for AL amyloidosis
4 Getting to the root of plant simulations
5 AI agent offers rationales using everyday language to explain its actions
6 One-third of cancer patients use complementary and alternative medicine
7 Scientists say world's protected areas need a re-boot
8 In mice, eliminating damaged mitochondria alleviates chronic inflammatory disease
9 Scientists capture a 'snapshot' of bacterial stress-response regulator's 'recycling truck'
10 'Nanobodies' from alpacas could help bring CAR T-cell therapy to solid tumors
11 One-two punch helps solve greatest unmet need in cardiology
12 Advanced virtual technology captures how coral reefs recover after bleaching
13 NASA sees El Nino conditions prevail in the Central Pacific Ocean
14 New imaging technique reveals 'burst' of activity before cell death
15 New microscopy method provides more details about nanocomposites
16 Medicaid reimbursement to treat cancer patients with radiation therapy varies widely
17 New research: Optimize open floor plans by shuffling workstations
18 Engineers tap DNA to create 'lifelike' machines
19 Ketamine reverses neural changes underlying depression-related behaviors in mice
20 Biophotonic therapy eliminates bacteria and viruses from organs before transplantation
21 Keeping the taste, reducing the salt
22 Rice, Northwestern find new ways to image, characterize unique material
23 Near-atomic map of parathyroid hormone complex points toward new therapies for osteoporosis
24 New research adds to work of Prandtl, father of modern aerodynamics
25 Body mass index may play a significant role in the progression of multiple sclerosis
26 Oregon scientists drill into white graphene to create artificial atoms
27 2D gold quantum dots are atomically tunable with nanotubes
28 The right polymers for the job
29 Getting closer: Finding out why the immune system attacks itself
30 Astronomers successfully obtain first ever image of a black hole
31 More Michigan students taking, passing advanced math
32 New study advances treatment options for PTSD
33 Gender gap in spatial reasoning starts in elementary school, meta-analysis finds
34 CNIO researchers succeed at removing some types of pancreatic cancer in animal models
35 Rethinking conservation efforts for improved biodiversity
36 Study: How will tropical mammals react to rising temperatures?
37 Infinite number of quantum particles gives clues to big-picture behavior at large scale
38 Rare gut condition a model for study of genetic diseases
39 Inner electrons behave differently in aromatic hydrocarbons
40 The truth about a true frog: Unknown Costa Rican frog hidden amongst a widespread species
41 People turn to consumerism to confront problems, grief and feelings
42 New method may transport medicine better through the body
43 Opioid epidemic may have cost US governments $37.8 billion in tax revenue
44 How plants defend themselves
45 Lower pension, shorter life
46 Unique oil-eating bacteria found in world's deepest ocean trench
47 Conservationists discover hidden diversity in ancient frog family
48 Child vaccination levels falling short in large parts of Africa
49 Prostate medicines linked to type 2 diabetes risk, study suggests
50 Biosynthesis of widespread pigments from bacteria revealed
51 CNIO researchers assess melanoma progression with a new liquid biopsy technique
52 NEJM applying universal standards of care to Ebola virus disease
53 Multiple Denisovan-related ancestries in Papuans
54 Interplay of pollinators and pests influences plant evolution
55 Reproduction: How male flies enforce their interests
56 Texts like networks: How many words are sufficient to recognize the author?
57 New tunable nanomaterials possible due to flexible process invented by Bath physicists
58 Lack of access to antibiotics is a major global health challenge
59 Driving a wedge into historic gaps of climate science
60 Chronic diseases restrict the mobility of older people--often unconsciously
61 Aldo-keto reductase family 1 member B10 predicts advanced nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
62 Bright spot analysis for photodynamic diagnosis of brain tumors using confocal microscopy
63 Ice Ages occur when tropical islands and continents collide
64 Ancient 'Texas Serengeti' had elephant-like animals, rhinos, alligators and more
65 Time for a new global protected area target
66 USC research shows remedy for painful jaw disease
67 Despite years of progress, many african countries have wide variation in vaccine coverage
68 World's fastest hydrogen sensor could pave the way for clean hydrogen energy
69 University of Arkansas project makes a difference for low-income youth with disabilities
70 Johns Hopkins researchers create novel cell model of aging-related colon cancer risk
71 Kennedy Krieger research scientist explores Leonardo da Vinci's knowledge of the brain
72 Autism rate rises 43 percent in New Jersey, Rutgers study finds
73 Microbes in the human body swap genes, even across tissue boundaries, study indicates
74 Crucial 'electrical switch' in brain revealed in study published by Science
75 The Lancet: Inappropriate pain management after surgery is a major cause of the opioid crisis
76 Rutgers scientists discover new role for sensory signals in the brain
77 Mice reveal 38 new genes involved in hearing loss
78 Researchers call for rethink of external NHS inspections amid questions of effectiveness
79 Kidney Health Atlas reveals global burden of disease and inequities in access
80 Rapid urbanization increasing pressure on rural water supplies globally
81 Discovery of 'kingpin' stem cell may help in the understanding of cancerous tumors
82 UK study shows most patients with suspected urinary tract infection and treated with antibiotics actually lack evidence of this infection
83 Psychologists find smiling really can make people happier
84 Antibiotics legitimately available in over-counter throat medications could contribute to increased antibiotic resistance
85 Immune responses in Ebola survivors 2 years after infection provide clues for vaccine development
86 Study suggests the majority of tourniquets used in medical procedures are contaminated
87 Privacy curtains used in healthcare worldwide are a potential source of drug-resistant bacteria transmission to patients
88 Protein complex may help prevent neurodegenerative diseases
89 NASA twin study provides multi-omics view of human body's response to year in space
90 NASA Twins Study finds spaceflight affects gut bacteria
91 Astronaut twins study yields new insights and portable DNA sequencing tools
92 Glecaprevir/pibrentasvir is effective and well tolerated in individuals with hepatitis C
93 Maintenance immunotherapy fails to improve survival in extensive small cell lung cancer
94 New super-accurate optical atomic clocks pass critical test
95 Getting back to work after a heart attack
96 Warm winds in autumn could strain Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf
97 NASA Twins Study offers new insight on how a human's body responds to spaceflight
98 Mice reveal 38 new genes involved in hearing loss
99 Itchy skin affects the health and quality of life of many patients with kidney disease
100 Study reveals new genetic factors linked to kidney stones
101 Astronaut has no lingering, major epigenetic differences from earthbound twin brother
102 Shutting down deadly pediatric brain cancer at its earliest moments
103 'Mindreading' neurons simulate decisions of social partners
104 Case of tick-borne relapsing fever in Mexico
105 AI identifies risk of cholesterol-raising genetic disease, Stanford-led study finds
106 NASA Twins Study includes San Antonio multiomics center
107 Longer neutrophil lifespan may contribute to HIV-associated intestinal inflammation
108 Broken mitochondria use 'eat me' proteins to summon their executioners
109 Ancient DNA reveals new branches of the Denisovan family tree
110 Biologists uncover new rules for cellular decision-making in genetics
111 The FASEB Journal: New strategy to reduce cancer drug's cardiotoxic effects
112 Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease found in large numbers of teenagers and young adults
113 I feel you: Emotional mirror neurons found in the rat
114 Tax deductions: Holding the SALT leaves a bitter taste for homebuyers