File Title
1 Improper removal of personal protective equipment contaminates health care workers
2 Early discharge after lung surgery benefits patients without raising readmission risk
3 Does pregnancy history affect cognitive function?
4 Researcher finds some Medicaid populations more likely to die by suicide
5 It's spring already? Physics explains why time flies as we age
6 Laser-targeted removal of prostate tumors works as well complete removal of prostate
7 Assessment tool predicts chronic fatigue syndrome six months after mono
8 Brain health: Seniors chat online to stay sharp
9 Miscarriage from a man's perspective
10 Adhesive gel bonds to eye surface, could repair injuries without surgery
11 Protein BRCA1 as a stress coach
12 Precision-targeted liposomes curb triple-negative breast cancer, metastases in mice
13 Be prepared to take FAST action if you suspect a stroke
14 Family adopts three children with three different heart conditions
15 How to spice up your spring salad
16 Patients with diabetes at increased risk for sleep apnea
17 BMI, but not age at puberty, tied to risk of multiple sclerosis
18 As if by magic: Team develops program that lights up cancer-causing mutations
19 Generic advice doesn't help patients drop pounds
20 Premature babies could benefit from combined glucocorticoid and antioxidant therapy
21 Stroke risk drops in both black and white older adults
22 Older immigrants living in US more satisfied with life than native-born counterparts
23 New study reshapes understanding of how the brain recovers from injury
24 Engineers aim to pioneer tissue-engineering approach to TMJ disorders
25 Researchers identify potential new combination treatment for pancreatic cancer
26 US experts: Medicines for opioid addiction vastly underused
27 MIT uses $29 million gift to launch Down syndrome research center
28 Big data study identifies drugs that increase risk of psychosis in youth with ADHD
29 Walk, dance, clean: even a little activity helps you live longer
30 Risk of miscarriage linked strongly to mother's age and pregnancy history
31 Early exposure to pesticides linked to small increased risk of autism spectrum disorder
32 New testosterone rule for female athletes 'risks setting an unscientific precedent'
33 Data sharing by popular health apps is routine and far from transparent, warn experts
34 Childhood adversity linked to higher out-of-pocket health care costs in adulthood
35 Zambia bans 'Viagra' energy drink
36 Analyzing a Facebook-fueled anti-vaccination attack: 'It's not all about autism'
37 Researchers uncover key to greater efficacy in cancer treatment
38 How our body 'listens' to vibrations
39 Study: Antiretroviral therapy crucial in preventing non-Hodgkin lymphoma
40 Mystery novel and dream spur key scientific insight into heart defect
41 To abort or not to abort--making difficult choices alone
42 The immune system preys on growing lung cancers, forcing them to evolve to survive
43 Scientists narrow in on cells that drive immune response to cancer
44 Nicotine addiction from vaping is a bigger problem than teens realize
45 Studies: Overweight kids have more fatty tissue in muscles than peers, at risk of health problems
46 Study shows 33% of workers at homeless shelters suffer PTSD
47 Neurofeedback may reduce anxiety
48 The qualities that make a good psychotherapist
49 Website puts fears about depression genes into perspective
50 C-sections are seen as breastfeeding barrier in the U.S., but not in other global communities
51 Study links perimenopause to accelerated fat mass gains, lean mass losses
52 A new treatment for gout lowers the urinary acid level in the body
53 Excess hormones could cause a condition that can lead to blindness in women, study finds
54 Imaging method reveals long-lived patterns in cells of the eye
55 Immunotherapy of precancerous skin lesions may prevent squamous cell carcinoma
56 Deafening sounds and blinding lights
57 Early palliative care offers no extra benefit for mesothelioma patients
58 Antibodies stabilize plaque in arteries
59 FDA takes new look at breast implant safety
60 Pregnancy-adapted algorithm avoids diagnostic imaging for PE
61 Solving the 'Catch-22' of rectal cancer
62 Antiepileptic drugs not tied to dementia risk
63 Antiepileptics increase the risk of pneumonia among persons with Alzheimer's disease
64 Researchers find anesthetic can muddle specific memories
65 Teens have less face time with their friends--and are lonelier than ever
66 Professor's study helps athletic trainers improve concussion management
67 Diet generally improves as adolescents age into young adulthood
68 Drinking water? There's an app for that
69 New, wiggly microrobots raise hopes for minimally invasive surgeries
70 Researchers find oxidative stress plays a role in telling fruit flies when to sleep
71 Q&A: Research needed into treating anxiety with CBD
72 Mayo Clinic minute: Sifting through flour options
73 What African countries can do about ensuring safer surgery
74 TB doesn't only attack the lungs--other organs are also vulnerable
75 Zapping your brain is dope
76 How team sports change a child's brain
77 Protecting homes with netting window screens can reduce malaria parasite infection
78 Bacteria in urine doesn't always indicate infection
79 Small vessel disease MRI marker linked to worse cognitive health in older adults
80 Childhood trauma may affect brain structure, predisposing adults to recurring major depressive disorder
81 Many recovering from addiction have chronic health problems, diminished quality of life
82 Study shows alarming increases of firearm deaths in US school-age children
83 Lung cancer patient channels diagnosis into lifetime activism
84 Western bias in human genetic studies is 'both scientifically damaging and unfair'
85 New evidence links lifespan extension to metabolic regulation of immune system
86 Study finds no evidence that calcium increases risk of AMD
87 Researchers point to a common cause in sudden death syndromes
88 The evolution of brain tumors
89 Researchers call for diversity in the next generation of personalized medicine
90 Study points to new strategy for boosting immunotherapy effectiveness in advanced colorectal cancer
91 C-sections are seen as breastfeeding barrier in US, but not in other global communities
92 Delusions may stem from sticky beliefs, study finds
93 An artificial cerebellum that also learns to blink
94 Naltrexone implant helps HIV patients with opioid dependence adhere to medications, prevent relapse
95 Study identifies possible causes of and protectors against premature birth
96 Girls need more positive experiences of ball skills
97 New mechanism identified for influenza-induced bacterial superinfections
98 Research implicates causative genes in osteoporosis, suggesting new targets for future therapy
99 Ebola death confirmed in eastern DR Congo provincial capital
100 Poll: More Americans say too little spending on health
101 Study gives new perspective on production of blood cells and immune cells
102 African-Americans more likely to be misdiagnosed with schizophrenia, study finds
103 Eating breakfast with parents is associated with positive body image for teenagers
104 How 'sleeper cell' cancer stem cells are maintained in chronic myelogenous leukemia
105 Knowledge of female genital schistosomiasis lacking in Ghana, study finds
106 High-fructose corn syrup boosts intestinal tumor growth in mice
107 Inflammatory monocytes play contradictory roles in fungal infections
108 Researchers restore fertility in non-human primate model of childhood cancer survivorship
109 Breast ultrasound and cancer detection rates increased under new laws
110 Study in mice examines impact of reused cooking oil on breast cancer progression
111 First of its kind statistics on pregnant women in US prisons
112 Genetic test for cognitive performance developed by Air Force
113 Brain region discovered that only processes spoken, not written words
114 Overdose deaths from fentanyl soaring: report