File Title
1 Marijuana for morning sickness? It's not great for baby's brain
2 Teeth whitening products can harm protein-rich tooth layer
3 Draft recommendation promotes screening women for anxiety
4 Combining opioids and marijuana may be advantageous for pain sufferers
5 Study suggests 'rest is best' for carpal tunnel and similar injuries
6 Over-the-counter antioxidant mix improved vascular health in some heart failure patients
7 Kids living near major roads at higher risk of developmental delays, study suggests
8 How going hungry affects children for their whole lives
9 Multiple medications could help frail older adults live longer after heart attack but may impact function
10 Lack of access to antibiotics is a major global health challenge
11 Towards new indicators of vulnerability to psychotic disorders
12 Researchers reveal novel therapeutic strategy for ALS
13 Many nurse practitioners cannot provide medications to treat opioid addiction
14 Researchers make progress toward Epstein-Barr virus vaccine
15 High-dose vitamin D shows benefit in patients with advanced colorectal cancer
16 Digital technology shows promise in supporting nonspecialists to deliver mental health care in low-income countries
17 Shining lasers on mouse brains sheds light on cells central to Alzheimer's, schizophrenia
18 Scientists create molecular tool to remove toxic protein from neuronal models of dementia
19 Study finds treatment with medication reduces arrests and incarceration among people with opioid use disorder
20 High-tech tissue study reveals which cells drive a painful food allergy
21 Researchers discover neural patterns key to understanding disorders such as PTSD
22 Lung cancer treatments vary among the Asian communities
23 Empathy can help cooperative behavior 'win out' over selfishness: game theory study
24 Famous cancer-fighting gene also protects against birth defects
25 Forcing a smile for customers linked with more drinking after work
26 New method for evaluating cancer risk of chemicals is quick, precise, inexpensive
27 Graphic cigarette warning labels can deter some sales
28 Later school start times significantly reduce teen driving accidents
29 New to college? Spend some time alone
30 JUUL electronic cigarette products linked to cellular damage
31 Near-simultaneous admissions may affect mortality and length of stay in the ICU
32 NYC orders mandatory vaccines for some amid measles outbreak
33 3-D ultrasound gives clinicians clearer picture to treat gynaecological cancer
34 Number of nonsmokers with COPD on the rise
35 Teens face health and safety risks exploring sex online
36 To lower childhood obesity, don't sugarcoat the facts about sweet drinks
37 Substituting healthy plant proteins for red meat lowers risk for heart disease
38 Novel study creates new metric to illustrate disadvantaged areas nationwide
39 Map of tumors' immune cell populations points to new targets for immunotherapy
40 Cancer-killing combination therapies unveiled with new drug-screening tool
41 Proton therapy shows efficacy, low toxicity in large cohort of children with high-risk neuroblastoma
42 Insurers' denials of opioid coverage spurs CDC to clarify guidelines
43 Expert tips for reducing running injuries
44 Ovarian cancer patients undertested for mutations that could guide clinical care
45 Virtual reality offers benefits for Parkinson's disease patients
46 Suicide rates fall when states raise minimum wage: study
47 Chloroprocaine offers adequate anesthesia for knee arthroscopy
48 Suicide-related ED visits increased in children from 2007 to 2015
49 Massachusetts parental consent law leads to delays for minors seeking abortions
50 Functional impairment in middle age linked to adverse outcomes
51 Hepatitis C infections could be prevented by reducing transmission in people who inject drugs
52 SWOG cancer research network study opens window into immune microenviroment
53 Studies give new insights on immunotherapy in elderly patients with advanced NSCLC
54 Woman lived to 99 with most organs on wrong side of body
55 British drug firm Indivior indicted for pushing opioid treatment
56 A new role for genetics in cancer therapy-induced cardiomyopathy
57 Antibiotic resistance across Wisconsin revealed by new maps
58 A new way of finding compounds that prevent aging
59 New non-antibiotic strategy for the treatment of bacterial meningitis
60 Inflammation linked to chemical imbalance in schizophrenia
61 What can we do to keep people from gaining more weight?
62 Opinion: Here's why well-intentioned vegan protesters are getting it wrong
63 Suicide rates in suicidal people discharged from hospital down 50%
64 Do insecticide-treated mosquito nets harm sleep quality?
65 Researchers identify factors linked with healthy memory in older adults
66 Immigrant children's health declines rapidly after arrival in Canada
67 Leap to middle school is hard, but can be a fresh start for socially anxious children
68 Breastfeeding associated with lower cardiovascular risk
69 FDA approves osteoporosis therapy for high-risk postmenopausal women
70 Multimorbidity has a greater impact on risk of all causes of death in middle aged men
71 Vaccination only way to halt childhood disease
72 Researchers develop an intradermal model to study Staphylococcus aureus infections
73 CDC: Measles cases reach 465 this year in the United States
74 Inhaled nanoparticles could treat lung cancer
75 Diet rich in animal protein is associated with a greater risk of death
76 Healthy kitchen essential: The vacuum sealer
77 How to cut your kids' sugar intake
78 Getting drugs off the roads
79 New therapy needed for two forms of painful joint condition
80 A new molecule to improve treatment for type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
81 Genetic defects without consequences
82 Researchers relate DNA methylation levels to obesity
83 Food insecurity linked with low self-esteem in children: Study
84 Researchers develop new vaccine against deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
85 Half-hearted: New insight into why the heart doesn't develop properly in some children
86 Why do certain faulty genes only cause cancer in some parts of the body?
87 New guideline decreases breast cancer re-operation rates
88 Experimental drug delivers one-two punch to vision loss
89 Mandatory preseason guidelines reduce heat illness among high school football players
90 New study finds higher C-section infection risk for mothers on Medicaid
91 Austrian city suspends bus services over measles case
92 Discovery of a host mRNA that inhibits immune functions of antiviral protein RIG-I
93 A dust-up: Microbes interact with harmful chemicals in dust
94 Higher lead in topsoil boosts probability of cognitive difficulties in five-year-old boys
95 Caregiving not as bad for your health as once thought, study says
96 Adenosine kinase deficiency makes liver more susceptible to carcinogen
97 Team publishes first evidence of impulsive behavior in nonsuicidal self-injury
98 VA's process for determining TBI in veterans seeking disability compensation examined in new report
99 New cancer drug targets accelerate path to precision medicine
100 The protein p38-gamma identified as a new therapeutic target in liver cancer
101 Breast milk analyses show new opportunities for reducing risk of childhood obesity
102 Nurses use FDNY geospatial mapping of opioid overdoses to inform clinical practice in real time
103 Research underscores value of cognitive training for adults with mild cognitive impairment
104 Protein pileup affects social behaviors through altered brain signaling
105 Active lifestyles may help nerves to heal after spinal injuries
106 Researchers offer new insights into how maternal immunity impacts neonatal HSV
107 Canada opioid deaths top 10,000
108 Low cholesterol linked to higher risk of bleeding stroke in women
109 Online tool empowers kids with social learning deficits via real-time, virtual world training and interactions
110 Is maternal vaccination safe during breastfeeding?
111 Biochemical switches identified that could be triggered to treat muscle, brain disorders
112 Releasing an immune system brake could help patients with rare but fatal brain infection
113 Research reveals how the most common ALS mutation dooms cells