File Title
1 Beneath Earth's Crust, Hot Rocks Creep as Oceanic Plates Plunge Toward the Core
2 Defying Laws of Nature, Scientists Force 'Supercrystals' into Existence
3 Ancient Garbage Heaps Show Fading Byzantine Empire Was 'Plagued' by Disease and Climate Change
4 Extinct 'Pig-Footed Bandicoot' Galloped Around Australia like a Wonky Little Horse
5 Melting Mount Everest Ice Is Exposing a Grisly Sight: Scores of Dead Bodies
6 100 Ancient Egyptian Inscriptions Found at Amethyst Mining Site
7 Red Yeast Rice Supplements Likely Damaged this Woman's Liver
8 Meet Scotty, the New T. Rex Heavyweight Champion of the World
9 Why Are the Noses Broken on So Many Ancient Egyptian Statues?
10 How Psychedelic Drugs Create Such Weird Hallucinations
11 Supercomputers Solve a Mystery Hidden Inside Merging Water Droplets
12 Why Does this 'Buff Monkey' Look Ridiculously Ripped?
13 Einstein's Letter Talking About 'Hitler-Insanity' to Be Auctioned
14 A Male Birth Control Pill Passed Safety Tests--Here's How It Works
15 Ancient Microbes Ate Each Other's Corpses to Survive Beneath the Dead Sea
16 Hubble Telescope Reveals What 200 Billion Stars Look Like
17 Fastest-Thinning Greenland Glacier Threw NASA Scientists for a Loop. It's Actually Growing.
18 Whale Experts 'Cautiously Optimistic' that Once Starving Grandma Orca Will Survive
19 Dash of Meson, Pinch of Baryon: Scientists Find Recipe for Ultrarare Pentaquarks
20 AI Is Good (Perhaps Too Good) at Predicting Who Will Die Prematurely
21 How Does the Body Know When to Stop Drinking Water?
22 Mars Was Once Covered in Wide, Raging Rivers
23 Take It from the 'Crocodile Lady': Conservation Needs More Women (Op-Ed)
24 Reference: What Is Cryptocurrency?
25 What Caused All These Spots on this Man's Brain?
26 Herpes Virus Kills 2nd Young Elephant at Indianapolis Zoo
27 For Cancer Risk, a Bottle of Wine Equals this Many Cigarettes
28 Gory Photo Shows How a Mystery Predator Turned a Toad Inside Out
29 Mount Sedom Hides the Longest Salt Cave on Earth
30 Astronauts Spent 6 Nights in a Pitch-Black Cave, and Emerged with a Brand-New Species of Crustacean
31 15th-Century Warlord's Fearsome Sword Now Gleams in 3D
32 Extreme, Hydrogen-Crushing Physicists Are Pushing Us into a 'New Era of Superconductivity'
33 This Woman Doesn't Feel Pain. A Tiny Mutation May Be to Thank.
34 Reference: What Is an Atmospheric River?
35 Starquakes Rock Alien Sun, Revealing Details of a 'Hot Saturn'
36 Ninja Rat Drop-Kicks Deadly Rattlesnake in Epic Slow-Motion Video
37 CDC Reports Unusual Spike in Rare Tick-Borne Disease in Oregon
38 Why Saturn's 'Ring Moons' Are Different Colors and Shapes
39 Doomed Asteroid 'Gault' May Finally Explode After 100 Million-Year Death Spiral
40 How a Woman Gave Birth Twice, One Month Apart
41 Wee Orange 'Pumpkin' Frogs Have Bones that Glow Through Their Skin
42 Your Brain Needs 1.5 MB of Storage to Master Your Native Language
43 This Silly, Bug-Eyed Dwarf Deity Was Defender of 'Everything Good'
44 Space Agency Seeks Women to Stay in Bed for 2 Months. Pancakes Will Be Provided.
45 Here's What the Speed of Light Looks like in Slow Motion
46 Reference: Judas Iscariot: The Mysterious Disciple Who Betrayed Jesus with a Kiss
47 Does March Madness Really Mean 'Vasectomy Season'?
48 Why Do Babies Babble?
49 Do Elephant Tusks or Rhino Horns Ever Grow Back?
50 Physicists Just Detected a Very Odd Particle that Isn't a Particle at All
51 After a Bout of Flu, Mice Grow Taste Bud Cells in Their Lungs
52 69 Million Years Ago, Crested Duck-Billed Dinosaurs Roamed the Warm, Forested Arctic
53 Flossing and Going to the Dentist Linked to Lower Risk of Oral Cancer
54 Mysterious Mummy Taken from Peru a Century Ago Was the Body of a Teen Boy
55 Another Dead Whale Full of Plastic. This Time, in Italy.
56 Reference: Parkinson's Disease: Risks, Symptoms and Treatment
57 Mosquitoes Sucked Less Blood (and Had Less Sex) While Listening to Skrillex, Study Finds
58 What's the Most Common Blood Type?
59 Offerings to Supernatural Deities Discovered in Lake Titicaca in the Andes
60 Most of the Arctic's 'Baby Sea Ice' Melts Before It Leaves the Nursery. And that's a Problem.
61 Will There Ever Be a Universal Test to Detect Cancer?
62 Teen Boy Discovers Long-Lost Medieval Gravestones in Scottish Churchyard
63 Space Debris from India's Anti-Satellite Test Is a 'Terrible, Terrible Thing,' NASA Chief Says
64 Fossil 'Death Pit' Preserves Dino Extinction Event...But Where Are the Dinosaurs?
65 Climate Change Drove Some Neanderthals to Cannibalism
66 Airplane Wing Assembles like a Jigsaw Puzzle and Can Morph into Any Shape
67 How an Injection of Tiny Beads into Stomach Arteries Might Help with Weight Loss
68 A Mathematician Just Solved a Deceptively Simple Puzzle that Has Boggled Minds for 64 Years
69 This 17th-Century Massacre in Connecticut was New England's 'Jamestown'
70 Colonial Cemetery Accidentally Unearthed in Philadelphia, and Researchers Race to Analyze the Bones
71 A Woman Consumed Only Juice and Water for Weeks. Now, She May Have Brain Damage.
72 Physicists Stuffed a Ghostly 'Skyrmion' Full of 'Antiskyrmions'
73 There May Be a Link Between Coffee and Lung Cancer, Study Suggests
74 How Your 'Lifestyle Score' Affects Your Risk of Colorectal Cancer
75 Ancient Pompeii 'Fast-Food' Spot Lured Customers with Sexy Logo
76 The FDA Is Investigating a Possible Link Between E-Cigarettes and Seizures
77 Humans Have Caused the Most Dramatic Climate Change in 3 Million Years
78 You're Probably Using Your Sun-Blocking Moisturizer Wrong
79 How Doctors Treated the Thai Boys in the Harrowing Minutes After They Were Freed from Cave
80 Shark's-Eye-View Video Captures Epic Seal Chase Through Kelp Forest
81 How Whole Grains Could Help Your Liver
82 Mummy of Pharaoh's Official Discovered Inside Limestone Sarcophagus in Egypt
83 Computer Software Could Crack Centuries-Old Math Puzzle
84 Ancient Four-Legged Whale Swam Across Oceans, Walked Across Continents
85 Incredible Photographs Show Rare 'Blond' Zebra Thriving in the Wild
86 60 Ancient Egyptian Mummies Entombed Together Died 'Bloody, Fearsome Deaths'
87 Dead Planet's Heavy Metal Core Found Rocketing Around a Dead Sun in a Distant Solar System
88 'Phantom' Predator's Speedy Dance of Death Is Both Graceful and Creepy
89 A Rare White Whale Has Been Filmed Off the Coast of Mexico
90 California's Eerie 'Earthquake Pause' Is Unprecedented
91 Japan Spacecraft Shoots Copper Bomb at Asteroid
92 The Bering Sea Should Be Frozen Right Now. It Isn't.
93 Watch 3 Solar Eclipses on Mars, Captured by Curiosity
94 Google Doodle Celebrates Physicist Who Escaped Nazi Germany
95 Here's Why this Man Had a Giant White Mass on His Eyeball
96 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
97 What Do Cult Leaders Have in Common?
98 The World's Tallest Tropical Tree Is Longer than a Football Field
99 Why Some Evangelical Christians See this Pet Technology as the Work of the Antichrist
100 'That Can't Be Real!' Deep-Sea Explorers Find Trippy, Rainbow-Colored Wonderland
101 Med School Cadaver's Heart Was in the Right Place (But Her Other Organs Weren't)
102 'Alien' Lights in Norway Were a NASA Test, Not an Extraterrestrial Visit
103 Electrical Stimulation Makes Old Brains Act Young Again
104 How a New Cancer 'Vaccine' Fights Tumors Throughout the Body