File Title
1 Blocking opioid receptors could reduce hormone-therapy-fueled increases in sugar intake
2 Common food additive may weaken defenses against influenza
3 Device-guided breathing lowers heart rate, sympathetic activity in people with PTSD
4 Exercise during pregnancy protects offspring from obesity
5 Gum bacteria implicated in Alzheimer's and other diseases
6 Telemedicine tied to more antibiotics for kids, study finds
7 New computer-aided model may help predict sepsis
8 You're probably not allergic to vaccines
9 Five Australian patients to trial new brain reading device to help speech and movement
10 Increasing numbers of adults with lower education are dying from liver cancer
11 Novel tool gauges rural, older adults' knowledge of Alzheimer's
12 Common virus linked to faster disease progression in cystic fibrosis
13 Too much of a good thing? High doses of vitamin D can lead to kidney failure
14 Australia ramps up measles warnings as cases jump
15 Gene editing for recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa: A little bit closer to clinical applications
16 Identifying a key player in gut defense development
17 Relationship benefits can be seen in your eyes
18 Thousands of Londoners hospitalised in three years due to harmful air pollution
19 Research finds text-based counseling may decrease HIV risk
20 Researchers explore correlation between trust in leaders and combating Ebola
21 Edible seaweed can be used to grow blood vessels in the body
22 How tobacco companies use social media to hook a new generation of smokers
23 Prostate cancer hormone therapy rejected on NHS in England
24 Stargazing technology used to spot cancer
25 More sleep may help teens with ADHD focus and organize
26 Mutation stands in the way of healthy blood cell maturation
27 Superimposition of eye fundus images for longitudinal analysis from large public health databases
28 More older adults with joint replacements recover at home, not rehab
29 Raising a child with ADHD costs five times more than raising a child without ADHD, study finds
30 Immune cells key to predicting cancer outcomes, research suggests
31 People under 40 diagnosed with type 2 diabetes face excess risk of cardiovascular disease, death
32 First national estimates of virginity in Japan: One in 10 adults in their 30s remains a virgin
33 Space-enabled mobile laboratory ready for medical emergencies
34 The new truth about aspirin, and your doctor's slow uptake of medical evidence
35 How easy are vaccine exemptions? Take a look at the Oregon model
36 New study explains why drinking alcohol causes the munchies
37 Researchers identify early indicators of pregnancy complications in lupus patients
38 Performance-enhancing drugs may increase risk of teen cocaine abuse, impair fertility
39 Does it make sense to delay children's vaccines?
40 Brain alterations make it difficult for Parkinson's disease patients to turn while walking
41 Ten infant deaths linked to Fisher-Price Rock 'N Play sleepers
42 A sleep-deprived brain interprets impressions negatively
43 Exemptions surge as parents and doctors do 'Hail Mary' around vaccine laws
44 Current methods may inadequately measure health impacts from oil, natural gas extraction
45 Cancer drug shortages result in almost no treatment changes, study finds
46 Study of multiple sclerosis patients shows 18 percent misdiagnosed
47 Study shows dogs can accurately sniff out cancer in blood
48 Insecurities may drive people to save more
49 Could eating garlic reduce aging-related memory problems?
50 In Yemen, corruption worsened world's worst cholera outbreak
51 The skinny on beef
52 How to start a walking group
53 Body donor's rare anatomy offers valuable lessons
54 High rate of sex before age 13 among boys from metropolitan areas
55 Quashing the resistance: MicroRNA regulates drug tolerance in subset of lung cancers
56 Researchers develop treatment that turns tumors into cancer vaccine factories
57 Stillbirth threefold increase when sleeping on back in pregnancy
58 Brain zaps boost memory in people over 60, study finds
59 Acetaminophen can reduce positive empathy for others
60 Scientists review influenza vaccine research progress and opportunities
61 Healthy diet helps older men maintain physical function
62 Text messages show promise as next step for improving heart health in China
63 Specific criteria needed for different types of myeloma
64 An EEG to assess a baby's developmental risk?
65 How education may stave off cognitive decline
66 Migraine-linked protein exhibits sex-specific pain effects
67 Cutting-edge procedure mends Jagger's 'heart of stone'
68 TGen review links gene with the most common liver cancer
69 Researchers develop first functional targeted inhibitors of peanut allergens
70 Online tool encourages healthy weight gain during pregnancy
71 A tiny cry for help from inside the liver could lead to better treatment
72 Patients harboring E. coli with highly resistant MCR-1 gene found in NYC hospital
73 Intestinal helminths boost fat burning: Japanese investigators show how
74 Novel 5-minute workout improves blood pressure, may boost brain function
75 Childhood trauma has lasting effect on brain connectivity in patients with depression
76 US measles tally hits 465, with most illnesses in kids
77 Nutrients from food, not supplements, linked to lower risks of death, cancer
78 New intervention doubles quit rate among smokers with severe mental illness
79 Nature could provide the answer for blindness caused by diabetes, say experts
80 Blood-based colon cancer screen shows promise
81 High-intensity interval training increases injuries, study finds
82 ACP issues guidance statement for breast cancer screening of average-risk women
83 South Korean women hope for change to abortion laws
84 Turning a patient's own cells into cancer fighters
85 Preventing addiction with insight from scruffy dogs and ancient meditation
86 Discovery of a restriction factor for hepatitis B virus
87 Advances in deep brain stimulation could lead to new treatments
88 One-in-four families delay their child's school entry and older children are more school-ready: Big data study
89 New tool helps find genetic culprits in cancer's spread
90 Housing WOFs need to be combined with education, study shows
91 Researcher seeks early detection to forestall glaucoma's ravages
92 Breakthrough in knowledge of how some sarcomas arise
93 The health-care cost of weight bias
94 Decline in physical activity often starts as early as age seven
95 Animal-assisted therapy improves social behavior in patients with brain injuries
96 Identifying regions that would most benefit from an innovative strategy against malaria
97 Researchers identify trigger and mechanism in type 1 diabetes
98 First birth via robot-assisted uterus transplant
99 For Alzheimer's and dementia patients, thoughtful design can have big impact
100 Scientists compare methods of drug delivery to malignant tumors
101 Anti-inflammatory medicine can have a beneficial effect on depression
102 Role of vested interests in hypertension overdiagnosis criticized
103 First two-drug regimen approved for HIV-1 treatment
104 FDA warns against use of preowned or unauthorized test strips
105 Study shows thousands of neurons becoming active during thirst and quench cycle
106 Vacuum cleaner for the brain: doctor's first-hand account of using groundbreaking stroke treatment
107 High-strength MRI tracks multiple sclerosis progression
108 Electric bikes can boost older people's mental performance and their well-being
109 Melatonin's heart protective effects not related to its antioxidant properties
110 Autism symptoms reduced nearly 50 percent two years after fecal transplant
111 Study explores how technology can help prompt positive memories for people with depression
112 Most adults dying prematurely of natural causes did not seek medical help, report reveals
113 How societal attitudes, political rhetoric affect immigrants' health