File Title
1 Researchers show that mutations in human livers can promote tissue regeneration
2 Parkinson's clues seen in tiny fish could aid quest for treatments
3 Can human breast milk reduce intestinal injury following bone marrow transplant?
4 Researchers determine how a major tumor suppressor pathway becomes deactivated
5 Researchers create molecules with strong anti-Zika virus potential
6 Think female race car drivers aren't fit enough? Think again
7 New guidelines push for better controlled experiments with synthetic nucleic acids
8 Researchers identify one way T cell function may fail in cancer
9 Children requiring thyroid surgery have better outcomes at high-volume surgery centers
10 Standardizing last names and addresses leads to better patient record matching
11 New PET imaging biomarker could better predict progression of Alzheimer's disease
12 Severe psychological distress and daily cannabis use: Implications for mental health?
13 Surgery like Jagger: doctors explain heart valve problems, treatment
14 Is it heartburn or something else?
15 High insulin costs come under fire on Capitol Hill
16 Gut microbiome may contribute to HIV transmission in high-risk men
17 New ALS gene expression atlas offers unprecedented detail into disease progression
18 Researchers identify 'beauty spots' in the genome
19 Poverty leaves a mark on our genes
20 Neoadjuvant chemotherapy key to survival in pancreatic cancer
21 Early hospital intervention for diabetes improves outcomes
22 Unhealthy diets may be world's biggest killer
23 Artificial intelligence approach optimizes embryo selection for IVF
24 Robots to autocomplete soldier tasks, new study suggests
25 Canada to ban breast implants linked to rare cancer
26 New hope for treating childhood brain cancer
27 Mass drug administration reduces scabies cases by 90% in Solomon Islands' communities
28 Health claims on packaging for many foods marketed to UK kids are 'confusing'
29 Multiple mechanisms behind disease associated with unexpected heart attacks
30 Like old photographs, memories fade over time
31 Moderate alcohol consumption does not protect against stroke, study shows
32 Screen time--even before bed--has little impact on teen well-being: study
33 Research identifies genetic causes of poor sleep
34 Do you comfort eat when you are blue?
35 Cancer's SOS
36 Possible link discovered between autism and formation of inhibitory synapses
37 Pain clinics could cut down on opioid use, team finds
38 First case of person without the protein needed to transport vitamin D identified
39 Most of us support mandatory vaccines for schoolkids, but is it good policy?
40 Researchers find probiotics may increase intestinal motility in mouse model
41 Don't kiss your kids? Questioning the recent advice about CMV in pregnancy
42 Cardiac dysfunction in Duchenne's
43 Old nuclear fallout study provides pancreatic promise
44 The risks of infectious mononucleosis
45 Polysulfide donors strongly suppress inflammatory responses
46 Multigene test predicts depression risk
47 Drug interaction causes hypotension
48 Why do we mix up faces? Game of Thrones might help us find the answer
49 The 'painless woman' helps us see how anxiety and fear fit in the big picture of pain
50 Older patients with vision loss have higher hospital use, costs
51 High-resolution scanning helps secure guilty verdict against child's mother
52 CDC: Violence against seniors on rise, especially among men
53 Whooping cough evolving to beat antibiotics and possibly vaccine
54 FDA issues warning on E-cigarette liquids resembling cough syrup
55 Poor children troubled emotionally when parents fight
56 FDA: High levels of heavy metals found in kratom products
57 Low dose photodynamic therapy shows promise in the treatment of cancerous tumors
58 T-cell molecule could be the key to more effective virus and cancer treatments
59 Experts call for strategies to address public health crisis of opioid, ID epidemics
60 Research uncovers link between dietary fiber and lung disease
61 It can take a village to feed hungry kids in schools
62 The DRC's Ebola outbreak has all the makings of a humanitarian crisis
63 New discovery provides key to side effects caused by erectile dysfunction drugs
64 Kidney cancer immunotherapy combo approved for NHS use in England
65 Baby-led eating: A healthier approach
66 The 7-minute workout
67 Vaccine wars: Social media battle outbreak of bogus claims
68 FDA says patients can take tainted blood pressure meds until shortages end
69 Voice-assisted tech can be a driving hazard
70 Does cancer battle bring personal growth? Yes and no, survivors say
71 International group working on hearing device, form of surgery for implant
72 TTI heat map shows relationship between traffic-related air pollution and childhood asthma
73 Q&A: Functional dyspepsia can significantly affect quality of life
74 Synthetic antibody rapidly protects mice and monkeys from Zika
75 When robots commit wrongdoing, people may incorrectly assign the blame
76 High-dose stereotactic body radiotherapy well-tolerated by patients with centrally located lung tumors
77 Autism brings qualities which help at home and at work, study shows
78 Fewer people died from heart disease in states that expanded Medicaid coverage through the Affordable Care Act
79 Most links between personality traits and life outcomes are replicable
80 Dentists underdiagnose when faced with time pressure, research shows
81 Study reveals why heart failure patients suffer depression, impaired thinking
82 Eyes reveal early Alzheimer's disease
83 Researchers develop tool to estimate genetic diversity and ancestry of cell lines
84 New trauma care pathway reduces delirium and likelihood of returning to the hospital
85 Study calculates costs associated with smoking by patients with cancer
86 Racial disparities continue for black women seeking heart health care
87 Tailoring lactation education to the cultural needs of orthodox Jewish families
88 New tools and strategies for tuberculosis diagnosis, care, and elimination: A PLOS Medicine special
89 Anti-inflammatory drugs ineffective for prevention of Alzheimer's disease
90 Older adults with blood cancers: How they fare
91 Preeclampsia treatment for mothers also benefits offspring
92 Sah: Medical guidelines may be biased, overly aggressive
93 Study measures gluten in gluten-free labeled restaurant food
94 Researchers seek firefighters for data on cancer risk
95 Let your lawn grow: it's good for bees, won't attract ticks, study finds
96 Transgender men and women may have higher heart attack risk
97 October may be best time for older adults to receive flu shot
98 CDC investigates mystery E. coli outbreak affecting 5 states
99 No benefit seen with rituximab for chronic fatigue syndrome
100 Topical corticosteroids associated with higher risk for type 2 diabetes
101 CDC: prevalence of COPD high among some nonsmokers
102 Ibrance approval expanded to include men with breast cancer
103 Blacks live longer, not necessarily better, with ALS
104 Ebola toll tops 700 in DR Congo
105 Few people with heart failure take guideline-recommended drug, especially if not started while hospitalized
106 Socioeconomic status associated with likelihood of receiving a heart pump
107 Heart attack victims over 65 treated differently; suffer worse outcomes but have lower hospital charges
108 NY county measles outbreak spotlights vaccine religious exemptions
109 New insights into how fatty liver disease progresses to cancer
110 Fresh guidance to fill 'information vacuum' on new cannabis products for medicinal use
111 Scientists find new therapy target for drug-induced liver failure
112 Real cost of heart attacks and strokes: Double the direct medical expense
113 Patients resistant to breast cancer therapy show epigenetic differences
114 Spicy compound from chili peppers slows lung cancer progression
115 New hope for preventing dangerous diabetes complication
116 Smoking pot vs. tobacco: What science says about lighting up
117 Sunscreen use could lead to better blood vessel health
118 Experimental drug shows promise for opioid withdrawal symptoms