File Title
1 Slight decline in hepatitis C diagnoses in Europe
2 More children for the high educated: Broadband Internet creates a digital fertility divide
3 Should I stay or should I go?
4 Bath scientists develop a mouse model for rare brain disease Joubert syndrome
5 Shift work increases diabetes and heart disease risk
6 Harnessing photonics for at-home disease detection
7 Breakthrough alpha-ray treatment of cancer without external radiation
8 New record on the growth of graphene single crystals
9 Beware a glacier's tongue
10 A universal description of non-equilibrium colloid phase separation
11 Sea snakes make record-setting deep dives
12 HKUST scientists discover how RNA PoII maintains accurate transcription with super computer
13 Scientists measure extent of recovery for critically endangered black abalone
14 Hybrid species could hold secret to protect Darwin's finches against invasive parasite
15 Subaru Telescope helps find dark matter is not made up of tiny black holes
16 New Bombali ebolavirus found in Kenyan bat
17 Researchers tap rare pristine air to reveal pollution's impact
18 Which came first, the lizard or the egg?
19 AACR: Genetic study identifies a risk factor for stroke among cancer survivors
20 Gout treatment may help prevent obesity-related type 2 diabetes, suggests small NIH study
21 No US commercial laboratories fully meet guidance for noninvasive prenatal screening
22 Defining obesity in children should be based on health issues, not just BMI
23 Love Island: Flamboyant males get the girls on Madagascar
24 Plentiful females keep male crickets young
25 Restore natural forests to meet global climate goals
26 Dopamine conducts prefrontal cortex ensembles
27 Online romance is local, but not all locales are the same
28 Fast-changing genetics key to hospital superbug survival
29 Circadian clock plays unexpected role in neurodegenerative diseases
30 Fatal chirps: Nocturnal flight calls increase building collisions among migrating birds
31 Gut microbiome directs the immune system to fight cancer
32 Study identifies new approach to repairing damaged peripheral nervous system
33 New research shows 73 percent of allergists prescribe under-the-tongue allergy tablets
34 Alzheimer's diagnosis, management improved by brain scans
35 A slippery slope: How climate change is reshaping the Arctic landscape
36 Acute flaccid myelitis requires galvanized research response
37 Bariatric embolization shows promise in treatment of obesity
38 Older women benefit significantly when screened with 3D mammography
39 The Transpolar Drift is faltering--sea ice is now melting before it can leave the nursery
40 Adults at high risk for HIV infection have low rates of vaccination against HPV
41 New species of wood-munching (and phallic-looking) clams found at the bottom of the ocean
42 Genetic variant linked to increased stroke risk in childhood cancer survivors treated with CRT
43 Maintenance therapy with rucaparib shows clinical responses in a subgroup of patient with pancreatic cancer
44 Wearable sensors mimic skin to help with wound healing process
45 Surgery associated with increased survival for patients with HER2+ stage 4 breast cancer
46 Combo of virotherapy and radiotherapy shows early promise in patients with esophageal cancer
47 Prostate cancer incidence and mortality have declined in most countries
48 PARP inhibitors can shrink tumors in pancreatic cancer patients with specific mutations
49 Mayo Clinic finds 3 factors extend life for advanced pancreatic cancer patients
50 Hands spread flame retardants, plasticizers throughout homes
51 Muscle-like material expands and contracts in response to light (video)
52 'Molecular surgery' reshapes living tissue with electricity but no incisions
53 Bacterial factories could manufacture high-performance proteins for space missions
54 New alternatives may ease demand for scarce rare-earth permanent magnets
55 Minimizing fuel explosions and fires from accidents and terrorist acts with polymers
56 Lung disease bronchiectasis associated with high frequency of allergy
57 Ushering in ultrafast cluster electronics
58 Polysulfide donors strongly suppress inflammatory responses
59 Preventing toxic work environments through ethical leadership
60 Through machine learning, new model holds water
61 Scientists pioneer new low-temperature chemical conversion process
62 Patent-pending probiotic could disrupt Crohn's disease biofilms
63 Somatic symptom disorder linked to changes in brain functional connectivity
64 Computational model of a human kinase may provide insights for cancer treatment
65 The screen interval for high cardiovascular disease risk should be individual
66 Insect-deterring sorghum compounds may be eco-friendly pesticide
67 Opioid epidemic is increasing rates of some infectious diseases
68 New family of glass good for lenses
69 More CO2 than ever before in 3 million years, shows unprecedented computer simulation
70 Living near protected areas can have positive impacts on human well-being
71 PSU study finds that money, revenge, morals motivate whistleblowers to expose tax fraud
72 Johns Hopkins faculty staff members address travails of navigating metastatic cancer survivorship
73 Researchers test new imaging method for first time on human patients
74 A step toward recovering reproduction in girls who survive childhood cancer
75 Government subsidies could be key to containing hospital-born infections
76 Widely used public health surveys may underestimate global burden of childhood diarrhea
77 Unpaired 1--a new candidate gene to contribute to lifespan regulation
78 New Metascape platform enables biologists to unlock big-data insights
79 Integrating infant mental health into the neonatal intensive care unit
80 Gorillas gather around and groom their dead
81 Researchers' breakthrough in tackling challenge of antifungal resistance
82 New study questions effects of reintroducing top predators
83 Optical tweezers achieve new feats of capturing atoms
84 Advance boosts efficiency of flash storage in data centers
85 Racial disparities persist in access to kidney transplants
86 Researchers demonstrate latest neurotechnologies at international conference
87 Otherworldly mirror pools and mesmerizing landscapes discovered on ocean floor
88 Strong link between air pollution in Southwestern Ontario and adverse birth outcomes
89 Dermatology students improve Wikipedia entries on skin disease
90 Scientists decipher 3D structure of a promising molecular target for cancer treatment
91 Abnormalities in a protein affecting how nerve cells change shape
92 The whisper room: Moderates on Twitter are losing their voice
93 California's current earthquake hiatus is an unlikely pause
94 Hepatitis C-infected hearts and lungs safely transplanted
95 New formula better predicts speed of tumor growth in 12 cancers
96 China's acceptance of certain non-animal testing methods for the regulation of cosmetics
97 Creating blood vessels on demand
98 The brain's auto-complete function
99 A 5,000-year-old barley grain discovered in Finland changes understanding of livelihoods
100 Racial bias associated with disparities in disciplinary action across US schools
101 Study finds lower death rates for TAVR centers that do more procedures
102 High-tech material in a salt crust
103 Immunotherapy kicks and kills HIV by exploiting a common virus
104 Study looks to iron from microbes for climate help
105 Amplifier for terahertz lattice vibrations in a semiconductor crystal
106 HPV infection high in minority men who have sex with men despite available vaccine
107 Secure relationship with new parents reduces anxiety in adopted children
108 Tipping the scales
109 More policy work needed to reduce use of smokeless tobacco, say researchers
110 Order hidden in disorder