File Title
1 Studies explore mechanisms behind obesity-cancer link
2 Estrogen byproducts linked to survival in breast cancer patients
3 Trips to the toilet at night are a sign of high blood pressure
4 New glioblastoma vaccine shows promising results in phase Ib clinical trial
5 Immunotherapy combination effective for patients with rare neuroendocrine cancer
6 Adding savolitinib to osimertinib beneficial for certain pretreated lung cancer patients
7 Immune checkpoint inhibitor combo efficacious for patients with neuroendocrine carcinoma
8 HER2-targeted CAR T-cell therapy shows promising antitumor activity in patients with sarcoma
9 Excess body weight before 50 is associated with higher risk of dying from pancreatic cancer
10 CD40 combination therapy can shrink pancreatic tumors
11 Mesothelin-targeted CAR T-cell therapy shows early promise in patients with solid tumors
12 Liquid crystals could help deflect laser pointer attacks on aircraft
13 Next-generation single-dose antidotes for opioid overdoses
14 Fish slime: An untapped source of potential new antibiotics
15 Understanding what makes Tennessee whiskey unique
16 How the brain finds meaning in metaphor
17 New ebolavirus, found in bats, more widespread than thought
18 Crop yield in maize influenced by unexpected gene 'moonlighting'
19 Laser technology helps researchers scrutinize cancer cells
20 Evidence for link between 'leaky gut' and autoantibody production in HIV-positive patients
21 Marine protected reserves do more than restore fish
22 UM environmental engineering faculty publishes paper on risk assessment
23 Research brief: Largest study of childhood cancer after IVF
24 Building blocks of DNA and RNA could have appeared together before life began on Earth
25 Experts discover historic roots of Medicare for All, public option and free-market proposals
26 Rise of religion pre-dates Incas at Lake Titicaca
27 Chicago tops list of most dangerous cities for migrating birds
28 URI researcher calculates temperature inside moon to help reveal its inner structure
29 Special journal issue highlights shift work science, solutions
30 Invasive round gobies may be poised to decimate endangered French Creek mussels
31 UM researchers publish new discoveries on bacterial viruses
32 Human activity disrupting iconic African ecosystem, Syracuse biologist finds
33 Pitt research reveals how immune cells help tumors escape body's defenses
34 ACR targets step therapy and drug pricing in new position statements
35 Novel strategy fights back bacterial antibiotic resistance
36 BU finds Medicare Advantage networks are broad and getting broader
37 Intestinal bacteria can be used to predict occurrence of colorectal cancer
38 Key brain region for navigating familiar places identified
39 Traffic jam in the cell: How are proteins assigned to specific transporters?
40 Face-to-face workshops increase household preparedness for disaster
41 OU engineers discover novel role of water in production of renewable fuels
42 How to ice-proof the next generation of aircraft
43 Tobacco use makes precancerous cells that fertilize cancer growth
44 Gender parity: Not a foregone conclusion in all fields
45 New study measures UV-filters in seawater and corals from Hawaii
46 HIV infection increases the risk of death associated with depressive symptoms
47 Air pollution caused by corn production increases mortality rate in US
48 Sleepovers reduce stress in shelter dogs
49 Drinking diplomacy
50 Polythene films strong as aluminum could be used for windows, screens and phones
51 Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, April 2019
52 AD alloyed nanoantennas for temperature-feedback identification of viruses and explosives
53 Panvigilance--a strategy to integrate biomarkers in clinical trials to enhance drug safety
54 Women dominate ob/gyn field but make less money than male counterparts
55 London cyclists warned evening commute has the dirtiest air, so pick a clean route home
56 Ethical questions raised on body donation after medically assisted death
57 Research connects big data marketing tools, land conservation
58 New 'blue-green' solution for recycling world's batteries
59 The inflammation connection
60 Fossil fly with an extremely long proboscis sheds light on the insect pollination origin
61 AACR: Adavosertib speeds cancer cells into the wall of mitotic catastrophe
62 'Featherweight oxygen' discovery opens window on nuclear symmetry
63 Project delivers low-cost future network architecture for mobile operators
64 Thalamus and cerebral cortex interactions influence the decision on sensory perceptions
65 Mental health stigma, fueled by religious belief, may prevent Latinos from seeking help
66 CABI-led study recommends improvements to how impacts of non-native species are assessed
67 Colorado drug takes aim at cancer metastasis
68 Be the change you want to see in the world
69 Counties with more trees and shrubs spend less on Medicare, study finds
70 Tiger geckos in Vietnam could be the next species sold into extinction, shows a new survey
71 A cellular protein as a 'gas pump attendant' of cancer development
72 Putting a new spin on Majorana fermions
73 Cleaning up oil using magnets
74 Bioengineers developed 3D structures from crab shells to replace damaged tissues
75 A bald gene finding
76 Drugs used to enhance sexual experiences, especially in UK
77 Russian scientists found out how a male-hating bacterium rejuvenates
78 Well-known drug has less risk for preterm delivery in PCOS
79 Pregnant women with long commutes to work at increased risk for adverse birth outcomes
80 Physics: Behavior of 'trapped' electrons in a one-dimensional world observed in the lab
81 Mental health disorders rife in post-conflict areas
82 The evolution of bird-of-paradise sex chromosomes revealed
83 Scientists confirm first report of egg parasitoid in Africa to fight fall armyworm
84 New polymer mixture creates ultra-sensitive heat sensor
85 Same properties, lower cost: Copper-based alternative for next-gen. electronics
86 Artificial intelligence sheds new light on cell developmental dynamics
87 Natural gene therapy for intractable skin disease discovered
88 Natural climate processes overshadow recent human-induced Walker circulation trends
89 Tracking sludge flow for better wastewater treatment and more biogas
90 New therapy targets cause of adult-onset muscular dystrophy
91 How common are advanced care planning conversations with hospitalized, older patients?
92 More than one in 10 Canadians want to be in an open relationship
93 We've been thinking of how ice forms in cirrus clouds all wrong
94 Breakthrough study of cell signaling holds promise for immune research and beyond
95 UTSA researcher studies bias in prosecutor filing trends
96 Brain growth inhibited by heavy alcohol use
97 Global microbial signatures for colorectal cancer established
98 Blood test helps accurate, rapid diagnosis for pre-eclampsia
99 It is not necessary to understand a technology in order to improve it!
100 Global microbial signatures for colorectal cancer established
101 Research identifies potential target for group A streptococcus vaccine
102 Single agent umbralisib effective for relapsed slow-growing lymphoma
103 Complex artifacts don't prove brilliance of our ancestors
104 Biopsy alternative: 'Wearable' device captures cancer cells from blood
105 New evidence about why clear margins in breast cancer surgery are such good news
106 Artificial intelligence sheds new light on cell developmental dynamics
107 Skyrmions could provide next generation data storage
108 Edible antibodies to treat and prevent gastrointestinal disorders
109 Sugar could be sweet solution to respiratory disease
110 Adults with mental health, substance disorders more likely subject to Medicaid work rules