File Title
1 New evidence of deep groundwater on Mars
2 Hubble watches spun-up asteroid coming apart
3 Unusual galaxies defy dark matter theory
4 Data flows from NASA's TESS Mission, leads to discovery of Saturn-sized planet
5 'Space butterfly' is home to hundreds of baby stars
6 Rivers raged on Mars late into its history
7 Van Allen Probes prepare for final descent into Earth's atmosphere
8 Astronomers investigate supermassive black hole in the radio galaxy PKS 2251+11
9 Ten years before the detection of gravitational waves, two KITP postdocs at UC Santa Barbara had a novel idea
10 SwRI to conduct largest-ever Hubble survey of the Kuiper Belt
11 What does Uranus sound like?
12 Lyophilization can help create food for space travel, new medicines for cancer
13 Methane on Mars: A new discovery or just a lot of hot air?
14 Where space missions are born
15 Europa Clipper high-gain antenna undergoes testing
16 Indian satellite destruction created 400 pieces of debris, endangering ISS: NASA
17 Exoplanet satellite ready
18 Star formation in galactic centers
19 US boots on the Moon in 2024? It won't be easy
20 UN talks on space peace treaty fail to reach consensus
21 Final frontier: Russia develops washing machine for space
22 Shadows on the Moon--a tale of ephemeral beauty, humans and hubris
23 New close-ups of the mini-moons in Saturn's rings
24 SpaceX releases a new render of what the all-steel Starship will look like returning to earth
25 How to use gravitational waves to measure the expansion of the universe
26 ESA and NASA to team up on lunar science
27 Bringing Martian rocks back to Earth crucial for science, say researchers
28 The space we travel through
29 LIGO and Virgo resume search for ripples in space and time
30 Can organisms survive on Mars, and can we identify them?
31 Transmit your sound recording from Mars to the Earth
32 Pioneering Russian cosmonaut Valery Bykovsky dies at age 84
33 GRAVITY instrument breaks new ground in exoplanet imaging
34 Modi declares India 'space superpower' as satellite downed by missile
35 Two new planets discovered using artificial intelligence
36 Pence calls for landing US astronauts on moon in 5 years (Update)
37 What happened before the Big Bang?
38 The hunt is on for closest Earth-like planets
39 Apollo 11 brought a message of peace to the Moon--but Neil and Buzz almost forgot to leave it behind
40 Race at the edge of the sun: Ions are faster than atoms
41 Simulating nature's cosmic laboratory, one helium droplet at a time
42 Asteroids, hydrogen make great recipe for life on Mars
43 Icy giant planets in the laboratory
44 Hubble captures birth of giant storm on Neptune
45 Study reveals properties of a Type Ib supernova in NGC 4080
46 More efficient satellite launch platform on the horizon
47 Water in space
48 Jupiter's unknown journey through the early solar system revealed
49 What ionized the universe?
50 Exploring Mercury in a new book
51 Why dangerous asteroids heading to Earth are so hard to detect
53 Ultra-sharp images make old stars look absolutely marvelous
54 Testing the value of artificial gravity for astronaut health
55 Michigan could enter the satellite launch business by 2022
56 The incredible challenge of landing heavy payloads on Mars
57 Image: Magnetometer boom built for ESA's mission to Jupiter
58 A decade on, smartphone-like software finally heads to space
59 Giant X-ray 'chimneys' are exhaust vents for vast energies produced at Milky Way's center
60 Taking gravity from strength to strength
61 Beresheet lunar landing site revealed
62 Spot failed Soviet Venus probe Kosmos 482 in Earth orbit
63 NASA's Mars 2020 rover is put to the test
64 The powerful meteor that no one saw (except satellites)
65 OSIRIS-REx spies on the weird, wild gravity of an asteroid
66 Team identifies water-bearing minerals on asteroid Bennu
67 OSIRIS-REx reveals asteroid Bennu has big surprises
68 The rise and fall of Ziggy star formation and the rich dust from ancient stars
69 Hayabusa2 helps researchers understand ingredients for life in early solar system
70 Fermi Satellite clocks 'cannonball' pulsar speeding through space
71 Which habitable zones are the best to actually search for life?
72 Jupiter's Great Red Spot: A 300-year-old cyclone persists but is shrinking
73 UAE announces pan-Arab body for space programme
74 Carbon monoxide detectors could warn of extraterrestrial life
75 Energy loss gives unexpected insights in evolution of quasar
76 ESA's Hera asteroid mission borrows eyes of NASA's Dawn
77 It's a one-way street for sound waves in this new technology
78 Optical tweezers achieve new feats of capturing atoms
79 Order hidden in disorder
80 Atomic switches by plasmonic heating of metallic contact points
81 A universal description of non-equilibrium colloid phase separation
82 Physicist applies statistical mechanics theories to explain how children learn a language
83 A microlaser emitting helical light
84 Team harnesses spin of electrons to power tech devices
85 Optimizing proton beam therapy with mathematical models
86 Low-bandwidth radar technology provides improved detection of objects
87 Turbulences theory closer high-energy physics than previously thought
88 Understanding stock market returns: Which models fits best?
89 Intelligent metamaterials behave like electrostatic chameleons
90 Long range intrinsic ferromagnetism in two-dimensional materials
91 Scientists set record for light-matter interaction
92 Stable majorities
93 Behavior of 'trapped' electrons in a one-dimensional world observed in the lab
94 Harnessing photonics for at-home disease detection
95 Shrinking a medical lab to fit on a fingertip
96 How to ice-proof the next generation of aircraft
97 Gender parity: Not a foregone conclusion in all fields
98 Quantum magnetometers for industrial applications
99 Putting a new spin on Majorana fermions
100 Low-loss, all-fiber system for strong and efficient coupling between distant atoms
101 New methodology enable solid state lighting to measure and self-adjust based on conditions
102 Quantum optical cooling of nanoparticles
103 Brightening perovskite LEDs with photonic crystals
104 Record efficiency for perovskite-based light-emitting diodes
105 Dark matter experiment finds no evidence of axions
106 Ferromagnetic nanoparticle systems show promise for ultrahigh-speed spintronics
107 Physicists constrain dark matter
108 Researchers generate ultra-short spin waves in an astoundingly simple material
109 Machine learning used to understand and predict dynamics of worm behavior
110 Waiting for neutrinos