File Title
1 Thirteen new ant species discovered in Hong Kong
2 Structure of the molecular machine that links carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
3 Government and NHS leaders could do more to encourage collaborative relationships between healthcare
4 People with obesity often 'dehumanized,' study finds
5 Global centers of unsustainable harvesting of species identified
6 Older women have the highest risk of dying from cervical cancer
7 A new hope of quantum computers for factorizations of RSA with a thousand-fold excess
8 Elucidation of functional mechanism of 'love hormone,' oxytocin, at molecular level
9 Metal-free catalyst to convert aldehyde into ketone, a basic structure of pharmaceuticals
10 Coral study traces excess nitrogen to Maui wastewater treatment facility
11 Doing more with less in the study of plant chemical defense
12 WVU researchers identify how light at night may harm outcomes in cardiac patients
13 New protein for gene editing may improve disease treatment, sustainable manufacturing
14 Stress in childhood and adulthood have combined impact on hormones and health
15 Gene levels could help predict prognosis for colorectal cancer
16 UCI scientists are first to observe, image all-important molecular vibrations
17 Counselors may find that focusing on the human-nature connection may help clients
18 Anti-inflammatory plant-based diet helps reduce gingivitis
19 Difficulty hearing may keep older patients from participating in their health care
20 Sleeping pill use linked to greater need for blood pressure medications
21 Study identifies gender differences in reported adverse drug reactions
22 New insights on liver injury in men taking body building supplements
23 Psychostimulants play a major role in fatal strokes among young adults
24 Inflammatory arthritis may negatively affect intimate relationships and sexual function
25 Biology may make certain PTSD patients unresponsive to behavioral therapy
26 Shorter stays in a skilled nursing facility tied to higher risk for readmission
27 Think the tick threat grows with the grass? Not necessarily!
28 Bid to beat rabies could benefit from oral dog vaccine, study finds
29 People with autism have an altered sense of self
30 Alcohol-induced brain damage continues after alcohol is stopped
31 New study finds poor diet kills more people globally than tobacco and high blood pressure
32 The Lancet: Globally, 1 in 5 deaths are associated with poor diet
33 The Lancet Public Health: Ageism linked to poorer health in older people in England
34 Crowdsourcing speeds up earthquake monitoring
35 Leukocytes use their nucleus as a ruler to choose path of least resistance
36 Global warming disrupts recovery of coral reefs
37 How understanding animal behavior can support wildlife conservation
38 Scientists outline the promises and pitfalls of machine learning in medicine
39 The future of agriculture is computerized
40 Predicting the uphill battle
41 Discovery shows how mucus build-up, not infections, triggers cystic fibrosis lung damage
42 It's a one-way street for sound waves in this new technology
43 Scientists discover first organism with chlorophyll genes that doesn't photosynthesize
44 Newly discovered mechanism of plant hormone auxin acts the opposite way
45 Routine HPV vaccination linked to dramatic reduction in cervical disease among young women
46 Do minerals play a role in development of multiple sclerosis?
47 Researchers pinpoint origin of photons in mysterious gamma-ray bursts
48 Blocking protein's activity restores cognition in old mice, Stanford study shows
49 A soft spot for stem cells helps cornea healing
50 FDA-approved drug effectively treats rare chronic immune disorders
51 Structure of the molecular machine that links carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
52 Poll: Pets help older adults cope with health issues, get active and connect with others
53 Study illuminates the brain's inner workings
54 Fungal mating: Next weapon against corn aflatoxin?
55 Human history through tree rings: Trees in Amazonia reveal pre-colonial human disturbance
56 Sunscreen application has better face coverage than SPF moisturizers
57 Spider monkeys lower their 'whinnies' when making long-distance calls
58 Researchers discover why men are more likely to develop liver cancer
59 Adiponectin, the hormone that protects women against liver cancer
60 Making lead pipes safe (video)
61 Nanomaterials give plants 'super' abilities (video)
62 Transparent wood can store and release heat (video)
63 Rusted root: Weedy rice repeatedly evolves 'cheater' root traits
64 New discovery provides key to side effects caused by erectile dysfunction drugs
65 Australian research uncovers link between dietary fiber and lung disease
66 Damaging Sichuan earthquakes linked to fracking operations
67 Australian Murray River habitat restoration increases native fish populations
68 Experts call for strategies to address public health crisis of opioid, ID epidemics
69 Evolutionary changes played a crucial role in industrialization, study finds
70 Unlocking the female bias in lupus
71 Compound that kills drug-resistant fungi is isolated from ant microbiota
72 Durability vs. recyclability: Dueling goals in making electronics more sustainable
73 New hope for treating childhood brain cancer
74 Peptides with brominated tryptophan analogs could protect marine animals
75 About TFE: Old and new findings
76 Researchers uncover hidden deicer risks affecting bridge health
77 Novel Hawaiian communities operate similarly to native ecosystems
78 Microglia, cells thought restricted to central nervous system, are redefined in new study
79 Improving 3D-printed prosthetics and integrating electronic sensors
80 Robots to autocomplete Soldier tasks, new study suggests
81 Bacterial nanowire mystery solved
82 Poverty leaves a mark on our genes
83 Tweeting while viewing doesn't diminish TV advertising's reach and often leads to shopping
84 Using a promiscuous inhibitor to uncover cancer drug targets
85 Severe psychological distress and daily cannabis use: Implications for mental health?
86 To keep the creative juices flowing, employees should be receptive to criticism
87 Visualization strategies may backfire on consumers pursuing health goals
88 Standardizing last names and addresses leads to better patient record matching
89 New PET imaging biomarker could better predict progression of Alzheimer's disease
90 SwRI engineers develop novel techniques to trick object detection systems
91 Ready, steady, go: 2 new studies reveal the steps in plant immune receptor activation
92 Researchers show that mutations in human livers can promote tissue regeneration
93 Post-wildfire step-pool streams
94 Children requiring thyroid surgery have better outcomes at high-volume surgery centers
95 Researchers create molecules with strong anti-Zika virus potential
96 Vitamin B12 is identified as the inhibitor of a key enzyme in hereditary Parkinson's disease
97 Survey provides snapshot of global ECMO transport services
98 The decline of state-level IVC filter utilization
99 Think female race car drivers aren't fit enough? Think again
100 Magnetic nanoparticles can 'burn' cancer cells
101 Electricity-conducting bacteria yield secret to tiny batteries, big medical advances
102 Liquid jets break up more readily on a substrate
103 Interparental aggression often co-occurs with aggression toward kids
104 Jurassic crocodile discovery sheds light on reptiles' family tree
105 Children should help choose the charities their schools and families support
106 Moffitt Cancer Center researchers identify one way T cell function may fail in cancer
107 Radiation oncology workforce study indicates potential threat to rural cancer care access
108 Can human breast milk reduce intestinal injury following bone marrow transplant?
109 Supporting HIV-affected couples trying to conceive
110 Cell lesson: better coordinated than isolated